President Trump Extends Polling Lead, DeSantis Continues Shrinking, Ramaswamy Leaps Ahead of Haley and Pence,

Posted originally on the CTH on May 2, 2023 | Sundance 

As the business operations of politics and consultants start their income cycle, several polls have been released in the past several days attempting to capture the attention of an increasingly angst riddled population.

Household economics, job losses, wage pressure, destabilized checkbook finance issues and ongoing inflation continue at the forefront of concerns for the majority of voters. In an effort to distract from the core issue(s) of policy, both the Republican and Democrat corporations are trying to divert attention to more favorable social issues.  However, after multiple election cycles, a larger portion of the general population has caught on to the game.

The distracting political constructs are not working as well for the RNC and DNC as they used to, but they keep trying.

The CBS/YouGOV poll is one of the larger overall polls that tracks large voter samples over time [DATA HERE].  “Trump looks like a former president who left office popular with his party, and little that’s happened in the ensuing years has changed that. In fact, concerning his recent legal challenges, a majority say one rationale for backing him is showing support during those fights.”

For the well-funded multinational corporate opposition to Trump, generally best personified in their promotion of Ron DeSantis, the problem they cannot overcome is easily identified in the next graphic, “Why are you voting for Trump?

Keep in mind, this response is roughly two-thirds of all Republican voters.  94% because we have already seen the results, and 94% because he is fighting “for people like me.”

Look at this in terms of what the Republican Party is now.  This is the MAGA takeover within the GOP saying, we know Trump can deliver a great outcome for us, and he’s the only one who ever has.   There is no GOPe alternative that can fight against those two key points.

94% of the base voters who support Trump, and that’s more than two-thirds of the party, only see Donald Trump as the option.  This is a data point that many of us see and hear in our conversations.  There is no other America First, economic nationalist in the GOP field other than Donald Trump.

Donald Trump is all alone carrying specific policies that matter most.

This truth is a big deal, and it makes the professionally political efforts to defeat him look silly.

There is only one candidate with a foreign policy and economic policy that aligns with the majority of Republican voters.  That candidate is Donald Trump.   Both of those key issues are also the priority of independent voters.

All other voting issues have multiple candidate options, but for voters who look at their economic status as a priority, there is only one option, Trump.

In the 538 poll (1,577 registered voters) released today, Donald Trump beats Joe Biden 45 to 42%.  Keep in mind that 538 polls generally skew left in favor of Democrats.  The same polling shows Ron DeSantis losing a head-to-head matchup against Joe Biden 35 to 40%.  President Trump carries a similar 35-point advantage over Ron DeSantis 57/22.

The McLaughlin poll released yesterday shows a similar outcome.   President Trump beats Joe Biden 47 to 43%, and President Trump is crushing Ron DeSantis in the primary 52 to 16%.

Again, just like Ted Cruz in 2016, as more people are exposed to Ron DeSantis, his support drops.  This is an outcome of several factors, including the extreme control mechanisms used by the multinational corporations and billionaire donors to present an alternative.   However, it’s a worsening problem when you start digging into the details of what the candidates claim as their reason for being an alternative.

The DeSantis numbers will continue dropping in national polling; although, as a result of the scale of money launched in support of him, you will see his face everywhere that is controlled by that same corporate money.  Additionally, the influencers who enlisted with DeSantis are trying to retain the illusion of RdS support through an astroturf campaign.  Once the money dries up, their efforts will diminish.

WASHINGTON – Former President Donald Trump has strengthened his position as the GOP’s leader and is now in his best position yet to win the Republican presidential nomination and beat President Joe Biden in a grudge election next year.

New polling data shared with Secrets on Tuesday morning indicate that Trump has a 41-percentage-point lead over Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), who is expected to join the GOP race this month.

And Trump leads Biden 47%-43% in the monthly McLaughlin & Associates national survey. “President Trump has his best poll results year to date in our poll,” John McLaughlin said.  The only other Republican to show growth was Vivek Ramaswamy, who went from zero support last month to 4% in April. (more)

A note of caution should be applied here….

Despite the will of the voters, the Republican Governors Association (RGA) is almost certain to oppose President Trump at a state level.  The RGA will only support a non-Trump alternative, like Ron DeSantis.  The RGA is deeply connected to the same multinational and billionaire donors who are funding DeSantis in an effort to control the election outcome.

Do not look for Republican governors to pay attention to the Republican voters in their states.  Once a politician enters the sphere of donor class influence at state or federal level, they are subject to the influence of those donors.

There is a great MAGA insurgency taking place at the state level, and that is also visible in the endorsements.  However, the systems – not people, systems – which operate the business end of Republican politics at a state and federal level, are still under the control of the RNC as a private corporation.  Don’t look for MAGA support from the institutions until we have MAGA people in charge of them.

2024 is MAGA burning the ships behind us.  This one is for all the marbles. This is not a place where tepid half-measures and gentlemanly pastels will suffice.  Get right with God, put on the armor, absorb the focus of fighting like the third monkey on the ramp to Noah’s ark, and get comfortable being uncomfortable.

Our ally is anyone who stands beside us, right now. Our enemy is anyone who doesn’t.

The new sons and daughters of the revolution are going to look completely different.  The Green Dragon Tavern may be a church, a picnic table or a tailgate.  The assembly is not focused on the labels of the assembled.  We ain’t got time for that.  The mission is the purpose… The fight is wherever it surfaces…. Delicate sensibilities dispatched like a feather in a hurricane.

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