About That “Explosive” Arizona Senate Testimony Alleging Sinaloa Cartel Influence Over Public Officials

Posted originally on the CTH on February 26, 2023 | Sundance

If it sounds too good to be true…. 

Okay folks, this is a story that dragged me into a rabbit hole for two days.  If you have seen the video testimony of Ms. Jacqueline Breger in front of the Arizona Senate Committee investigating election issues, this outline is intended to help you navigate the story.

On February 23, 2023, Ms. Breger delivered testimony to the Arizona Senate claiming documentary evidence that shows judges, politicians, police, local and state officials as well as multiple groups, organizations and individuals associated within government and elections operations the state of Arizona are being bribed and under the influence of the Sinaloa Cartel from Mexico.

It is not coincidental that everything associated with this story seems explosive and astounding.  It is also not coincidental that you could spend hours looking for specific details of the allegations, including watching interviews with each of the participants, and not find your answers.  Things are NOT what they seem.

I am going to start by sharing the 42-minute video {direct Rumble Link here} of the allegations made by Ms. Jacqueline Breger, because this is the origination from which all downstream story details originate. This testimony hit the web and exploded in the alternative media ecosphere.  WATCH:

[The transcript of the testimony as delivered IS HERE]

As she outlines in the video Mrs. Jacqueline Breger, a forensic investigator, represents the interests of an attorney, Mr. John Thaler, in delivering information to the committee that would be pertinent to their interests.

The *hook* to grab immediate attention is to apply the accusations of bribery, public corruption, fraud and money laundering to one big name, Katie Hobbs, who is now the governor of Arizona.

According to the claims, Mrs. Katie Hobbs and her husband were participants in a racketeering scheme originating from the Sinaloa drug and human trafficking cartel.  Real estate transactions using dummy mortgage companies, holding companies and title companies are part of the alleged operation.

Essentially the primary real estate allegation works like this.  The Sinaloa Cartel uses proxies in the U.S. to set up fraudulent corporations (mortgage companies etc). Those proxies then launder drug money through real estate transactions using the fraudulent companies.  If they need to bribe a person, the cartel finances the mortgage of the individual as a way to pay the property owner.  The mortgage is never paid back because the financing is the bribe.  The mortgage company and the title company are essentially the cartel.

I am going to drop videos with Mr. John Thaler at the bottom of this outline so you can listen to the explanation of the allegations as they are claimed.

The money laundering allegations are widespread and involve bribing public officials, judges, police officers, city office holders, county clerks, court employees, politicians as well as a variety of local and state officials to include state representatives, state senators and various state officials.  The fraud is claimed to encompass private sector payrolls, education systems, insurance claims, as well as setting up fake identities, fraudulent records by using illicit access, as well as fraud associated with local, state and federal tax evasions.

All of these issues are explosive in scale and scope, and Mrs. Breger together with Mr. Thaler, claim to have all the documentary evidence to support the allegations. Tens of thousands of documents detailing thousands of fraudulent transactions and several hundred examples of fraudulent records placed in the civic systems.

Again, I will put the videos at the bottom, if you want to spend several hours watching them (as I have already done) the option is yours.

♦ On the specifics of the allegations.  There is no way to easily estimate whether or not the claims are accurate.  On the specific allegations against Mrs Hobbs, the claimed real estate transactions could support the claims, but may also not support the claims because Breger and Thaler assert that “similar names” are used in the transactions.  So, it could be Katie Hobbs and her husband, it could also be totally innocuous people with similar names.  [This only applies to Hobbs]

But the issues with Hobbs only scratch the surface.  The allegations are much more widespread and encompassing than just Hobbs.

This is where you as an information absorber need to apply a strong dose of skepticism, apply instinct and commonsense.  This is also where we would say, wait a minute, who is this guy John Thaler and Ms. Jacqueline Breger, and (1) are they stable people; and (2) do they carry motives behind these allegations.

In my estimation, this is where major warning flags are located.

♦ The two principal agents working on the Sinaloa Cartel money laundering operation in Arizona are claimed to be Brittany Rae-Chavez and her mother Dawna Rae-Chavez.   Mr Thaler identifies Brittany and Dawna as the epicenter of the criminal conduct on behalf of Sinaloa.  Most, if not all, of the fraudulent documents as created are cited to Brittany Rae-Chavez (BRC) and her mother Dawna Rae-Chavez (DRC).

BRC and DRC may indeed be working for the Sinaloa cartel. However, Mr. Thaler has not provided specific evidence of that other than his word.  It could be true that no evidence exists because no evidence is possible.  However, the next detail puts a serious question mark on everything.

♦In addition to the claim of Brittany Rae-Chavez being the administrative consigliere to the cartel, she is also John Thaler’s ex-wife.  That makes Dawna Rae-Chavez John Thaler’s ex mother-in-law.   Additionally, John Thaler and Brittany have a five-year-old son together, and there is a custody dispute.

John claims he did not know of Brittany’s work with the cartel until he discovered her as part of his investigation of insurance and payroll fraud.

Yes, that is correct, John Thaler claims he found out his wife Brittany Rae-Chavez-Thaler was the person behind the widespread fraud he was investigating while they were married.

John and Brittany are now divorced.

The love interest in John Thaler’s life is Jacqueline Breger, the forensic investigator who delivered the senate testimony.

Everything John Thaler and Jacqueline Breger are claiming may be true.  However, the motive for them saying it must be made clear.

John Thaler wants access to his son.  Brittany and John are in a custody battle.  Jacqueline wants to support John. The accusations against Brittany and her mother Dawna could support the interests of John in the custody battle.   See the motive?

Additionally, in the divorce case of Thaler -vs- Thaler, the accusations made by Jacqueline Breger were made in court filings before presiding judge Douglas L. Rayes United States District Judge [SEE Opinion of Case HERE].

June 2022 – “Mr. Thaler’s prolix complaint alleges that Ms. Thaler, motivated by a fear a poverty, has engaged in an array of criminal enterprises across multiple states, including money laundering and tax evasion, allegedly accomplished via real estate transactions and non-profit organizations; insurance fraud, allegedly accomplished via phony personal injury claims made on behalf of non-existent persons; skimming money from state-run aid programs; narcotics trafficking; hacking into state databases and fabricating public records; bribing public officials, including judges, police officers, judicial assistants, inspectors, assessors, and accountants; bribing private professionals, such as real estate agents and brokers; bankruptcy fraud; election fraud, allegedly accomplished by creating fake ballots and manipulating others in order to influence, among other races, the 2020 election for Maricopa County Recorder; extortion via “crypto-viruses”; the creation of fake employees on payroll systems in order to collect paychecks and benefits; and murder. What’s more, Mr. Thaler alleges that high-ranking government and judicial officials in Maricopa County and the City of Mesa are in on the racketeering enterprise. Mr. Thaler’s complaint weaves a delusional and fantastical narrative that does not comport with federal pleading standards.” (link)

Are you starting to get that… “wait, wha.. OMG.. nah, hard pass” feeling yet?

Given the nature of the personal background of the people involved, their relationships and the emotional overlay of an ongoing child custody battle, it becomes almost impossible to assert the claims by Mr. Thaler and Ms. Breger are not motivated by the family drama.

Unfortunately, the claims by Thaler and Breger may be accurate as documented.  The scale and scope do seem “delusional and fantastical,” and that might be… because it is.

Decide on your own.

I simply advise to proceed with caution, and I have now spent two days in this rabbit hole…. so there’s that.

Trust your instincts…

Here’s the video interviews I mentioned:




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