Pray for The People’s President

Posted originally on the CTH on April 3, 2023 | Sundance 

Yesterday on Truth Social, from President Donald Trump:


Dear God, heavenly Father of mercy and righteousness, we ask you to place your armor of protection upon President Donald Trump.

Lord God, creator of the balance that sustains us, we ask you to stabilize us amid this conflict with wicked enterprise – guide our prayer with resolute purpose.

Father of comfort, please steady us and help our unwavering resolve to stay focused & steadfast against the manipulation. God of righteousness bring sunlight upon evil enterprise and deliver Your outcome.  In Your merciful and loved name, dear Lord of peace, clear the path, remove the enemy constructs and dissolve the hurdles.

Heavenly Father, united we beg for Your favor in these moments of national upheaval, knowing that only through You will we find victory.  Please God protect this fearless man of the people; provide his counsel wisdom and fortitude for battle; and strike silent the tongues of the deceivers.

Lord God, I beg You for these things – with full resolve, full affirmation of Your power, and submission to Your true purpose in our creation…. Thy will be done.

~ Amen

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