There are None-So-Blind as Those Who Refuse to See

Posted originally on the CTH on May 7, 2023 | Sundance 


To author: I think you are on point here with general thrust of argument.

But what informs you that Trump is ONLY “national economic policy” candidate? Have you, from your key conservative position/visible profile, reached out to exchange such views with Governor DeSantis?

We agree, I’d assume, that winning the White House AND Senate are CRITICAL to maintaining a free America. To SAVE our America. […] If DeSantis can align with you on NEP, is he not a more likely general election winner?

Thanks for your comments,

Ormond Beach, FL

RESPONSE: Ron DeSantis voted for Trans-Pacific Partnership and [fast track] Trade Promotion Authority in congress. DeSantis was funded in this advocacy by Club 4 Growth, who continue to fund and organize for presidential candidate Ron DeSantis, including a February 2023 donor retreat in Miami exclusively for the multinational funders who support the C4G policy.

The C4G policy is specifically anti-America First. And represents a very specific National Economic Policy.

I do not need to ask Ron DeSantis for his National Economic Policy (NEP), because he is already meeting with, accepting donations from, and working with the C4G group that has assembled the National Economic Policy that is anti-America First.

Ron DeSantis cannot hold a NEP, against the interests of the NEP advocates that are leading the effort to install him.  Think about it. It is all common sense.

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