Bill Gates’ Body Language Decoded

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Communication Professor Alex Lyon reacts to Bill Gates’ interview on PBS with Judy Woodruff regarding Jeffrey Epstein. There is an entire field devoted to decoding body language and indeed communication can be nonverbal. Lyon points out numerous cues that make Gates look “hinky” or suspicious. Gates’ body language and nonverbal cues create awkward verbal responses. Woodruff simply asked Gates why he met with Jeffrey Epstein, but she never received a clear answer.

Lyon pointed out Gates’ suspicious “distracting body language” such as shifting in his chair, increased eye movement, and wringing his hands and fingers. The “philanthropist” was notably distressed. If he were playing a game of poker, these would be Gates’ tells, as Lyon points out.

The analyst notes two major layers of misalignment between the questions and answers and Gates’ nonverbal clues. It took Gates 2.6 seconds to answer questions unrelated to Epstein, but it took him around 6.7 seconds to answer anything Epstein-related. “His mind is the inside of a maraca and he’s struggling to keep it organized,” Lyon noted.

This is not a candid interview and Gates uses multiple strategies to protect himself. He repeatedly claims that he regrets having dinner with Epstein. The word “dinner” was selected as a minimization tactic to make the matter seem less harmful. Saying he attended “meetings,” “secret meetings,” or had “dinner at Jeffrey Epstein’s personal home” would likely not downplay the situation. “Quantity” is another conversational maxim that says a discussion flows when the speaker provides an adequate amount of information. All of his answers related to Epstein are less than half the length of his other questions. In other words, he is trying to avoid answering the questions.

The most cringeworthy part of the interview comes when Woodruff asks Gates if he learned a lesson. That should have been an easy answer. “Well, he’s dead, so… I’m very proud of what we’ve done in philanthropy…” This technique is called “bolstering,” where the speaker refocuses the conversation to all of their positive qualities, good actions, and behaviors. Clearly, Bill Gates did not learn a lesson, nor is he willing to disclose why he had an ongoing relationship with Jeffrey Epstein since at least 2013. Based on body language alone, Gates is certainly “hinky.”

Senile Senators led by a Senile President

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Senator Bill Cassidy (R-LA), who is also a physician, has suggested that the US begin implementing cognition tests for government leaders. “I’m told that there have been senators in the past who, at the end of their Senate terms were senile,” Cassidy said in an interview with Axios on HBO. “I’m told that was true of senators of both parties.” Knowing that these are the people who were or have been in a position to alter your life drastically should absolutely frighten you.

“It’s usually noticeable. So anybody in a position of responsibility who may potentially be on that slope, that is of concern. And I’m saying this as a doctor,” Cassidy stated. He does not mention any names, but it seems as if he is pointing to none other than President Joe Biden. Biden has leaders, citizens, and supporters concerned about his mental health. There is a reason why he is not allowed to answer unapproved questions from reporters. Democrats had no problem pointing out Joe’s obvious cognitive decline while competing against him. “There are definitely moments when you listen to Joe Biden and you just wonder,” Senator Booker (D-NJ) once said.

Former President Trump was quite pleased with his results on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment, which is designed to detect cognitive impairments such as Alzheimer’s or dementia. “I got a perfect mark. And the doctors said, ‘Very few people can do that. Very few people get that. You understand,’” Trump told reporters. The test measures cognitive decline, not humbleness. “[Biden] should take the same exact test, a very standard test. I took it at Walter Reed Medical Center in front of doctors,” Trump later said. Biden refused.

Former White House physician Ronny Jackson and 14 other lawmakers urged Biden to take the Montreal Cognitive Assessment. Biden’s handlers said that he would take the test at a later date, but nothing was announced (perhaps they forgot). The bar has never been so low for the “leader of the free world.”

Southwest Airlines Backs Down And Yellen Forced to Back Down

Armstrong Economics Blog/The Hunt for Taxes Re-Posted Oct 20, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

I have direct contact with many pilots at Southwest and they were reporting that weather had nothing to do with the 1,000 flights that were canceled. Now, the airline was forced to back down and unvaccinated employees can remain. Pilots have been concerned that those who were vaccinated developed blood clots and could no longer work. I have personal friends who were vaccinated and developed blood clots without flying.

Meanwhile, Janet Yellen has been lying to the American people about the lowering of bank reporting to $600. She testified saying: “We have a tax gap that over the next decade is estimated at $7 trillion, namely a shortfall in the amount that IRS is collecting due to a failure of individuals to report the income that they have earned.” Even if the Democrats confiscated all the wealth of the top 100 richest people, they would not collect $7 trillion. This is a deliberate lie and the real objective was to (1) declare cryptocurrencies banks, and then (2) report $600 or greater transaction.

While Babylon Bee made a funny satire out the Yellen’s $600 proposal, this is really no joke. It is technically not illegal to send cash through the mail as long as the (1) source was legal, and (2) the purpose is legal. Of course, there is civil asset forfeiture, which means the government can confiscate whatever it wants and it is your burden to prove it was legal. When I tried to send an ancient Roman coin through the mail and marked it as a coin, they refused to allow it and claimed it was money. No explanation that Rome fell in 476 AD mattered. I had to repackage it and call it a simple antiquity.Now, Janet Yellen has somewhat changed course, supporting a rise in the reporting threshold from $600 to $10,000. Their clever trick to go after the cryptocurrency market and the ridiculous claim that there is $7 trillion in uncollected taxes over the next decade has made the Biden Administration look like not just liars, but fools. Yellen is an absolute disgrace showing a total lack of integrity that she is supposed to be there for the people – not Biden’s agenda which is really that of Klaus Schwab.

Are the US Supply Chain Disruptions Deliberate?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Inflation Re-Posted Oct 20, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

(Image by © Reuters / Alan Devall)

Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo may have accidentally leaked the cause of America’s supply chain issues. “The reality is the only way we’re going to get to a place where we work through this transition is if everyone in America and everyone around the world gets vaccinated,” Adeyemo admitted in an interview with ABC News. Starve them out, let the dissenters suffer, and those who bought into this agenda will turn against them. Adeyemo said that the Biden Administration has already provided “the resources the American people need to make it to the other side.” Basically, everyone should give into the vaccine mandate or face the consequences. They are masking authoritarianism as utilitarianism. The vaccine has not been mandated at the federal level in the US, yet, but it is apparent that the government plans to make life as difficult as possible for those who do not obey.

Echoing the Fed, Adeyemo said that inflation is “transitory,” and “as part of the transition we are seeing higher pieces for some of the things people have to buy… That’s exactly why the president was focused in the American Rescue Plan in ensuring on getting stimulus into the hands of the American people, so they’d be able to buy the products they need.” Yes, the government expects us, the Great Unwashed, to be thankful for their measly handouts to purchase unavailable products at an all-time high. There is a reason people have recently nicknamed the president “bare shelves Biden,” with the hashtags #BareShelvesBiden and #EmptyShelvesJoe becoming a viral sensation.

Although the Biden Administration met with the Ports of Long Beach and Los Angeles, which handles 40% of the nation’s goods, the promise of a 24/7 operation has not yet occurred. There is no ETA for when the ports will begin 24/7 operations either. Some ships are allegedly waiting 12 days at anchor before reaching the dock, and over 60 vessels are idled in the San Pedro Bay at the moment. With one of the nation’s busiest shopping holidays approaching (Black Friday) followed by ongoing seasonal shopping, this matter is likely to turn ugly.

(Click on the image above for higher resolution.)

Taking it a step further, the Democrats are also demanding that the GOP pass the multi-trillion dollar infrastructure bill and are now using it as leverage. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg stated, “One thing that has not been talked about enough is (Moody’s) finding about how the overall ‘Build Back Better’ vision is designed to reduce inflationary pressures. So if you care about inflation, you ought to care about not just the supply chain issues, not just the infrastructure things I work on, but also the provisions in ‘Build Back Better’ like paid family leave, like making it easier to afford childcare, like community college, that are going to give us a stronger labor force and help us deal with that major constraint on economic growth.” Buttigieg also claimed that he knew with certainty that the supply chain crisis is expected to last well into 2022. Perhaps the issue will last into Socrates’ projected political Panic Cycle for 2023.

The Corruption Continues to Surface

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Recently, more sources have been confirming that indeed there was an advance notice that a “virus is coming.” I know even a few hedge funds that took positions on. This has been a very well-orchestrated panic, and it has been intended to alter the world economy. Gates, Soros, and Schwab have all contributed their ideas, so this is not the brainchild of just one character. The recent stories of Gates and his inappropriate emails flirting with employees are just another example that the knight in shining armor is more like the dark black knight of the apocalypse.

The significance of these actions is that the CONFIDENCE in Gates is starting to turn. Eventually, someone will start to investigate and come up with what is starting to come to the surface from multiple sources. I reported at the very beginning that I knew there were phone calls being made and that Schwab had sold for himself and for his World Economic Forum ahead of the COVID Crash of 2020. Others are now confirming that some hedge funds also appear to have been tipped off.

As we enter the third year of this very clever manipulation, we should expect more to surface in 2022. Gates did not resign at Microsoft because of emails hitting on girls. That was a deal that either he resigned or the DOJ would break up Microsoft under the Anti-Trust Act. Bill Gates’ character has not changed. Instead of creating a monopoly in HiTech, he has achieved that in healthcare. He is no more a philanthropist than Jeffrey Epstein. I suggest you read the book “US v Microsoft” to catch a look at Gates’ character. There is often a conflict between men and women because men generally look at a woman and say yes or no. A woman often looks at a man as a fixer-up and that he would be OK with just a little changing. You cannot change a person’s character! We can learn from our mistakes, but the core character will NEVER change, and only a fool assumes that people’s inherent character will change. Yes, I also know men who have tried to force the woman to conform to their ideals. We must accept people as they are and that applies to Bill Gates, and what I believe is his fake philanthropist routine.

Gates has no interest in sharing his vaccines. Instead, he lobbies the Biden Administration and the EU, controlled by Schwab, to buy his vaccines at full price, and they “donate” them to poor countries. That is by no means a philanthropist. There are always side-effects with vaccines, but this one has become so political that the truth is being hidden by governments and the media. I do not think that the majority will suddenly die. Knowing Gates’ obsession with reducing population, I would not rule out that some vaccines are different than others and some batches may be more harmful, intended to cause sterility. But the majority will not be impacted so he can always use that for the excuse that it was not his vaccines. This is just speculation based upon a character that is anything but what it is being projected.

FBI Raids DC Home of Oleg Deripaska, Chris Steele’s Former Employer and Central Player in Corrupt FBI Operation Against Donald Trump

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First things first.  I feel the need to apologize to Mr. Deripaska.  It is an unfortunate situation to see Oleg Deripaska receiving the Julian Assange treatment.  Yes, that is exactly what is happening today as the institutionally corrupt FBI and DOJ attempt to throw a bag over Deripaska, in order to cover up their previous operations.

That said, Oleg Deripaska is not stupid, he knows these players and knows exactly what game the corrupt U.S. officials are playing.   It was transparently obvious over the past few days that something was happening in the background.  The Fourth Branch of Government, intelligence apparatus, Dept of Justice, FBI, and media enablers -writ large- began conducting an information warfare operation.

It is not coincidental: (1) the collective media apparatus brought Chris Steele out of hiding for an ABC interview with George Stephanopoulos, and a rehabilitation of his Dossier effort; then (2) the intelligence apparatus began scrubbing the Dossier from public downloads; then (3) the FBI apparatus notifies the media in advance and shows up to raid the home of a central participant in the Dossier story line.  There are no coincidences of this connective scale.

This is a full-blown propaganda operation carried out by the DC-based Fourth Branch of Government.   These moves indicate a likelihood that John Durham is almost finished with the spray paint operation.   Remember, Lisa Monaco is Deputy AG, and John Carlin is back in the DOJ-NSD position. Both of them participated in the illegal weaponization and political surveillance operations against candidate Trump (that involved Deripaska), and both are now central to the ongoing clean-up and cover-up operation.

DC is a horrible and abusive vehicle; rusted to the core with metastatic corruption.  Bill Barr was the bondo application and John Durham is the spray paint.  The clear objective is to cover-up the corruption from public view and giving Oleg Deripaska the Julian Assange treatment is one part of that process.  The FBI is to Washington DC what the FSB represents to Moscow.

Today, FBI agents from DC’s main office as well as Washington Field Office (WFO) raided the home of Russian Billionaire Oleg Deripaska.   This move comes just 36 hours after CTH outlined the risk that Deripaska represents to all of the corrupt DC officials who participated in the Trump-Russia attack scheme. {Go Deep}

VIA NBC – FBI agents on Tuesday swarmed the home of Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska in Washington, D.C., an agency spokesperson confirmed to NBC News.

The reason for their presence wasn’t immediately clear. The spokesperson said the agency is conducting “law enforcement activity at the home,” but wouldn’t elaborate.

The investigation is being led by federal investigators in New York City, according to two officials briefed on the matter.  (read more)

The FBI told news outlets what they were doing in advance so the cameras could be present as part of the operation (similar to the Roger Stone raid).  Unfortunately, most news consumers cannot see the script and performance that underpins the corrupt motive.  [NBC News Segment Here] and below is a lengthy video of the entire raid:

Christopher Steele was actually a contracted employee of Deripaska, at least Deripaska was paying Chris Steele for some type of work in the U.K.  Oleg Deripaska is a typically sketchy wealthy Russian with some quirky aspects to his humor.  Oleg’s U.S. lawyer was a guy named Adam Waldman.  You might remember that Adam Waldman was also the legal liaison between Chris Steele and SSCI Vice-Chairman Mark Warner {Go Deep}.

Adam Waldman is the connective tissue between Chris Steele, Oleg Deripaska and another name from the SSCI, former staffer Dan Jones.  When Senator Chuck Grassley wanted to question the lawyer/lobbyist Adam Waldman, Waldman lied to avoid testimony {Go Deep}.  Unfortunately it was a line of Senate query that was quickly dropped.

Oleg Deripaska was on his yacht in the summer of 2016 with a sketchy Russian sex/intelligence worker named Anastasia Vashukevich (27).  [Both Pictured Left]

Vashukevich is the Belarusian woman who was being held in a prison in Thailand under charges of recruiting women to act as prostitutes and escorts.  {Go Deep}

Ms. Vashukevich name surfaced early in 2018 when CNN claimed she had dirt on Trump and “tapes” of some sort relating to Deripaska and his activities with contacts around the 2016 election.  [More Backstory]

In the height of the Trump-Russia madness, CNN sent Ivan Watson to Thailand to interview Ms. Vashukevich in the hopes that she could validate the “hookers” and “pee-tapes” material that was in the Steele Dossier.  However, by the time CNN arrived, Anastasia changed her mind.

It turned out the recording Ms. Vashukevich was promoting/leveraging, was actually a recording of Oleg Deripaska; and, at his request she returned them to him.

FOX NEWS[…]  Vashukevich told The Associated Press that she had turned over audio recordings to Russian oligarch Oleg Deripaska, whose conversations about election interference she claimed to have taped.

She has said she provided “escort” services to Deripaska, who is close to Russian President Vladimir Putin and who has links to Paul Manafort, Trump’s former campaign manager now being tried in the United States on money laundering and other charges.

Speaking to an AP reporter in the courtroom in Pattaya, Vashukevich said she had promised Deripaska she would no longer speak on the matter, and that he had already promised her something in return for not making that evidence public. (read more)

The tapes Ms. Vashukevich was discussing at the time (trying to leverage her way out of jail) was a previous recording by Deripaska of a conversation between Oleg and his retained employee Christopher Steele about then presidential candidate Donald Trump.   This is the conversation where Trump, Russian hookers and pee-tapes came up.  Keep in mind, Oleg likely knew what Steele’s questions were for; Oleg knew what Chris Steele did for a living, and Oleg had a motive to snark at the entire operation and U.S. election.

Deripaska didn’t trust anyone related to intelligence operations in either the U.K or the U.S, and Deripaska had previously been burned by the FBI in 2009 after they asked for his help. {Go Deep}

In 2009 the FBI, then headed by Robert Mueller, requested the assistance of Russian billionaire Oleg Deripaska in an operation to retrieve former FBI officer and CIA resource Robert Levinson who was captured in Iran two years earlier. The agent assigned to engage Deripaska was Andrew McCabe; the primary FBI need was financing and operational support. Deripaska spent around $25 million and would have succeeded except the U.S. State Department, then headed by Hillary Clinton, backed out.

In the summer of 2016, Steele was under retainer by Deripaska and also working for Fusion-GPS.  In hindsight, the conversation was almost certainly part of the research Steele was doing for his Fusion-GPS assignment and assembly of the dossier into Trump.  Oleg was an easy and obvious source, and Anastasia Vashukevich just happened to be with Oleg when the conversation took place.  She snagged the tapes upon departure, she was busted in Thailand and tried to use the info to get out.

Keep in mind, in September of 2016 Andrew McCabe was Deputy Director of the FBI, when two FBI agents approached Deripaska in New York – asking for his help. The FBI request was for Deripaska to outline Trump’s former campaign manager Paul Manafort as a tool of the Kremlin. Deripaska once hired Manafort as a political adviser and invested money with him in a business venture that went bad. Deripaska sued Manafort, alleging he stole money. However, according to a John Solomon article, despite Deripaska’s disposition toward Manafort, he viewed the FBI request as absurd. He laughed the FBI away, telling them: “You are trying to create something out of nothing.”

After Trump won the 2016 election, the entire apparatus of the U.S. intelligence system and DOJ turned on Deripaska because he now represented a risk {Go Deep}.

Now, watch this video of Tom Cotton asking FBI Director Chris Wray about Deripaska:

Byron York previously outlined new documents showing the communication between Trump Dossier author Christopher Steele and DOJ official Bruce Ohr.
Within the early 2016 discussions, Chris Steele appeared to be advocating to Bruce Ohr on behalf of Oleg Deripaska who was banned from travel into the U.S. by the State Department.

(Byron York) Emails in 2016 between former British spy Christopher Steele and Justice Department official Bruce Ohr suggest Steele was deeply concerned about the legal status of a Putin-linked Russian oligarch, and at times seemed to be advocating on the oligarch’s behalf, in the same time period Steele worked on collecting the Russia-related allegations against Donald Trump that came to be known as the Trump dossier. The emails show Steele and Ohr were in frequent contact, that they intermingled talk about Steele’s research and the oligarch’s affairs, and that Glenn Simpson, head of the dirt-digging group Fusion GPS that hired Steele to compile the dossier, was also part of the ongoing conversation. (more)

I strongly urge you to read the York article, because I’m going to expand on the Deripaska angle from the context of the reader understanding the relationship.

It is likely that Oleg’s 2016 entry into the U.S. was facilitated as part of a quid-pro-quo; either agreed in advance, or, more likely, planned by the DOJ/FBI for later use in their 2016 Trump operation; as evidenced in the September 2016 FBI request. Regardless of the planning aspect, billionaire Deripaska is connected to Chris Steele, a source for Chris Steele, and likely even the employer of Chris Steele.

The FBI used Oleg Deripaska (source), and Oleg Deripaska used the FBI (visa).

Here’s where it gets interesting….

In a May 2018 article, John Solomon reported that Deripaska wanted to testify to congress in 2017 without any immunity request, but was rebuked. Who blocked his testimony?

In 2017, Oleg Deripaska was represented in the U.S. by Adam Waldman. Mr. Waldman was also representing Christopher Steele, the author of the Dossier. Waldman was the liaison Senator Mark Warner (Senate Intelligence Committee Vice-Chairman) was using to try and set up a secret meeting with Christopher Steele. {Text Messages}

As you can see from the text messages (more here), the House Intelligence Committee wanted to interview Deripaska. However, based on their ongoing contact and relationship Deripaska’s lawyer, Adam Waldman, asks Senate Intelligence Committee Vice-Chair Mark Warner for feedback.

Oleg Deripaska was blocked from testifying to congress. Now, it was obviously not from the HPSCI (Nunes Committee), but rather by the Senate Intel Committee, via then Vice-Chair Senator Mark Warner. Oh yes, THAT Senator Mark Warner again.

Now, think about this…. Yes, with Oleg Deripaska in the picture there was indeed Russian meddling in the 2016 election; only, it wasn’t the type of meddling currently being sold. The FBI/DOJ were using Russian Deripaska to frame their Russian conspiracy narrative. It is almost a certainty that Deripaska was one of Chris Steele’s sources for the dossier.

Now, put yourself in Deripaska’s shoes and think about what happens AFTER candidate Donald Trump surprisingly wins the election.

All of a sudden Deripaska the asset becomes a risk to the corrupt Scheme Team (DOJ/FBI et al); especially as the DOJ/FBI then execute the “insurance policy” effort against Donald Trump…. and eventually enlist Robert Mueller.

It is entirely possible for a Russian to be blackmailing someone, but it ain’t Trump vulnerable to blackmail; it’s the conspiracy crew within the DOJ and FBI. Deripaska now has blackmail material on Comey, McCabe and crew.

After the 2017 (first year) failure of the “insurance policy”, it now seems more likely President Trump will outlive the soft coup. In May 2018, Oleg tells Waldman to call John Solomon and tell him the story from a perspective favorable to Deripaska.

As the story is told, in 2017 Oleg was more than willing to testify to congress… likely laughing the entire time… but the corrupt participants within congress damned sure couldn’t let Deripaska testify. Enter corrupt SSCI Vice-Chairman Mark Warner:

Um, we’ve got a problem here Mark…

The Russians (Deripaska) really did have leverage and blackmail… but it wasn’t over Donald Trump.  Factually, Oleg had blackmail on Comey, McCabe and the DOJ/FBI conspiracy crew. Oleg Deripaska must be kept away from congress and away from exposing the scheme.

Guess who else must be controlled and/or kept away from congress?  Yup, Julian Assange.  Wikileaks founder Julian Assange has evidence the Russians didn’t hack the DNC.

Between Deripaska’s first-hand knowledge of the DOJ/FBI work on both the Dossier and the DOJ/FBI intention for his use as a witness; and Julian Assange’s first-hand knowledge of who actually took the DNC email communication;… well, the entire Russian narrative could explode in their faces.

Control is needed.  Control is a reaction to fear.

You can almost hear the corrupt U.S. Intelligence officials calling their U.K. GCHQ partners in Britain and yelling at them to do something, anything, and for the love of God, shut down Assange’s access to the internet STAT.   Yeah, funny that.

Now, who moves into position to control Julian Assange?

Well, well, well…. Lookie here? Who dat? Apparently the SSCI wants to interview WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, in a closed session. Signed by none other than our corrupt-o-crats, former SSCI Chairman Richard Burr and Vice-Chair Mark Warner. Yeah, funny that.

Lest anyone need a reminder…. “The most corrupt part of Congress is the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence (SSCI). The SSCI is the center of the deepest part of the Deep State swamp. The SSCI never, ever, E.V.E.R… does anything that does not protect and advance the self-interest of the corrupt Washington DC professional political class.”  The SSCI enaables the Fourth Branch of Government.

Now do we see why the SSCI is the center of protecting the entire fraudulent apparatus?

It’s somewhat humorous to look at this Spygate fiasco from the perspective of Oleg Deripaska. He likely had lots of laughs with his Ruskie friends about these stoopid Amerikans, and how the intelligence apparatus of the United States of America is controlled by corrupt politicians trying to save themselves and the corrupt institutions.

The Russians, notorious for sowing discord, are being used as a shield from sunlight upon actions taken by U.S. own intelligence officers: James Comey, Andrew McCabe, Loretta Lynch, Sally Yates, John Brennan, James Clapper etc.

Think about it from the perspective of the DOJ/FBI conspiracy group reading how Oleg instructed Adam Waldman to present his story.

With Deripaska telling John Solomon (via Adam Waldman) how the FBI contacted him; the background of their prior collaborative relationship; and the likelihood of Deripaska giving information to Chris Steele for the dossier; the scheme team really, really, needed to double down on the Russian conspiracy narrative in case Oleg ever did testify to congress.

By doubling down on the Russian Collusion narrative, the conspirators created a ‘catch-22’ defense. They could/can claim Deripaska was/is giving disinformation in his version of events to support the interests of Russia and sewing chaos in America etc. And any Republican who would give Deripaska a platform to tell what happened in 2016 would be doing the bidding of Vladimir Putin. See how that works?

Throughout the Trump term in office, the DOJ, FBI and intelligence community protected themselves by impugning the motives of Oleg Deripaska, and diminishing his credibility under the auspices of Russian disinformation.  However, with Trump out of office, the intent of those same DOJ and FBI officials shifts from impugning motives to putting a bag over Deripaska and keeping him locked down.

On the day after Mueller completed his investigation in April 2019, the FBI moved to arrest Julian Assange.

On the day after Chris Steele and ABC broadcast their Steele Dossier documentary, the FBI moves to raid Oleg Deripaska.

See how that works?

OSHA Demands Not To Know Things

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Axiom: ‘In order to advance a communist ideological belief system, the rulers must *pretend* not to know things’.

Individually, in groups, or in the systems they construct, that axiom has always been true.

The Dept of Labor and OSHA standard on adverse Vaccine events:


“OSHA will not enforce 29 CFR 1904’s recording requirements to require any employers to record worker side effects from COVID-19 vaccination.”

The Biden administration is forcing you to take the jab in order to work, and simultaneously the Biden administration doesn’t want the employer to tell them about workers who are injured by the jab.   Simply more evidence the vaccine mandate is not about your health.

Central Banks Funding COVID

Armstrong Economics Blog/Sovereign Debt Crisis Re-Posted Oct 19, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Australia Committing Tyrannical Economic Suicide

Armstrong Economics Blog/Australia & Oceania Re-Posted Oct 19, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

If there was ever a politician who will be dragged from his chamber in a revolution, history would point to Daniel Andrews. Now he is throwing anyone who opposes his authoritarian measures out of Parliament. The Western powers invaded Iraq and wanted to invade Syria on the premise that they were abusing their people as dictators. None of the actions of Saddam Hussein come close to what Andrews has done to those who live in Victoria. He has now imposed an absolute mandate for vaccines, all for a disease that Scandinavia has downgraded to the equivalent of the flu.

Real GDP at Constant National Prices for Australia peaked in 2018. If people like Andrews remain in power, then this three-year decline, which is a reaction so far, will turn into a trend, meaning that Australia’s economy will decline further into 2023. The damage to the economy will become permanent if this declines beyond 2023. Indeed, Australia became independent only in 1931. Thus, the high in 2018 was on target for an important high on our Economic Confidence Model. This warns that as long as the 2018 high stands, then the decline could unfold over a 19-year period into 2037.

Tim Quilty has objected to being removed from Parliament simply because he is the opposition to Andrews.

Meanwhile, Daniel Andrews will be remembered by history as the man who destroyed Australians’ freedom and their economy. It is shocking how economists are not screaming from the rooftops (since they cannot leave their homes) that the damage to the economy is so stark, it could take decades ever to recover. More on this at the World Economic Conference.

Italians Against the Green Pass

Armstrong Economics Blog/Italy Re-Posted Oct 19, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Italians are taking to the streets to protest the country’s “Green Pass” mandate that requires public and private sector workers to present a vaccine passport or risk facing a suspension and a $1,730 (€1,500) fine. Workers also have the ability to prevent a 48-hour negative test, but that is meant to be an inconvenience for workers and is completely unsustainable.

Thousands of protestors have gathered across the entire country to demand “NO GREEN PASS!” Notably, workers at the port in Trieste, Italy, have gone on strike and have refused to deliver goods into the port city, causing massive disruptions in supply chain operations. Locals brought protesters food and joined in on the protest. There is a common enemy – government.

A few days after the protests in Trieste began, the government turned the peaceful protest into a police sweep. “Scenes from the port of Trieste that make you shiver. The police with fire hydrants against the demonstrators. Things from [a] full authoritarian regime. Meanwhile, the unions are hugging their boss Mario Draghi – accusation – a former Goldman Sachs banker. And they sound the alarm of fascism in the very act with which they do not support workers on the ground,” Italian author Diego Fusaro wrote online (translated to English). Mario Draghi threw his people to the wolves after joining the euro while working for the ECB. The bank’s failure to consolidate debts left Italy in a worse financial situation than when they were on the lira. As prime minister, Draghi extended lockdowns in a country widely dependent on tourism. Once again, Draghi proves that he is against the Italian people and should be removed from office.