President Trump Crushes Ron DeSantis in Head-to-Head Poll, 67% -vs- 20% With Hispanic Voters

Posted originally on the CTH on March 5, 2023 | Sundance

The latest YouGov poll [raw data here] shows why FL Gov Ron DeSantis is about to make the biggest political mistake of his career by launching a challenge against Donald Trump.

If you listen to the professional media pundits who give, and attempt to sway, opinion – and if you listen to the statements from the professional Republican class that wants to remove Donald Trump from the party, you will hear this general talking point:

“The Republican Party needs to appeal to a younger, more ethnically diverse audience to maximize the ‘big tent’ size of the party.”…

There are many current variations of this talking point, but generally speaking this ‘big tent new Republican Party‘ message is what you hear from the Karl Rove, Nikki Haley, Chris Sununu, Mitch McConnell, Ronna McDaniel and the entirety of the cocktail class Republican circuit.  It is a common talking point amid all the professional pundits.

However, to point out the nonsense of their argument, if we take them at their word, what we find in almost every Republican poll demographic Donald Trump’s biggest base of support is younger, less wealthy, working class voters of every ethnicity.  As outlined in the YouGov Poll cited, Donald Trump literally brings to the GOP exactly what they claim to want.  Yet these professional Republican voices use their talking point to frame a narrative against Trump.

Check out the data against the GOPe talking point.  As we have previously discussed, the younger the voter the more support for Donald Trump.  The support for Donald Trump also increases with Hispanic voters.  It is only in the very wealthy white voters where you find support increasing for Ron DeSantis; this is the exact opposite of what the professional pundits claim in print and broadcast media.

As you can see above, Ron DeSantis support increases with older, wealthy, white voters.   Support for Ron DeSantis decreases with younger, less affluent, voters with ethnic diversity.   This is the exact opposite of the professional Republican pundit talking points.  I am highlighting it [DATA HERE] so you can see for yourself and use this reality in your conversations and candidate debates.

Donald J. Trump has larger appeal to younger, diverse, working class voters.   This is the heart of MAGA and why the traditional Republican Party, the party of old white people, is trying to remove him.

Next talking point…. Take out all of the other options for candidates, and just make the contest a head-to-head challenge between Trump and DeSantis.  What you find is exactly the same.  President Donald J. Trump crushes Governor Ron DeSantis.  But look at how the head-to-head matchup turns out with Latino voters:

Donald Trump leads Ron DeSantis by a whopping 47 points (67% to 20%) amid the largest growing demographic group.

President Trump is the future of the Republican Party….

…. and they hate him for it. 

Artwork by Joshua Youngbluth – Follow on Twitter @JYoungbluth

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