In the Political Battle, Seeing Through the Illusion of Choice Becomes Critical

Posted originally on the CTH on April 25, 2023 | Sundance 

As I said yesterday when discussing the Tucker Carlson firing, “Talking about what happens behind the false front of the DC village is always a threat.   It is in the research and acceptance of the darkest pretending constructs that you realize how the illusions of choice are presented.” {more}

You have heard me say three phrases repeatedly: (1) There are trillions of dollars at stake; (2) live your best life; and (3) always trust your instincts.

The first element is the baseline.  The economics of the thing is always the structural reason for the outcome of anything and everything connected to the thing.  In simpler times we said, ‘follow the money,’ the core essence of that phrase still exists; however, in recent times the people who are controlling the outcomes have been more subversive at hiding the mechanics of their finance.

The second element is the outcome of acceptance.  No one is coming to save you, us, or anything.  We are in this battle together, a diversity of humanity that just wants to be left alone an live in freedom; but we are also in this battle alone.  No one in a position of institutional power is in alignment with our desire for freedom.  Rather than despair at the reality, embrace life and live it as fully and completely as possible – while simultaneously not giving power to the dark imaginings that facilitate the goals of those in power.  Throw sand in their machinery when possible.

The last point speaks to the inherent strength that exists within the human species.  Turn off the noise, turn away from voices that push the illusions into view, and trust your natural instincts that were provided by a loving God.  Into this concept remember there is no such thing as misinformation, disinformation or malinformation; there is only information.  That information may take the form of truth or lies. Use your God given skills to decipher the difference, and when in doubt pause and pray for assistance and clarity.

Take all that you instinctually and intellectually know, overlay the goals and objectives of those you understand seek to control your perspectives, and watch this video below.  Form your own opinion:


🤔Does anyone remember, Paul Lynde from Hollywood Squares? 😂🤣😂


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