Full Replay, CNN Broadcasts Trump Townhall, The Culmination of Their Seven-Year Effort to Destroy President Trump, CNN Leaves in Tears

Posted originally on the CTH on May 11, 2023 | Sundance 

A background is really worth considering.  For a full year in 2016 CNN attacked candidate Donald Trump relentlessly, calling him every name in the book and comparing him to the rise of Hitler.  Trump won. CNN then spent the next four years of the Trump presidency shouting at him, yelling at him, calling him names and decrying him as evil incarnate attempting to destroy him; including the promotion of the totally fraudulent Trump-Russia conspiracy theory, which they have never apologized for pushing.  CNN then spends the next two years hiding every Biden scandal they can cover and defending the Biden team as the nation burns down around them.

Enter 2023…  Hilariously, CNN never learned anything from the previous seven years, asks Donald Trump to come back and sends Kaitlin Collins onto the stage with instructions to be rude, combative, argumentative, snide and nasty.  What happens… Trump fearlessly destroys the effort, and the audience is well entertained.

Here’s the full CNN Townhall event replay.  {Direct Rumble Link}  CNN cried mercy and cut the Townhall short by 20 minutes, it was scheduled for 90 – they conceded defeat at 70 minutes and ended the broadcast.  The leftists then went into full meltdown pearl clutching in panel reviews everywhere, while the Ron DeSantis team had apoplectic fits of sad.  WATCH:

COMMERCIAL FREE REPLAY: President Trump’s CNN Townhall | 05-10-2023

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