Railroad Executives Skip Townhall Meeting with Concerned Residents from East Palestine, Ohio

Posted originally on the CTH on February 15, 2023 | Sundance

Credit where credit is due. Fox News Jesse Waters has been holding the spotlight on the government and railroad officials who have been downplaying the issues after the toxic chemical spill and explosions in the town of East Palestine, Ohio. {Direct Rumble Link}

The residents of the community are reporting several ongoing health issues and a community townhall was scheduled today.  However, executives with Norfolk Southern Railroad cancelled their attendance, leaving the citizens of the community frustrated.  Additionally, the railway contracted air and water testing with a company well known for minimizing the effects of environmental disasters to satisfy its corporate employers {Go Deep}.

Residents are being asked to sign liability waivers indemnifying the railroad, prior to the private testing of air and water quality.  This just seems very sketchy, all things considered and raises additional questions from the residents.  The federal EPA is not providing any assurances or answers.  Jesse Waters outlines some of the issues tonight during an interview with Ohio Congressman Bill Johnson.  WATCH:

The opening monologue from both Jesse Waters and Tucker Carlson stayed on this issue tonight. Given the nature of the effort to downplay the concern of the residents from both federal and state officials, it is good to see Carlson and Waters keeping the attention on this impacted community.

Someone on the Twitter brought up a good point…  It would be nice to see Ohio congressman Jim Jordan get involved to support Bill Johnson in this district.  Jim Jordan has a lot of power in Washington DC.  Perhaps together they could pressure FEMA to engage.

[Direct Rumble Link]

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