Sunday Question – The Inversion and Awakening

Posted originally on the CTH on February 26, 2023 | Sundance

Here’s a question I have.  I am looking forward to your opinion. I have my own.

In the Trump -vs- DeSantis storyline the following data points are generally agreed:

♦Approximately 75% of the Big Con “INFLUENCERS” (Big $) and punditry Support Ron DeSantis
♦Approximately 25% of the Small “Influencers” (Small $) and Indy punditry Support Donald Trump.

Meanwhile, amid the voting base the inverse is true:

♦Approximately 25% of the conservative, working-class, base voters support Ron DeSantis
♦Approximately 75% of the conservative, working-class, base voters support Donald Trump

Reconcile this inversion.  What does it mean?

As previously noted, this weekend Team DeSantis held an event. “Four Seasons resort in Palm Beach, Florida, including wealthy Republican donors and conservative social-media influencers.” 

From my perspective the framework was clear in the middle of last year.  This weekend’s gathering in Palm Beach is essentially an outcome of the Billionaire Sea Island group meeting.  The Four Seasons event is an assembly of key people those managing Ron DeSantis have organized.

Christina Pushaw has been working on this operation since she entered the orbit of Ron DeSantis.  All of the activity is a previously planned series of events.  The current emphasis is to enlist the former Cruz Crew in the DeSantis effort.

According to surfacing reports attendees this weekend included: Governors: Kim Reynolds, Kevin Stitt, Bill Lee. Senators Tom Cotton, Mike Lee, Ron Johnson. Congress: Thomas Massie, Chip Roy as well as Adam Laxalt, Jim Lamon and Dana Loesch. All former Cruz Crew members.

About the Inversion – Money is flowing from the billionaire multinational and Wall Street groups (Sea Island folks) into various political action committees, SuperPACs, RGA networks and right-leaning establishment republican think tanks and NGO type political organizations.  This is all “stop Trump” money.

The money is being doled out from those political organizations into the BigCon media influence group.  The “influencers” are downstream beneficiaries of the Sea Island billionaire cash.  The lure of the financial benefits forms the basis of the inversion.

Pushaw is in charge of the cash flow operation; essentially creating an astroturf network to give the illusion of greater support than actually exists.

BigCon has money, but not the majority of the voters.  This was the issue that BigCon could not overcome in 2016 with Jeb, Rubio and eventually Cruz.

This time around, the Sea Island group planned more deeply to enlist a single candidate who could put themselves forward as the 2024 MAGA Trump alternative; that’s DeSantis. Then this same group began structuring all of the support systems to overcome the voter hurdle.

However, the Sea Island and supporting BigCon influence group have one major problem.  Voters can see and feel astroturf operations, even when it is cleverly disguised as authentic or organic support.

The former ’16 Cruz Crew in combination with the former GOPe ’16 Jeb! Crew form the cornerstone of the DeSantis political support system.  Recruiting social media influencers to join that assembly is the job of Christina Pushaw.   This is what I noticed in the middle of 2022 and began warning about.   This is not at all organic.

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ entire narrative as governor, including the anti-wokeism efforts, has been designed to support a previously planned outcome.  DeSantis was always going to be elevated as the 2024 non-Trump alternative.

Pushaw is essentially doing an “influence operation” inside the U.S. political system that parallels what was done in Ukraine to install Volodymyr Zelenskyy.  It’s not some whacky theory, just look at what they are doing.  DeSantis is as controlled and subsequently inauthentic as Zelenskyy and World War Reddit.

That’s why we are seeing this extreme inversion.  It’s all about the money.

Remember, in the big picture the Sea Island group doesn’t care who wins the 2024 election, Democrats or Republicans it doesn’t matter, as long as it’s not Trump.

What matters to the Sea Island group is stopping Donald Trump and the America-First platform he represents.

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