Jonathan Gruber represents the decadence of academia and liberalism in general

By Jeff Longo

Jonathan Gruber, professor of economics at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, has been described as the chief architect of Obamacare and the person most responsible for crafting the message used to sell the false virtues of this bill to the American people. He presented himself as an independent, objective expert seeking to validate this monstrosity as good legislation.

Thankfully the discovery of numerous videos has exposed Gruber as an Obama operative who was paid $400,000 by the administration. Being bought and paid for hardly paints the professor as independent or objective. These videos show Mr. Gruber explaining that the reason Obamacare passed was thanks to “deception” and the “stupidity of the American voter.”

Gruber represents the decadence of academia and liberalism in general. They are elitists who believe they should be the ones to instruct Americans how to think, how to act and how we should lead our lives. Liberalism has become a hateful anti-American ideology that is rotting the fabric of our nation.

Citizens, especially Democratic liberals, need to ask themselves the following: When this vile, condescending little man talks about stupid Americans who is he actually referring to? It can’t be conservatives because we knew from the outset  that Obama was a pathological narcissist and a serial liar. We knew Obamacare was a power grab by the left built on lies and designed to redistribute the wealth of our nation. When Professor Gruber refers to the stupid American voter he’s talking about the uninformed Democratic base and those who voted for Obama but should have known better.



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