Here We Go Again – Ken Cuccinelli Launches Another Anti-Trump PAC to Support Ron DeSantis

Posted originally on the CTH on March 9, 2023 | Sundance

In 2016, Virginia’s Ken Cuccinelli was one of the lead voices behind the never-Trump pro-Cruz effort.  Cuccinelli was the main floor voice trying to lead a revolt against Donald Trump at the 2016 GOP nomination convention.

After President Trump won the nomination, Cuccinelli became a fake MAGA supporter in order to retain influence in Republican politics; however, he was always of a never-Trump disposition despite President Trump letting bygones be bygones for the Cruz folks.

Now we enter 2024 and Ken Cuccinelli, a political grifter of the most extreme variant, goes back into never-Trump mode in support of Ron DeSantis and launches a Political Action Committee to support the Florida Governor. [LINK]

[Twitter Link]

…[…] The Trump campaign isn’t alone in preparing for a delegate fight. Other prominent Republicans, including Ken Cuccinelli, a former Virginia attorney general and a top delegate expert, have been discussing amendments to the delegate rules, according to a person familiar with the matter. Mr. Cuccinelli declined to comment, saying only that he was not publicly committed to a candidate. (March 4, 2023)

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