Rebellion rising; the people have had enough

The walls of lockdown fascism are cracking, in large ways and small. Actually, there is no small. Every act inspired by the fire of freedom counts

Re-Posted from The Canada Free Press By Jon Rappoport — NoMoreFakeNews—— Bio and ArchivesNovember 27, 2020

Signs of the times—-

Large anti-lockdown protests are sweeping across Europe. Denmark, France, Germany, Italy, the UK, Poland. The media are trying to put a lid on coverage of these momentous events.

In Southern California, five sheriffs of populous counties (17 million people) are refusing to enforce Governor Newsom’s new curfew order. A petition to recall the governor is gaining steam.

England—police have warned government officials they’re “sitting on a time bomb,”

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In New York, members of the Chasidic sect held a wedding attended by several thousand people, sitting closely packed without masks.

In a more intimate setting, up close and powerfully personal, gym members and owners in Buffalo, New York, shouted down cops and a public health officer, who had entered the gym because the gathering exceeded the prescribed limit. The gym personnel drove out the cops and followed them, to make sure they left the property.

In Buffalo, protestors came to the house of Erie County Executive, Mark Poloncarz, to express their anger at new lockdown restrictions. The protest was also aimed at New York Governor Andrew Cuomo.

Sheriffs in Fulton and Erie Counties (New York) are refusing to enforce Thanksgiving lockdowns which limit the number of people in private homes.

In various areas of England, police have warned government officials they’re “sitting on a time bomb,” because lockdown rules make it illegal for two or more families to gather together for Christmas—-and law-enforcement personnel are permitted to invade homes where violations are occurring. The time bomb is, of course, huge numbers of outraged citizens.

In Australia, Qantas airline CEO Alan Joyce announced that travelers will be able to fly only after receiving the COVID vaccine, once it is approved. Soon afterwards, Joyce stood at a podium at an event to give a speech, and a grizzled Aussie walked up to him and shoved a pie in his face.

Two women saw New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy eating dinner at a restaurant with his family. He was maskless. “You’re such a dick!” one woman told him. Murphy has just extended his state’s lockdown, the ninth time he has done so since March. At his dinner table, Murphy tried to remain calm. He put on his mask.

Across America, without fanfare, pockets of the economy are wide open—-no masks, no distancing, no one is paying attention to government regulations

Andrew Kudrick, the police chief of Howell Township in New Jersey, says he won’t enforce the governor’s “draconian” limit of 10 people for Thanksgiving dinners.

The CDC has told Americans to stay home for Thanksgiving. Last weekend, two million Americans boarded flights.

In a form of silent protest, 300,000 residents of New York have left the city since pandemic restrictions began.

It should be noted that, among the several hundred thousand (or more) Trump supporters who gathered in Washington DC, at a Stop The Steal rally, few people wore masks, and no one paid attention to social distancing regulations.

Across America, without fanfare, pockets of the economy are wide open—-no masks, no distancing, no one is paying attention to government regulations.

The walls of lockdown fascism are cracking, in large ways and small. Actually, there is no small. Every act inspired by the fire of freedom counts.

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Middle of the Road

Armstrong Economics Blog/Uncategorized Re-Posted Nov 26, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

I still get emails from Biden supporters who just hate Trump and refuse to look beyond the United States. This is not an issue of Trump v Biden, Republican v Democrat, this is the attempt to take over the United States by a foreign agenda. There is no way Biden will ever run in 2024, and Socrates looks at this from a very objective perspective.

The Decline & Fall of the West

Armstrong Economics Blog/Conspiracy Re-Posted Nov 26, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: Good morning Mr. Armstrong,

We need more pics like Winnipeg Costco out in the news: They might wake up the sleeping herd!

I’m writing from Toronto where we are in a lockdown since 12:01 today for the next 28 days… and probably more!
Our Premier, Doug Ford, clearly mention in his Friday announcement that Big Box retailers would remain open.
The Winnipeg pictures are “refreshing” since it levels the field for the small retailers who only have 2 options: curb side pickup or shutdown.
Having Costco, Walmart, Loblaws (largest Canadian food chain), and a few more abiding to the lockdown “orders” might help people realizing how all this insanity is bad for us reducing at lightspeed our chances to live free and hopes for a bright future.
I hope Toronto will do like Winnipeg…

This morning on radio our mayor was encouraging retailers to take advantage of the rescue money (fix costs and taxes) provided by the Ontario government (who’s badly broke), who gets his own rescue funds from the Trudeau’s government (who’s already deep in s**t). He also told people who lose their job because of the lockdown to apply to the relief program money. As long as there will be “free” money, nothing will happen in the Great White North.
It is our version of guaranteed minimum wages backed up by endless deficit at all levels of government.

I think the business community, at least what will remain of it after this second lockdown, needs to stand up and ignite the fight.
If it doesn’t start with the entrepreneurs, it will be too late when the people will finally wake up.

We, Canadians, are too polite, too nice, and are generally respectful of authorities. That’s who we are!
May be the time has come to become more vocal about our love for our society the way it was before the government disrupted it with its mismanagement of COVID-19. What’s broken and need to be fixed? Is there really a need to “rebuild  better”?


ANSWER: There is no need to destroy the world economy and rebuild it better. Gates admits there is dissent, but will never address it. His real agenda is to reduce the population. This is the merger of Gates with Soros’ one-world government being the United Nations, and Klaus Schwab who is a very clever Marxist and is against capitalism while he has amassed a fortune himself.

Their claims that 97% of scientists agree with them is an outright lie. Al Gore simply has this in his mind and you cannot change it. He makes up statistics and pretends they are facts.

None of these people understand how to create an economy. They only look at the surface. Humans could never create a rainforest for there is such complexity that evolution itself has played a role in improving some species and eliminating others.

They will NEVER address criticism and just label anyone who disagrees as a conspiracy nut job. They have been predicting all the ice would be long many times. The water was supposed to be up to the 15th floor in New York long ago. There is no talking to these people. They will destroy Western Civilization to create a world that can never exist. While they are destroying European and North American economies, this will be the perfect time to wage war and take down the West and these crazy ideas. That is how Rome fell. Once its economy began to collapse, the barbarians got through the gates.

Prince Charles Agrees with Gates – Reduce the World Population

Armstrong Economics Blog/Great Reset Re-Posted Nov 26, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

Prince Charles is no longer fit to become King. The Queen should remove him now from any path to the crown. Athelstan was the first king of all England, and Alfred the Great’s grandson. He reigned between 925 and 939 AD. The monarchy of England faces a cyclical crossroads in 2021.

Prince Charles has not only joined Schwab and his Great reset, but he has also signed on to Bill Gates’s agenda of reducing the world population. Has he lost his mind with early signs of senility? They have enlisted Charles to help them take over the world with their New World Order. Prince William has also signed on to Gates’ agenda – reduce the population. These people are trying to play God.

John Kerry – Davos Man as Climate Czar

Armstrong Economics Blog/Climate Re-Posted Nov 25, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

Suburban Wacko, Gun-Toting Zealots v Urban Intellectual Leftists?

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Nov 25, 2020 by Martin Armstrong


Have you ever done a study that explains why so many people who live in large urban areas are so inclined to vote democratic or for liberal policies which appear to attack people who live outside these areas?

It seems no one has ever tried to reconcile these fractures….instead, the media and the left portray people who live in rural and small towns as wacko, gun-toting zealots who are emotionally driven, racist and want to return to times when only whites dominated the country…in reality, people, as you have said time and again, just want to be left alone(by the left), free to go on with their lives.

The election fraud, BLM riots, everything…that crystallized this year, appear to have driven this divide to such extremes…it now seems people living in big cities now more than ever want to kill people just because they refuse to accept this point of view…

How do people living in rural areas marshall their forces to push back and win back the country when it appears the people who live in towns control the money and resources to continue their push to enslave everyone?


ANSWER: I believe this has long been a cycle that existed in ancient times. There must have been a major credit crisis in ancient times before recorded history. Hammurabi’s legal code is based upon a legal code that was at least 300 years older. The legal code of even Hammurabi reflects that there were put in place wage and price control implying that there were financial booms and busts that must have existed. His legal code establishes legal maximums on interest rates and the value of commodities. But he also established contract law. The terms of any deal had to be written down. There was no tolerance for claims that were just verbal due to corruption. One legal case I studies was fascinating. A man sold his house and took the door. There was a shortage of wood and the door was worth more than the mud-brick house.

I was an avid buyer of ancient knowledge in search of creating the largest database ever assembled which included the recreation of the world monetary system. During the first Gulf War in Iraq, the bombings uncovered a city previously unknown. The archives of all the text appeared on the black market. Academics boycotted such things rather than try to save them. The academics object to private people using private funds for research. They treat the subject as if it were a communistic state that only they should have such cache to play with. This is something I seriously disagree with for there are never public funds available for such projects.


In this particular case, thousands of tablets were on the black market. I bid to get the entire collection on the black market through a dealer; I do not recall what my bid was, but it was many millions of dollars. There was a Norwegian collector of manuscripts, Martin Schoyen, whose collection contains over 13,000 documents. I met Martin in Zurich for dinner. Since he was a specialist in documents, we reached an agreement that my interest was economic. Martin even had an original Magna Carta. So the deal we struck was that I could use the economic text in return for bowing out of the bidding. We were the two biggest buyers of such ancient material.

What made this find so valuable was that it contained a legal code predating Hammurabi who academics teach was the first legal code. Here we have the Legal Code of(ca. 2100 BC) which is the oldest known written law code that predates Hammurabi’s law code by about 300 years. Martin Schøyen provided the translation. Schoyen’s private efforts have contributed greatly to our knowledge base as government funding for translation lacks the funds to save material on the black market. When the Legal Code of Hammurabi (ca. 1792-1750 BC) was first discovered in 1901, his laws were heralded as the earliest known examples. Subsequent to that discovery, older collections of legal codes have been unearthed. There are even older Babylonian copies of the Legal Code of Ur-Nammu(ca. 1900-1700 BC) (photo from Martin’s collection).

When I say we have THE largest database known to humankind, I am not exaggerating. You cannot create models if you lack the data to input. How can you forecast a debt crisis or list the possible outcomes without understanding how such a crisis has been resolved throughout history or how they appeared in the first place. People can pretend to do what we do but how is that possible without the data?

The most curious aspect of this recharacterization of Marxism by these billionaires and the World Economic Forum is that perhaps ancient wisdom concluded long ago that socialistic economics is both dangerous and destructive to civilization. For we find in the Ten Commandments it expressly forbids Socialist/Communist philosophy that still dominates our present politics which is attempted to be imposed by sheer force by Klaus Schwab and his merry band of billionaires.

“You shall not covet your neighbor’s house. You shall not covet your neighbor’s wife, or his male or female servant, his ox or donkey, or anything that belongs to your neighbor” — The Tenth Commandment, Exodus 20:17

It appears that this prohibition even predates the Bible. We find the essence of this prohibition in The Egyptian Book of the Dead known as the “42 Negative Confessions.” This features a list of 42 sins that the soul of the deceased had to state affirmatively that they never committed when they stood in the final judgment in the afterlife. The most famous list comes from The Papyrus of Ani, a text prepared for the priest Ani of Thebes (1250 BC). Therefore, the Tenth Commandment is also found in this list as the combination of 13, 20, 21, 29, and 33.

“Covet” means to crave or desire. The Tenth Commandment does not tell us that all of our desires are immoral. It tells us that some desires are most certainly wrong. Coveting is an immoral longing for something that is not rightfully ours, which is the very essence of Marxism. The Tenth Commandment expressly directs us that our desire for something that already belongs to someone else is morally wrong. Therefore, it forbids us from wanting far more than we would legitimately deserve or that would be our rightful share. The focus of the Tenth Commandment is that we are not to illicitly desire anything that already belongs to anyone else, which is, of course, the foundation of Marxist socialism.

Debt Forgiveness – The Seventh Year | Armstrong Economics

Then there is the Jewish Shmita year. This is when the Israelites are to let the land rest and cancel all debts.  This occurs every 7 years (2000-2001, 2007-2008, 2014-2015, 2022). The major debt crisis our computer has been projecting will be 2022. Will that coincide with Schwab’s planned default on global debt?

The Ten Commandments forbids Marxism for its clearly states that you should NOT covet thy neighbor’s goods. Socialism is all about taking money from people who earn it and they call this “social justice”. The other aspect concerning the cancellation of debts, is precisely what the IMF refuses to allow Ukraine to do. This is clearly stated:

Deuteronomy 15:1-3 (New International Version)

“At the end of every seven years you must cancel debts. This is how it is to be done: Every creditor shall cancel any loan they have made to a fellow Israelite. They shall not require payment from anyone among their own people, because the Lord’s time for canceling debts has been proclaimed. You may require payment from a foreigner, but you must cancel any debt your fellow Israelite owes you.”

Religion aside, this is very interesting for the two primary problems we have concern for the proposals of the World Economic Forum which is perhaps yet another tyranny to enslave the people. This brings to mind the song from Les Misérables “Do You Hear the People Sing?

The expropriation of other people’s assets and the enslavement of the people is outrageous using this exaggeraed virus. They are doing this because government debt is about to collapse taking socialism with it and all pensions funds that they have force to invest in government debt.

Did the ancients simply understand the cycle of debt far better than Marx and his followers such as Schwab and the World Economic Forum? Schwab’s lobbying efforsts to convince our governments to crush the economy with lockdowns and seize all property in order to escape their own demise is unimaginable. The treachury of the media and Big Tech is outright war against the people, our freedom, and human rights as even declared in the International Declaration of Human Rights.

The superrich will retain their assets. It is ONLY the great unwashed who must sacrifice everything because the social programs they promises will no long be able to be funded. They simply justify robbing other people calling it “social justice” to mask what even the ancients said was wrong. There have been many attempts throughout history of similar attempts. The Roman Emperor Maximinus I (235-238AD) declared all assets belonged to the state. The troops eventually assassinated him and sent his head to the Senate to show their new found loyalty after 3.14 years.

The very same pattern took place in Rome. As corruption increased, the common people left. All that was left were the corruipt leaders and the poor who had nothing. This trend is already in motion. There is a massive exodus from the Blue states and from the major cities. Get out now while you can sell your property. Do not wait for it to be so obvious that everyone sees the trend. For then there will be no buyers.

The View from Britain

Armstrong Economics Blog/Great Reset Re-Posted Nov 25, 2020 by Martin Armstrong


Hi Martin

We certainly live in frustrating blood boiling times. Sadly it appears daily, that not enough was done before the election to prevent what happened – it would have been well worthwhile to set up passive surveillance cameras and teams at obvious electoral fraud hot spots ahead of time – anyway…

The level of anger globally is tangible and in the USA it looks like it is ready to explode. No real independent thinker believes Biden won including my Democrat friends in the US. What I believe a lot of people are not allowing for, is the level of violence coming – the vote was changed electronically to show a Biden win sure – however, the actual win was a Trump landslide – the media talk about an angry 50% of the country – I disagree, it is closer to an angry 70% of the country. You might have changed the vote electronically but you do not change the mind and anger of that voter to the false outcome. They were angry when they made the vote for Trump – imagine now. So no, you will not have 73m angry Trumpers out there – you have about 115m.

Democrats are never happy – so the 30-35% of the voting public that did vote for that ventriloquist dummy Biden – did it out of hate for Trump not love for Biden – most Dems I know despise him – look at the news already regarding the inauguration – they know that there would be such a severely and embarrassingly low turnout that they are making excuses to scale it down – best excuse as usual, covid for not having one. The infighting in the Democrat party has already started. The demands from the BLM and Antifa movements have already started – I expect those riots to flare up again coupled with demands and payback for ‘their vote’. So you have likely over 100m voters that are really pissed at this Zimbabwean election theft – you have another 10m-20m that voted for Biden, also pissed and angry (the liberal left natural default position). Good luck ruling by executive order and diktat in a country where 80% of the electorate are/ on the verge of – taking up arms.

Get ready for the Zimbabwe style blame game – Mugabe spent 30+ years blaming every ill in his country on Britain or colonial rule. I expect the same from the democrats – every violent riot or protest, anything bad – extreme violence, stock market crashes, massive unemployment, wars, domestic ‘terrorist’ incidents – anything bizarre you can think of – will be spun and blamed on the Trump legacy – it will be his fault for everything basically – they have attacked him for 5 years they are not going to give up now – they need a scape goat for what is coming. Watch for terms like Trump sympathisers/ Far right Trump activists etc

Big tech is in for a shock in my opinion. They have shown they are far too effective and dangerous – this will not have gone unnoticed by the democrats – they were used as weapons against Trump – I expect the democrats to move quickly to reduce their power – for sure they will take part in the reset and gain large revenue inflows as a result – but their teeth and claws will be dramatically curtailed – lest those same tech companies turn on the democrats at some time in the near future.

Lastly has the USA become like the UK – by this I mean the UK now has no real opposition – the labour party have become the party of wet chickens. Serving only to rubber-stamp whatever chairman Johnson decrees. Have we seen the blurring/ dissolution of party lines in the USA – clearly many Republicans hated Trump and I am sure some handsome bribes were and will be handed over to a number of Republicans that assisted in this theft. You will note that the electorate identify as TRUMP or CONSERVATIVE very rarely Republican. If the USA has devolved like the UK into a one party ruling elite – with only the vaguest pretences of an actual opposition – hold on tight. Luckily – you still have your arms in the USA.

Kind Regards


REPLY: I think you have a very good perspective. I think the French may lead the way on revolutions this time only because they started before COVID with the Yellow Vests. The French have has more revolutions than many major countries. This idea that the LEFT can suppress the people and impose their version of tyranny never prevails.

In Britain, you MUST turn the police. That is your only hope. Socrates has been suggesting that the4 pound would break the 1985 low. I suspect that Trump can win ONLY if the Supreme Court wakes up and sees that the Democrats will strip them to be an irrelevant club and defe4nds the Constitution. If they do not, the USA is doomed.

The protesters better surround the Supreme Court and demand this election be overruled. ONLY the USA can stop Schwab who is the modern-day Marx, but he will beat Marx’s record on kills over 200 million people with his ideas. Schwab will probably kill 1 billion making Bill Gates very happy

As COVID-19 Expands – Death Rate Declines – Greatest Fraud in History

Armstrong Economics Blog/Disease Re-Posted Nov 25, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

COMMENT: We keep hearing in the mainstream media about the rise in covid-19. John Hopkins reports every day on confirmed cases and death cases globally. I record this data every day. The United States is at the forefront, so it seems. with a significant rise in confirmed and deaths as media reports. Why is it the death rate continues to drop in percentage since May 16, 2020, even though the death rate should actually be rising in percentage?


REPLY: This is clearly a political contrived disease. There are more people who die in car accidents and far more who are permanently disfigured. The media involved in this reporting are committing treason for they are deliberately assisting a foreign entity to try to take over the United States with the Great Reset. NMapoleon could have said the same thing. I am conquering the world to prevent war and to further the economic expansion (after destroying everything). Never have I witness so many people eager to surrender their lives and the future of their own children that is if Bill Gates allows them to have children.

Before, the people who were being tested were those with real symptoms. Now, they test everyone so the number rise, but the deaths decline. As I said, not only is John Hopkins not trustworthy taking money even from Bloomberg, $1.8 billion to be exact but Bloomberg was also at that secret meeting with Gates in 2009 to reduce the world population.

Sources in Switzerland state that doctors are paid 5,000 CH for every death certificate that says it was COVID.  The health minister, Alain Berset, is a leftist politician who appears to be supporting Schwab. We are trying to confirm this is true. We have not yet seen and confirming document only words from those in healthcare.

Date Confirmed Deaths Percent
3/1/2020 72 2 2.7000%
3/2/2020 102 6 5.8824%
3/3/2020 129 9 6.9767%
3/4/2020 159 11 6.9182%
3/5/2020 228 14 6.1404%
3/6/2020 332 17 5.1205%
3/7/2020 444 19 4.2793%
3/8/2020 564 21 3.7234%
3/9/2020 717 26 3.6262%
3/10/2020 1000 31 3.1000%
3/11/2020 1272 38 2.9874%
3/12/2020 1645 41 2.4924%
3/13/2020 2204 49 2.2232%
3/14/2020 2816 60 2.1307%
3/15/2020 3485 65 1.8651%
3/16/2020 4459 87 1.9511%
3/17/2020 6135 112 1.8256%
3/18/2020 8736 149 1.7056%
3/19/2020 13,133 195 1.4848%
3/20/2020 18,763 258 1.3750%
3/21/2020 23,649 302 1.2770%
3/22/2020 34,000 413 1.2147%
3/23/2020 43,600 550 1.2615%
3/24/2020 52,976 704 1.3289%
3/25/2020 65,201 928 1.4233%
3/26/2020 82,404 1100 1.3349%
3/27/2020 101,657 1558 1.5326%
3/28/2020 103,321 1668 1.6144%
3/29/2020 139,675 2436 2.7778%
3/30/2020 159,184 2945 1.8501%
3/31/2020 184,183 3721 2.0203%
4/1/2020 216,722 4081 1.8831%
4/2/2020 226,374 5316 2.3483%
4/3/2020 245,573 6058 2.4669%
4/4/2020 308,533 8376 2.7148%
4/5/2020 312,445 8503 2.7214%
4/6/2020 356,942 10,524 2.9484%
4/7/2020 399,929 12911 3.2283%
4/8/2020 429,052 14,695 3.4250%
4/9/2020 432,438 14808 3.4243%
4/10/2020 491,358 18,316 3.7276%
4/11/2020 527,111 20506 3.8903%
4/12/2020 530,006 20,608 3.8883%
4/13/2020 557,590 22109 3.9651%
4/14/2020 582,594 23,649 4.0593%
4/15/2020 609,685 26059 4.2742%
4/16/2020 639,634 30,985 4.8442%
4/17/2020 671,425 33286 4.9575%
4/18/2020 706,779 37,079 5.2462%
4/19/2020 735,366 39,096 5.3165%
4/20/2020 759,786 40,683 5.3545%
4/21/2020 781,960 42,364 5.4177%
4/22/2020 825,306 45,134 5.4688%
4/23/2020 842,624 46,785 5.5523%
4/24/2020 869,172 49,963 5.7483%
4/25/2020 905,333 51,949 5.7381%
4/26/2020 939,249 53,934 5.7422%
4/27/2020 965,933 54,877 5.6812%
4/28/2020 988,469 56,523 5.7182%
4/29/2020 1,012,583 58,355 5.7630%
4/30/2020 1,040,438 60,999 5.8628%
5/1/2020 1,070,032 63,019 5.8895%
5/2/2020 1,104,161 65,068 5.8930%
5/3/2020 1,133,069 66,385 5.8589%
5/4/2020 1,158,341 67,686 5.8434%
5/5/2020 1,180,634 68,934 5.8387%
5/6/2020 1,204,475 71,078 5.9012%
5/7/2020 1,228,609 73,431 5.9768%
5/8/2020 1,252,743 75,670 6.0403%
5/9/2020 1,276,877 77,909 6.1015%
5/10/2020 1,309,541 78,794 6.0169%
5/11/2020 1,329,799 79,528 5.9805%
5/12/2020 1,347,936 80,684 5.9857%
5/13/2020 1,369,984 82,387 6.0137%
5/14/2020 1,392,032 84,090 6.0408%
5/15/2020 1,417,889 85,906 6.0587%
5/16/2020 1,443,397 87,568 6.0668%
5/17/2020 1,467,884 88,754 6.0464%
5/18/2020 1,486,742 89,564 6.0242%
5/19/2020 1,508,957 90,369 5.9888%
5/20/2020 1,528,661 91,938 6.0143%
5/21/2020 1,551,853 93,439 6.0211%
5/22/2020 1,577,758 94,729 6.0040%
5/23/2020 1,602,148 96,013 5.9928%
5/24/2020 1,622,670 97,087 5.9832%
5/25/2020 1,643,499 97,722 5.9460%
5/26/2020 1,662,768 98,223 5.9072%
5/27/2020 1,681,418 98,929 5.8837%
5/28/2020 1,699,933 100,442 5.9086%
5/29/2020 1,721,926 101,621 5.9016%
5/30/2020 1,747,087 102,836 5.8861%
5/31/2020 1,770,384 103,781 5.8621%
6/1/2020 1,790,191 104,383 5.8308%
6/2/2020 1,811,277 105,147 5.8051%
6/3/2020 1,832,821 106,181 5.7933%
6/4/2020 1,851,420 107,215 5.7910%
6/5/2020 1,870,019 108,211 5.7866%
6/6/2020 1,888,618 109,283 5.7864%
6/7/2020 1,920,552 109,802 5.7172%
6/8/2020 1,942,363 110,514 5.6897%
6/9/2020 1,973,803 111,751 5.6617%
6/10/2020 1,979,893 112,006 5.6572%
6/11/2020 2,000,464 112,924 5.6449%
6/12/2020 2,023,347 113,820 5.6253%
6/13/2020 2,048,986 114,669 5.5964%
6/14/2020 2,074,749 115,436 5.5639%
6/15/2020 2,094,069 115,732 5.5267%
6/16/2020 2,114,026 116,127 5.4932%
6/17/2020 2,137,731 116,963 5.4714%
6/18/2020 2,163,290 117,717 5.4416%
6/19/2020 2,186,995 118,511 5.4189%
6/20/2020 2,222,576 119,131 5.3600%
6/21/2020 2,255,119 119,719 5.3088%
6/22/2020 2,280,969 119,977 5.2599%
6/23/2020 2,312,302 120,402 5.2070%
6/24/2020 2,347,102 121,225 5.1649%
6/25/2020 2,381,369 121,979 5.1222%
6/26/2020 2,422,312 124,415 5.1362%
6/27/2020 2,467,837 125,039 5.0667%
6/28/2020 2,510,323 125,539 5.0009%
6/29/2020 2,549,069 125,803 4.9353%
6/30/2020 2,590,582 126,141 4.8692%
7/1/2020 2,636,538 127,425 4.8330%
7/2/2020 2,686,587 128,062 4.7667%
7/3/2020 2,739,879 128,740 4.6987%
7/4/2020 2,795,163 129,437 4.6307%
7/5/2020 2,839,917 129,676 4.5662%
7/6/2020 2,888,729 129,947 4.4984%
7/7/2020 2,938,625 130,306 4.4343%
7/8/2020 2,996,098 131,480 4.3884%
7/9/2020 3,055,144 132,309 4.3307%
7/10/2020 3,118,143 133,291 4.2747%
7/11/2020 3,184,722 134,097 4.2106%
7/12/2020 3,304,942 135,205 4.0910%
7/13/2020 3,364,547 135,615 4.0307%
7/14/2020 3,431,574 136,466 3.9768%
7/15/2020 3,499,398 137,419 3.9269%
7/16/2020 3,576,430 138,360 3.8687%
7/17/2020 3,647,715 139,266 3.8179%
7/18/2020 3,760,327 140,466 3.7355%
7/19/2020 3,773,260 140,534 3.7245%
7/20/2020 3,786,193 140,602 3.7135%
7/21/2020 3,830,926 140,909 3.6782%
7/22/2020 3,902,333 142,073 3.6407%
7/23/2020 3,971,343 143,190 3.6056%
7/24/2020 4,109,016 145,421 3.5391%
7/25/2020 4,112,651 145,656 3.5417%
7/26/2020 4,178,730 146,463 3.5050%
7/27/2020 4,234,140 146,935 3.4702%
7/28/2020 4,294,770 148,056 3.4474%
7/29/2020 4,352,084 149,258 3.4296%
7/30/2020 4,426,982 150,713 3.4044%
7/31/2020 4,495,015 152,070 3.3831%
8/1/2020 4,562,170 153,314 3.3605%
8/2/2020 4,667,957 154,860 3.3175%
8/3/2020 4,717,716 155,471 3.2955%
8/4/2020 4,771,519 156,830 3.2868%
8/5/2020 4,824,175 158,268 3.2807%
8/6/2020 4,883,657 160,104 3.2784%
8/7/2020 4,942,008 161,358 3.2650%
8/8/2020 4,998,105 162,425 3.2497%
8/9/2020 5,045,564 162,938 3.2293%
8/10/2020 5,093,023 163,351 3.2073%
8/11/2020 5,094,565 163,465 3.2086%
8/12/2020 5,197,377 166,027 3.1944%
8/13/2020 5,254,171 167,242 3.1830%
8/14/2020 5,313,454 168,446 3.1702%
8/15/2020 5,371,805 169,988 3.1644%
8/16/2020 5,361,302 169,483 3.1612%
8/17/2020 5,404,115 170,052 3.1467%
8/18/2020 5,443,162 170,548 3.1333%
8/19/2020 5,482,602 171,823 3.1340%
8/20/2020 5,529,933 173,181 3.1317%
8/21/2020 5,575,386 174,283 3.1259%
8/22/2020 5,623,990 175,409 3.1189%
8/23/2020 5,668,245 176,362 3.1114%
8/24/2020 5,703,725 176,809 3.0999%
8/25/2020 5,740,909 177,279 3.0880%
8/26/2020 5,779,372 178,525 3.0890%
8/27/2020 5,834,064 180,787 3.0988%
8/28/2020 5,869,692 180,857 3.0812%
8/29/2020 5,917,817 181,775 3.0717%
8/30/2020 5,961,884 182,785 3.0659%
8/31/2020 5,997,163 183,068 3.0526%
9/1/2020 6,031,065 183,061 3.0353%
9/2/2020 6,075,652 184,697 3.0400%
9/3/2020 6,115,030 185,752 3.0376%
9/4/2020 6,150,999 186,798 3.0369%
9/5/2020 6,202,080 187,768 3.0275%
9/6/2020 6,246,203 188,553 3.0187%
9/7/2020 6,277,004 188,941 3.0101%
9/8/2020 6,301,320 189,215 3.0028%
9/9/2020 6,328,051 189,680 2.9974%
9/10/2020 6,362,440 190,872 3.0000%
9/11/2020 6,397,244 191,791 2.9980%
9/12/2020 6,432,048 192,510 2.9930%
9/13/2020 6,486,401 193,705 2.9863%
9/14/2020 6,520,234 194,081 2.9766%
9/15/2020 6,554,821 194,536 2.9678%
9/16/2020 6,606,562 195,942 2.9659%
9/17/2020 6,631,568 196,831 2.9681%
9/18/2020 6,675,564 197,643 2.9607%
9/19/2020 6,727,889 198,612 2.9521%
9/20/2020 6,765,786 199,265 2.9452%
9/21/2020 6,811,694 199,512 2.9290%
9/22/2020 6,857,967 199,884 2.9146%
9/23/2020 6,921,817 201,459 2.9105%
9/24/2020 6,934,233 201,910 2.9118%
9/25/2020 6,978,874 202,819 2.9062%
9/26/2020 7,034,432 203,789 2.8970%
9/27/2020 7,078,798 204,497 2.8889%
9/28/2020 7,115,338 204,758 2.8777%
9/29/2020 7,149,072 205,082 2.8687%
9/30/2020 7,191,062 205,998 2.8646%
10/1/2020 7,233,946 206,959 2.8609%
10/2/2020 7,279,065 207,816 2.8550%
10/3/2020 7,333,426 208,723 2.8462%
10/4/2020 7,383,244 209,399 2.8361%
10/5/2020 7,418,107 209,725 2.8272%
10/6/2020 7,458,549 210,195 2.8182%
10/7/2020 7,501,869 210,918 2.8115%
10/8/2020 7,607,249 212,784 2.7971%
10/9/2020 7,632,101 213,098 2.7921%
10/10/2020 7,664,675 213,787 2.7893%
10/11/2020 7,718,947 214,377 2.7773%
10/12/2020 7,762,807 214,771 2.7667%
10/13/2020 7,804,337 215,086 2.7560%
10/14/2020 7,865,359 215,914 2.7451%
10/15/2020 7,985,875 217,717 2.7263%
10/16/2020 8,049,485 216,814 2.6935%
10/17/2020 8,052,978 218,618 2.7147%
10/18/2020 8,106,753 219,289 2.7050%
10/19/2020 8,154,936 219,674 2.6938%
10/20/2020 8,214,754 220,133 2.6797%
10/21/2020 8,274,878 221,078 2.6717%
10/22/2020 8,338,179 222,211 2.6650%
10/23/2020 8,409,312 223,051 2.6524%
10/24/2020 8,493,747 223,995 2.6372%
10/25/2020 8,576,838 224,839 2.6215%
10/26/2020 8,636,169 225,230 2.6080%
10/27/2020 8,704,606 225,735 2.5933%
10/28/2020 8,779,794 226,728 2.5824%
10/29/2020 8,858,088 227,700 2.5705%
10/30/2020 8,946,691 228,668 2.5559%
10/31/2020 9,047,637 229,708 2.5389%
11/1/2020 9,127,109 230,566 2.5262%
11/2/2020 9,207,364 230,996 2.5088%
11/3/2020 9,293,310 231,566 2.4917%
11/4/2020 9,385,143 232,634 2.4787%
11/5/2020 9,487,467 233,729 2.4636%
11/6/2020 9,609,862 234,937 2.4447%
11/7/2020 9,739,897 236,099 2.4240%
11/8/2020 9,861,898 237,123 2.4044%
11/9/2020 9,972,333 237,584 2.3824%
11/10/2020 10,110,552 238,251 2.3565%
11/11/2020 10,257,825 239,683 2.3366%
11/12/2020 10,402,273 241,808 2.3246%
11/13/2020 10,555,469 242,435 2.2968%
11/14/2020 10,744,869 244,357 2.2742%
11/15/2020 10,905,598 245,600 2.2521%
11/16/2020 11,038,312 246,224 2.2306%
11/17/2020 11,206,054 247,229 2.2062%
11/18/2020 11,360,125 248,707 2.1893%
11/19/2020 11,529,818 250,548 2.1730%
11/20/2020 11,720,514 252,564 2.1549%
11/21/2020 11,915,769 254,445 2.1354%
11/22/2020 12,090,466 255,905 2.1166%

Disaster on Wheels- Joe Biden

Re-Posted from NOV 25, 2020 AT 10:20 AM

Joe Biden is a disaster on wheels.

As a candidate, he was a rolling, sputtering mess. His brain kept stalling. His air filter was worn out from sniffing. He spent most of his campaign in a basement garage. He’s a broken down embarrassment whose lies have backfired on him many times. He’s an Edsel who raced against a real race car in the Daytona 500 and somehow won. Of course he should have lost, but the checkered flag was magically jammed into his fender.

He’s a corrupt, shifty career politician who made sure his family cashed in on any government operation. His crack smoking son, Hunter, made a fortune from his dad’s influence in China, Ukraine, and elsewhere. Hunter made a pit stop and had his front grille replaced. His teeth had rotted out due to meth smoking.

The vote was stolen from Trump, who probably lapped Biden many times. Trump won in a landslide.

The Democrat Party controlled the counting in key states and they had plenty of foreign and domestic help. The rogue CIA was instrumental in the death of JFK. They helped in an attempted coup of a lawfully-elected president, Trump. I wouldn’t be surprised if they weren’t involved.  The Swamp knew Trump was a threat to them, so they went all out to steal the finish line in favor of one of their own.

If China Joe is allowed to steal the presidency, he will complete Obama’s destruction of America. His administration will be Hell on wheels. The troops will not be coming home. Instead, Biden will look for ways to start new wars, probably beginning in Syria. Pay for play will be the order of the day. The Swamp will get deeper and vaster and it will make sure it’s never challenged again. The Supreme Court will be packed and the Electoral College will be eliminated. The Democrat Socialists and globalists will take permanent power. The billionaire class at the top will get richer. Amazon will get bigger while small businesses will be destroyed. Americans will become poorer and more dependent on government. Citizens will be forced to exchange remaining freedoms for government assistance. Censorship will become commonplace. There will be lockdowns and forced vaccinations. Biden will drive us toward a dystopian society. He has no brakes.

We need a U turn here. The stolen election needs to be rectified immediately. Despite the Obama judges and establishment media who lie and tell us election security was ‘robust,’ we need justice. The perpetrators who arranged the theft, no matter how lofty their ranking, need to go to prison.

We were told to wear masks. We did not resist. Mask wearing became permanent. If we do nothing about this rigged election, the rigging will become permanent. Rigged elections mean our Republic is over. Patriots who resist will be seen as traitors to the new socialist state and eventually they’ll be sent to camps. Bill Gates and his fellow elitists think they own and control everything. They will solidify their grip on power and the Swamp will drain us.

A great many caution flags are now flying.

— Ben Garrison

Louisiana Governor, Comrade John Bel Edwards, Shuts Bars Effective Tomorrow Until after Christmas…

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on November 24, 2020 by sundance

Yes, you read the headline correctly.  Apparently the COVID virus can tell the difference between your grocery store and your local drinking establishment.  Effective tomorrow Louisiana Governor Bel-Edwards is shutting down bars until AFTER Christmas.

BATON ROUGE, La. (WAFB) – Many bars across Louisiana will be forced to close effective tomorrow, Wednesday, Nov. 25 until after Christmas.

The closures will come as a result of tighter new restrictions announced by Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards Tuesday, Nov. 24.

There were 3,266 new COVID-19 cases and 39 additional deaths reported in the state overnight.  “It is imperative that we take action and take action now,” Gov. Edwards said.

[…] Previously, if a bar was forced to closed because of high positivity rates in a parish, they were allowed to reopen if that rate dropped again. That will not be the case this time. Once a bar is forced to close, it must remain closed until the end of the governor’s order.  (read more)

Pushed far enough, decisions are reached…