Lying Biden

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Biden has been lying to the public since he entered his political career decades ago. Yet, he allegedly received more votes than any US president in history. Trust no one.

The Fed & The Collapse of Socialism

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QUESTION: Been following Martin since 2008 (Gold ride) – he is the only one who has been right AU and AG top 2011.
****Important question for Martin, please
How can the fed raise rates with governments owing so much debt please ???? what are the consequences of debt restructured? 100 year treasury real estate
Thanks you so much for sharing all your insights


ANSWER: The Federal Reserve is independent. Despite all the nonsense that these pretend analysts attribute everything to the actions of the Fed, if they really knew their history, they would realize that the Fed has often been at war with the White House. You cannot be an objective analyst when you predetermine a conclusion based upon a theory you choose to believe. This is the sad state of analysis these days. People start with the conclusion and then cherry-pick the facts to support what they think should be the outcome. This is what has plagued gold analysis, but the very same process has doomed climate change analysis and the destruction of the world economy.

Unfortunately, when it comes to the Quantity Theory of Money, these analysts take the position of politicians and exonerate themselves of all responsibility for their reckless fiscal spending. They endlessly try to bribe the people to vote for them. I have stated many times, pre-1971, when it was illegal to borrow against an E-Bond, for example, the theory was printing money increased the supply and was inflationary. Thus, borrowing did not increase the money supply and was not inflationary. But when you can post T-Bills as collateral and trade the markets, that theory is no longer valid, so debt is now simply money that pays interest the way it began in 1861. We seem to always return to the starting place, like the game of Monopoly where you must pass Go every trip around the board.

Socialism is the worst form of government; just look at the Democrats. They do not know how to run for office without promising free something or other. It is never about the fate of the world, the nation, or our families. They are promoting war because they assume that the people will not change the government in the middle of a war. They have no problem watching our people die.

The Fed has ZERO control over fiscal spending. Nevertheless, the Fed has been itself brainwashed, and because everyone blames them for inflation, they will be compelled to raise rates or suffer the calls for their overthrow. The increased cost in the deficit will never be blamed on them — only the inflation rate. This is why the central banks have ZERO control over the economy anymore. Soon, people will wake up and realize that this statement is true. When they do, we will get a 1987-style panic.

Here is a chart of the dollar index. The dollar had already begun its decline when they stood up at the Plaza Accord, announcing they wanted the dollar down by 40%. As the dollar began to fall rapidly, other member nations complained. In February 1987, they gathered together to announce that the dollar had fallen too far and enough was enough. When the dollar continued lower, the then G7 lost all credibility, and the markets suddenly realized they were not in control.

This is what we will see once again. This type of inflation was caused by the COVID lockdowns. China may really have shut down Shanghai to push inflation even higher in the West, seeking regime change in Washington, hoping the inflation will lead to a political blood-bath for the Democrats to get the world back to some normalcy. When inflation is set in motion because of a shortage, like crop failures, raising interest rates will not suddenly make it rain.

The Fed will act out its role because it has no other choice. Its rate hike this week is only playing catch-up with the market. Rates are rising because they are supposed to reflect the inflation rates plus a profit. That’s without the Fed trying to manage the economy. Just look at the rates and ignore the pundits. You will see that the Fed is chasing the market, it is not driving the market. Hence, the Fed is being compelled to raise rates not by its own desire to prevent inflation, but to keep pace with the markets themselves.

The idiots will blame the Fed as inflation rises and blame them for not acting. There is no saving grace for the Fed. The system is collapsing and this is in fact what gives Klaus Schwab power, for they know in Europe that they can no longer borrow money to fund socialism. The answer is to default on all debt and to hide that, they need to make it sound like they are doing this for you — who they care so much about.

Hence, this default will be disguised as relieving you of all your debt when it is the governments who are defaulting, and unable to raise interest rates in Europe. This is also the backdrop to the Repo Crisis and why US banks withdrew from making markets because they did not want to take European debt as collateral, forcing the Federal Reserve to step in.

Pelosi’s delegation went to Ukraine and said the US does not want peace and it will not accept the status quo. They want total victory against Russia and they have UNCONSTITUTIONALLY declared war on Russia and they are pretending they can act unilaterally and as long as the Ukrainian people are on the ground and not American troops, then it is not formally a war that only the people can declare under the constitution. This is all a cover for the Great Default because Keynesian Economics has completely failed. The central banks CAN NOT stop this inflation nor do they control the fiscal spending. Governments are now spending whatever they want because they know the Great Default is coming. This is all part of the Great Reset pushed as the solution by the World Economic Forum.

As we move head-first into 2032, we are looking at the total collapse of not just socialism because of the inability of European governments to continue to borrow as the Fed raises rates, and they cannot, but we are also staring into the eyes of the collapse of Republican forms of government on a global scale.

The REAL Insurrection – The Office of The President, The Executive Branch, Publicly Declared Support For the Political Targeting of the Judicial Branch

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on May 5, 2022 | Sundance

You might remember that ancient time in history when American civics discussions involved the separation of powers.  Apparently, those days are long gone in the rubble of what was once considered a constitutional republic.  Forget Joe Biden targeting the President of Russia for assassination, what happened today is far more serious in context.

The most powerful political office in the executive branch of government, the office of The President, is now endorsing the political, potentially violent, targeting of the justices within the most powerful office of the judicial branch of power, the justices of The Supreme Court of the United States.

Pause for a moment and let that settle in.

The President is now endorsing the targeting of Supreme Court justices.   The Executive Branch is now publicly targeting the Judicial Branch.

Separate but co-equal?  Again, think about the ramifications here.  WATCH:


White House Announces Karine Jean-Pierre to Replace Jen Psaki Effective May 13th, Biden Also Reinstalls Media Fixer Anita Dunn

Posted originally on the conservatives tree house onMay 5, 2022 | Sundance

The White House has announced {SEE HERE} that Karine Jean-Pierre will replace Jen Psaki as chief narrative engineer for the Biden regime effective May 13, 2022.  Anita Dunn will return as media fixer.

[White House Press Release] – Today, President Biden announced Karine Jean-Pierre has been promoted to be Assistant to the President and White House Press Secretary. Karine will step into the Press Secretary role replacing Jen Psaki, who will depart from the White House on May 13.

Statement from President Biden: “I am proud to announce that Karine Jean-Pierre will serve as the next White House Press Secretary.

“Karine not only brings the experience, talent and integrity needed for this difficult job, but she will continue to lead the way in communicating about the work of the Biden-Harris Administration on behalf of the American people. Jill and I have known and respected Karine a long time and she will be a strong voice speaking for me and this Administration. (read more)

Additionally, the White House has announced Anita Dunn will return to the JoeBama administration as senior advisor.  Dunn’s specific expertise is using pressure, blackmail and political leverage to control information distribution by media organizations.

The reappearance of Anita Dunn aligns with the expressed intent of the DHS ‘disinformation’ board.  Dunn’s professional political skillset surrounds being a paid media fixer.   She has done this for multiple democrat politicians including Obama.  It was Anita Dunn who used her position in the Biden campaign to demand that media stop allowing Rudy Guiliani to explain the Biden family ‘pay to play’ financial system of selling influence.

Anita Dunn also advised Harvey Weinstein how to remove media stories of his Hollywood rape issues.

Dunn reappearing makes sense, as the U.S. government objective to control information is now in full swing.

JoeBamanomics, 77 Percent of Americans Rate Economy as Poor, 23 Percent Say Good, 63% of Americans Buying Fewer Groceries

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May 4, 2022 | Sundance | 38 Comments

CNN conducted another poll to evaluate voter trends [pdf data here].  The results show a significant drop in American opinion of the economy with 77% rating the current status as “poor,” and 23% saying it’s “good.”  Additionally, 66% of people polled disapprove of the way Biden is handling the economy.

As CNN painfully noted: “Even within the Democratic Party, just 7 in 10 approve of Biden on the economy (71%) and helping the middle class (71%), considerably lower than the 86% of Democrats who approve of his performance overall. Fewer than half of Democrats say Biden has improved the nation’s economic standing (45%), down from 58% in December.” (article link)

In the video discussion, CNN Political Director David Chalian is just gobsmacked, stunned and amazed that 63% of these people are saying they are buying fewer groceries because stuff is just too expensive. WATCH:


Whenever voters put democrats in charge of the economy, it just sucks.

Full Poll Pdf HERE }

Fed Raises Interest Rates .50 Percent, The Purposeful Inflation is Expected to Continue

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on May 4, 2022 | Sundance

As expected, the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates .50%.  However, inflation is expected to remain high as prior spending debt bubble remains in place.

WASHINGTON, May 4 (Reuters) – The Federal Reserve on Wednesday raised its benchmark overnight interest rate by half a percentage point, the biggest jump in 22 years, and the U.S. central bank’s chief made an appeal to Americans struggling with high inflation to be patient while officials take the hard measures to bring it under control. (read more)

Within hours of the announcement, major U.S. banks including JPMorgan Chase & Co, Wells Fargo Bank and Citibank raised their prime rate to 4%, effective Thursday.

The timing of the rate increase is what was expected.  Last year’s inflation spikes started appearing in June of 2021.  By delaying the 2022 FED response until right now, the political operatives in control of U.S. monetary policy create a scenario where the Fed impact will appear to surface in June of 2022. Exactly one year from the date of the first wave of inflation from the prior COVID spend.

Year-over-year inflation will statistically begin to give the appearance of moderation, once the June (’21) to June (’22) comparison cycle arrives.  The Fed and White House will use the intentionally timed statistical outcome to claim inflation is diminishing.  It’s a political trick we expected.

The key to remember is the western government debt incurred during COVID-19 is the problem.  The debt incurred is unsustainable, and that debt burden can only be reduced by devaluing the currency.  Inflation is the devaluing of currency that makes the debt manageable.  Dollars that are worth less also make the dollar-based debt worth less.

From the position of the government inflation is good, it makes the debt burden less heavy.  Unfortunately, that same inflation makes our money worth less, and our wages are chewed up by higher prices. Wages are destroyed by the increased prices the prior spending created.

In this inflation/debt position, the BlackRock/Vanguard approach of physical ownership of real estate and physical stuff becomes way more important than holding money or dollars which continue to lose value.  Physical ownership of material stuff is important right now, that’s why we have seen massive institutional investors purchasing real property and physical assets.

It’s not just a U.S. problem, all western government’s went on a COVID economy spending spree, and the scale of their spend/debt is directly proportionate to the current rate of their inflation.  The U.S. inflation is highest amid western economies because the U.S. government spent the most.

As the Fed raises interest rates, the Biden administration will continue spending money to keep inflation high.   When it comes to the rate of inflation, the Fed is putting one foot on the brake, while congress keeps it’s foot on the gas.

Remember, and emphasize as much as needed for importance, the U.S. government (Biden administration) needs inflation in order to sustain debt.

That’s why we are seeing a Ukraine spending package ($33 billion), the next round of COVID spending ($22 billion), and now a demand for a college loan bailout ($900 billion).  Combined the three massive spending packages generate another $1 trillion in artificial money, designed to keep inflation high.

The Fed/White House are working together to try and manipulate the economy.  You can identify their intent by noticing both actions work to counteract each other.

Right now, our U.S. economy is a game of musical chairs, and they are trying to keep the music playing.  However, the record is slowing (economy is contracting), and the music sounds weird.   Inside the economy the activity is not existent.  Consumer spending is high only because ordinary stuff costs more; the economy itself is not generating any additional value.

Things are very sketchy, and the Fed waiting for the calendar inflation cycle to arrive was transparent.

Washington Post Laments Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban Likely to Win Reelection Tommorow

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 2, 2022 | sundance 

The Washington Post, aka the U.S. intelligence community, is lamenting the likelihood that Hungarian nationalist Viktor Orban is likely to win reelection tomorrow despite the efforts of the multinational corporations and globalists in western politics trying to defeat him.

According to the public relations stenographers for the U.S. intelligence community, Orban retains a great deal of support from the working class in Hungary, despite the influence campaign the western alliance has been waging to support his political opposition.  The framework from the Washington Post indicates just how tentacled the U.S. government is in meddling in the affairs of our allies.

According to the CIA publication: “He has angered his neighbors and triggered harsh blowback from Ukrainian leaders for what they see as a wishy-washy reaction to the war. Yet by portraying himself domestically as a steady hand navigating between larger world powers, he has gained ground on the political opposition in Hungary and increased his odds of winning a fourth consecutive term as prime minister in a parliamentary election Sunday.

The WaPo notes the job of the global intelligence community and the western manipulators within the NATO alliance become more complicated with Orban likely to continue advocating for the best interests of his country.  This makes it more challenging for “the European Union, which is trying to maintain a hard line against Moscow — from all 27 members of the bloc — while also pressing Hungary on rule-of-law issues and democratic backsliding.”  Orban, an economic nationalist, represents another roadblock in the western effort to create new “democratic norms” through a one world order model of government.

(CIA Continues) – […] Specifically on Russia, Orban has criticized the invasion as an aggression and backed the E.U. in much of its response. But the country has opposed sanctions on energy supplies, and it hasn’t provided military aid to Ukraine.

All the while, Orban has signaled a warm welcome to 500,000 Ukrainians fleeing war — a reversal from his stance during an earlier migration crisis, when Hungary built a wall in response to people fleeing conflict in the Middle East and Africa. (read more)

Because, of course, no one can tell the difference from a marching horde of economic migrants from the Middle East, versus the compassionate position to accept conflict refugees from neighboring Ukraine.

Hungarian riot police officers stand in front of migrants at a collection point at Roszke village at the Hungarian-Serbian border on September 9, 2015. Some 400-500 migrants on Wednesday broke through police lines in Hungary near the main crossing point from Serbia, AFP reporters at the scene said. AFP PHOTO / ATTILA KISBENEDEK

On these nuanced issues, the intelligence community wishes to push a specific globalist and multicultural narrative, and those voices who would look at refugees from a commonsense perspective are, well, Putin apologists or something.  So sayeth the U.S. State Dept and their Big Tech overlords who collaborate with the intelligence community in the ideological quest to create the New World Order.

[…] the E.U. faces a major decision on whether to withhold billions in funding from Hungary as well as Poland for rule-of-law violations.

Heather Grabbe, director of the Open Society European Policy Institute, said there is a “huge danger in trading off the short-term unity of the war against the long-term unity of the E.U. as a community of law with integrity.”

[…] Last week, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky applied some pressure on Hungary as well, name-checking every E.U. member — mostly applauding their support — before stopping to speak directly to Orban.

Listen, Viktor, do you know what’s going on in Mariupol?” Zelensky said.

He mentioned visiting Budapest and seeing a memorial — depicting shoes left along the Danube riverbank — dedicated to Hungarian Jews who were shot at the water’s edge.

“Please, if you can, go to your waterfront,” Zelensky continued. “Look at those shoes. And you will see how mass killings can happen again in today’s world. … And you hesitate whether to impose sanctions or not?” (more)

Notice that sentence I highlighted above?

Notice how there’s no source attribution for the quote from Zelenskyy, a journalistic standard.  How did the Washington Post know he said those exact words.  ANSWER – the article was published in the Washington Post, but written by the U.S. Intelligence Community, who were listening in.  They slipped a little.  Every once in a while those little slips sneak through.

How was the U.S. intelligence community listening to those calls?  Occam’s Razor, Zelenskyy is an active operator for them, under their control.  There is evidence of this coming out now.

More on that later.

Director of FBI Cyber Has No Idea Where Hunter Biden Laptop Is Located

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 29, 2022

I would say this is sketchy but given everything that has been revealed about the FBI in recent years the point would be moot.  We still have no idea where the Huma Abedin/Anthony Weiner laptop is located after the FBI took custody of it.

During a congressional hearing today, GOP Congressman Matt Gaetz asked FBI cyber chief Bryan Vorndran if he knows where Hunter Biden’s laptop is stored.  The head of the FBI cyber operations said he has no idea.  WATCH:

Two Million People Respond to Elon Musk Twitter Poll About Free Speech

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on March 26, 2022

Elon Musk noted that “free speech is essential to a functioning democracy,” and then asked a poll question:

More than two million people responded with over 70 percent saying the Twitter platform does not “adhere to the principle” of free speech.

One of the reasons our democracy is not functioning, is simply because the worldview of the platform control agents is in the minority.  There are more of us than them, they just control the communication platforms, and they do so in an effort to block people from seeing they are in the majority.

The reason Big Tech controls speech, censors speech, manipulates speech and blocks user engagement, is to give the illusion that their worldview is held by the majority, it isn’t.   Their Big Tech created world, their Metaverse, is a tenuous Potemkin village construct.

Why Can’t We All Just Get Along?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Russia Re-Posted Mar 25, 2022 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Dear Martin,
I am a frequent follower of your blog. I read your article tonight “ Putin puts Bidens King check mate”
Being an economist myself with 30 years of experience I completely agree with your proposals of a two tier Ruble. I would fine tune it even further by backing the international ruble up with oil/gas and the domestic with Gold as you said!

This would be a genius move in my opinion. Thank you for your work and keep up the very insightful Job you are doing! I personally appreciate it a lot- quite frankly I only read …. & You 🙂 Everything else is pure “ Mass psychosis influenser propaganda” backing a Political agenda. Good luck in sending the right advise to Russia! Not because I lőve Russia being a Hungarian but because supplying Russia with Smart financial and economic advise will bring restoration of peace ASAP which is the interest of the whole world!

Kind Regards,


REPLY: Thank you. That is a good idea for we are dealing with the catastrophic collapse of the monetary system of the world. I do not think this will end well. It is ironic, but I try to defeat my own computer. I have never won yet. In the words of Rodney King – Why can’t we just all get along?