Follow Up – Answering Questions

Posted originally on the CTH on May 5, 2023 | Sundance 

A follow-up to answer some of the popular questions about my experience with the corrupt administrative state, what I prefer to call the Fourth Branch of Government that operates behind the visible Potemkin Village.

♦Why did you wait a year to outline what took place?  Common question. Lots of reasons, some obvious, some obscure and strategically granular.  First, I know the people who are not in alignment with the principles of freedom also watch our discussion.  If I am engaged with them in conflict, I do not want them to see my path.  Second, I did not want them to shut down our conversation using ‘national security’ as the blanket often deployed.  Third, I wanted to watch and assemble data quietly.

♦Why tell the story now?  AG Garland just quantified publicly what the DOJ was doing.  They just put details on the scope of their unconstitutional activity.  Keep in mind, AG Garland is the Robert Mueller of the DOJ. Garland has no better understanding of what is going on inside that heavily siloed institution of Main Justice than Joe Biden understands what is going on inside his (White House).  The true manager of the apparatus is Lisa Monaco, Obama’s eyes and ears into Main Justice operations.   The Lawfare operatives ultimately report to Monaco, not chairman emeritus Garland.

♦Who benefits from the current information?  If you take the time to fully absorb what is evident, traceable and provable to a demonstrable certainty, the representatives of any target who was/is also facing evidence gained by similar construct benefit.  The source information is all there, free for the taking; following it leads to the same outcome – it is what it is.  Whether it is beneficial or not is unique to the individual, or their rep.  Beyond that, hopefully the general public will take pause and think about the ramifications.  When you change the way you look at something, what you look at changes.   The truth has no agenda.

♦What ramifications does this mean for the Twitter Files?   Not sure.  Essentially, the research team that Musk allowed to send requests and “key word searches” to the Twitter administrators/lawyers, who then transferred those search terms into the database requests and relayed the outcomes, already know the majority of this stuff.  What the research team, Twitter Files journalists with approval to make requests, do not know is what terms to ask for.  Really, that’s their biggest weakness – they don’t know what to look for.

Hopefully, this information now provides them material, at least stimulates their inquiry in another direction, and they can then turn their new knowledge into internal search requests.  This outlook assumes the lawyers at Twitter doing the searches will allow the results to be turned over to the journalists. That’s a big assumption with all potential class-action litigation considered.

♦Did you have to defend yourself against this?  Yes, and yes, it’s not cheap.  There are only a handful of lawyers within driving distance to DC who would even contemplate taking on a client who is going against the system with unlimited resources.  Those that do should be praised. Think about how much it would cost you to take a lawyer from outside the beltway to travel for a single overnight stay in DC to assist.  This is not feasible for anyone.  Thankfully, I had experience in knowing the system, and with guidance/advice could represent myself.

♦How did you know what approach to take?  Well, when you understand the issue, and understand there was absolutely ZERO merit to the probable cause, it opens a door to turn the tables on the inquisitors.   I studied the legal approach used by Eric Dubelier.  I studied several of his cases and reviewed all of his court filings.

I consider Eric ‘Dubes’ Dubelier the Yoda of the light forces aligned against the evil empire of DC.  If you are not familiar with Dubelier check out the Concord Mgt case against Robert Mueller and Andrew Weissman.  Dubes wins his cases in the discovery phase, making the sunlight uncomfortable for the crooks.

The Concord case was/is an excellent resource in how to turn the tables.  I found myself with many parallels.  Weissmann/Mueller dropped the Concord case, saying Dubes was forcing them to reveal the source provenance of the claims against his client, and that was a national security risk.  It was a little funny, but ultimately Dubes won in discovery.

Random stuff – Yes, Matt Taibbi is now aware of my encounter with this system.  The subpoena is just as crazy to him as it sounds to all of us.  I have said before, in my opinion Taibbi is a good guy who, almost identical to Tucker Carlson, changed the way he looked, and the thing he looked at changed.  Both Tucker and Taibbi have a fulsome perspective on the scale of corruption and manipulation that is everywhere.

Hopefully this also explains why CTH 2.0 took the path of creating a proprietary commenting system when we relaunched.  As you can tell, the platforms are monitored through back door arrangements with people, institutions and systems that ultimately may not have good intentions.  There is no backdoor into CTH and the privacy of people who comment here is a top priority.  This is a conversational place where we can all be comfortable, obviously grandma’s rules apply.

Bottom Line – We will win this battle and eventually this war.  We are on the right side of every issue, and we cherish freedom.  Our opposition is built upon a foundation of fraud and lies.  They are corrupt and their arguments collapse when challenged.  That’s why they need the rules and referees slanted in their favor.  That’s why they need censorship, deplatforming and control.

I know it can be overwhelming at times to find optimism against all of this corruption, but the choice of joy is ours.

Every time you enjoy your day, you are winning.  Every time to do not let them steal your peace of mind, you defeat them.  Every time you embrace the simple joys of the sun on your face or the breeze upon you, and you do it with gratitude and genuine thankfulness for this blessed life we are able to live, you defeat every element of darkness that would whisper on your shoulder.

Ultimately, this is what living your best life is about.  Life is about choices.  Choose to be happy, make a conscious effort to cherish and appreciate the people around you. Give that starter smile; if you have the time – give up your place in line to someone who doesn’t; open the door, help your neighbor, do something random and useful and good, and do it as much as you can.

Find a way to generate and express grace, even in the face of hate and bitterness.  Be wise, perhaps cynical and be strategic.  Be cautious and yet do not allow coarseness to become your center of gravity.  In the face of all adversity and disenchantment, keep peace within yourself.  Live with the joy our loving God provides and fearlessly live your best life.

I will share more as time permits and try to answer any questions that might surface.

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