The Trump Indictment Is Even More Silly Than Anyone Imagined….

Posted originally on the CTH on April 4, 2023 | Sundance 

Some, generally those who recognize a historic context within the moment of its manifest, will say that President Donald Trump carries an anointing – a protection that keeps harm from his purpose.

Others, mainly those who pontificate punditry while exclaiming, “the beginning of the end” and “the walls are closing in”, will likely gnash their horrible teeth and declare the bad man Trump is coated in Teflon. Albeit with a slowly lessening voice, while becoming even smaller than they were.

The indictment of Donald J. Trump IS HERE and the “statement of facts” IS HERE.  The situation, as it is represented within the text, is even more laughable than we could have imagined.  It is no wonder why the FEC, DOJ and Mueller Teams took a pass on the allegations.  The entire legal construct collapses on its face.

In the statement of facts, District Attorney Alvin Bragg says Donald Trump intended to, “influence the 2016 presidential election by identifying and purchasing negative information about him to suppress its publication and benefit the Defendant’s electoral prospects. In order to execute the unlawful scheme, the participants violated election laws and made and caused false entries in the business records of various entities in New York“… However, you will note one key element missing, the statute he supposedly violated.

What is this federal election law Bragg speaks of?

Every single one of the 34 stacked counts are contingent upon some federal violation of election law that the FEC and DOJ refused to pursue.  Yet, nothing is cited.

The courts have already determined that campaign funds can be used to avoid potentially embarrassing personal information (John Edwards case).  Using personal funds, or campaign funds to avoid potentially embarrassing information, is not a campaign finance violation.

But wait, it gets better…. or worse, if you dislike Trump.

Every single one of the 34 instances when business records were “falsified” to conceal payments to Trump legal counsel, Michael Cohen, happened between February 2017 and October 2017.   Guess what President Trump was NOT doing within the Trump organization in 2017, running it!

When Donald J. Trump won the November 2016 presidential election, he subsequently divested from the Trump organization, handing over control to Eric Trump and the company officers and directors.

Throughout 2017, presumably when these false business records (they are not) were created, President Donald J. Trump was not directing any accounting, disbursements or business record keeping within the organization.

(Via CNN) – The text of the 19-page letter reads: “I, Donald J. Trump, hereby resign from each and every office and position I hold” in more than 400 entities listed on the following pages.

The letter is signed by Trump and dated January 19, the day before he was sworn in.

White House press secretary Sean Spicer told reporters Monday that Trump’s two adult sons, Donald Jr. and Eric, are “fully in charge of the company.”

At a press conference January 11, Trump pledged to transfer his business holdings to a trust run by the sons. He refused to sell his ownership stake, a step that many ethics lawyers say is critical to avoid conflicts of interest. (read more)

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