President Trump National Address on The Death of George Floyd and National Outcry – Video and Transcript…

There are a lot of people asking for President Trump to give remarks to the nation about the ongoing violence and riots in the aftermath of George Floyd’s horrific murder.

Apparently many people did not listen to President Trump’s address on Saturday afternoon about this exact issue. Or perhaps the media’s need to ignore the content of his speech has led to some confusion. Regardless, here’s the transcript:


[Transcript of Remarks] – “I want to say a few words about the situation in Minnesota. The death of George Floyd on the streets of Minneapolis was a grave tragedy. It should never have happened. It has filled Americans all over the country with horror, anger, and grief.

Yesterday, I spoke to George’s family and expressed the sorrow of our entire nation for their loss. I stand before you as a friend and ally to every American seeking justice and peace. And I stand before you in firm opposition to anyone exploiting this tragedy to loot, rob, attack, and menace. Healing, not hatred; justice, not chaos are the mission at hand.

The police officers involved in this incident have been fired from their jobs. One officer has already been arrested and charged with murder. State and federal authorities are carrying out an investigation to see what further charges may be warranted, including against, sadly, the other three.

In addition, my administration has opened a civil rights investigation, and I have asked the Attorney General and the Justice Department to expedite it.

I understand the pain that people are feeling. We support the right of peaceful protesters, and we hear their pleas. But what we are now seeing on the streets of our cities has nothing to do with justice or with peace.

The memory of George Floyd is being dishonored by rioters, looters, and anarchists. The violence and vandalism is being led by Antifa and other radical left-wing groups who are terrorizing the innocent, destroying jobs, hurting businesses, and burning down buildings.

The main victims of this horrible, horrible situations are the citizens who live in these once lovely communities. The mobs are devastating the life’s work of good people and destroying their dreams. Right now, America needs creation, not destruction; cooperation, not contempt; security, not anarchy. And there will be no anarchy. Civilization must be cherished, defended, and protected. The voices of law-abiding citizens must be heard, and heard very loudly.

We cannot and must not allow a small group of criminals and vandals to wreck our cities and lay waste to our communities. We must defend the rights of every citizen to live without violence, prejudice, or fear.

We support the overwhelming majority of police officers who are incredible in every way and devoted public servants. They keep our cities safe, protect our communities from gangs and drugs, and risk their own lives for us every day.

No one is more upset than fellow law enforcement officers by the small handful who fail to abide by their oath to serve and protect. My administration will stop mob violence and will stop it cold.

It does not serve the interests of justice or any citizen of any race, color, or creed for the government to give into anarchy, abandon police precincts, or allow communities to be burned to the ground. It won’t happen.

Those making excuses or justifications for violence are not helping the downtrodden, but delivering new anguish and new pain.

From day one of my administration, we have made it a top priority to build up distressed communities and revitalize our crumbling inner cities.

We fought hard with Senator Tim Scott and many others to create Opportunity Zones, helping to draw a surge of new investment to the places in our country that need it most. We must all work together as a society to expand opportunity and to create a future of greater dignity and promise for all of our people. We must forge a partnership with community leaders, local law enforcement, and the faith community to restore hope.

Radical-left criminals, thugs, and others all throughout our country and throughout the world will not be allowed to set communities ablaze. We won’t let it happen. It harms those who have the least. And we will be protecting those who have the least.

The leadership of the National Guard and the Department of Justice are now in close communication with state and city officials in Minnesota. And we’re coordinating our efforts with local law enforcement all across our nation.

In America, justice is never achieved at the hands of an angry mob. I will not allow angry mobs to dominate. It won’t happen. It is essential that we protect the crown jewel of American democracy: the rule of law and our independent system of justice. Every citizen in every community has the right to be safe in their workplace, safe in their homes, and safe in our city streets.

This is the sacred right of all Americans that I am totally determined to defend and will defend. My administration will always stand against violence, mayhem, and disorder.

We will stand with the family of George Floyd with the peaceful protesters and with every law-abiding citizen who wants decency, civility, safety, and security.

We are working toward a more just society, but that means building up, not tearing down; joining hands, not hurling fists; standing in solidarity, not surrendering to hostility.

Moments ago, as we witnessed the launch of two great American astronauts into space, we were filled with the sense of pride and unity that brings us together as Americans. That same spirit which powered our astronauts to the Moon has also helped lift our country to ever greater heights of justice and opportunity throughout our history.

So today, as we mark a renewed commitment to America’s future in space, a tremendous commitment it is. Let us also commit to a brighter future for all of our citizens right here on Earth.

When Americans are united, there is nothing we cannot do. From day one of my administration, we put America first.” (link)  [Video Available Here]

U.S. Attorney General Bill Barr meets with leadership from the DOJ and FBI on Saturday afternoon following his own media address and conversations with President Trump.


The word in the subject line is one that I came up with to describe the following link. I’ve changed my mind – there are no words that describe these animals or their repulsive behavior. Depending on their news source many Americans have not seen this yet. Many will never see it. For the most part the main stream media is still referring to what is taking place as a demonstration and the participants as protesters. What is taking place across the nation is no longer about the death of George Floyd, or the cop charged with his murder. What we are now witnessing is an attack on the foundation of our Republic, the constitution, and the rule of law. This man from Dallas was beaten to near death because he dared to protect his business.

Many are beginning to understand that the government is unable, or in some cases unwilling, to protect us. And all the while trying desperately to deny us our Second Amendment rights. Good luck with that.



This is graphic

What is Bill Gates Up too with His Vaccines and Dominance in the Medical Issue if You are Curious then you Must Watch this Four Videos!

A dozen years ago or there about, Bill Gates became worried about Climate Change and gave a TED talk on what the world had to do to save us from extinction. In that presentation Gates stated that one of the variables in his equation had to go to zero to stop Carbon Dioxide from killing all of us.  Now keep in mind that Gates does not have any degrees and knows little about anything but making money with software. We do however recognize that he was very good at that but we must also understand that he had no formal training or studies in anything else.

Gates’ vision is a world with less than a billion people and probably closer to 500 million. This world will be very clean and use only solar PV or Wind to power this Utopian Dream. Everything will be perfect and safe for those that reside in that world. Dreams of that kind are neither practical nor doable but that never stops those that have these visions: like Karl Marx who also had a vision of a perfect world, Marxism. Unfortunately that vision brought us WW I,  WW II and the cold war and hundreds of millions of dead people, and Marxism has still not been eliminate as an evil system.

Gates has managed to merge Marxism, Environmentalism, Climate change and World health into one Political system using technology, which he is very good at, that makes George Orwell’s “1984” look like it was done by a rank amateur. If Gates even comes close to achieving his objectives we will be living in Hell!

The story of Bill gates from James Corbett

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

Part Four

George Floyd Riots: ANTIFA’s Marxist Anti-Cop Skulduggery

Nothing occurs at this level by accident: Connect the dots between the riots, Russia ‘Investigation’, treason of US Intelligence, faux “Impeachment,” economy-slaying COVID rules, Woke government employees sabotaging Trump, POTUS Hating Media

Kelly OConnell image

Re-posted from the Conservative Tree House By  —— Bio and ArchivesMay 31, 2020

George Floyd Riots: ANTIFA's Marxist Anti-Cop Skulduggery

Welcome to Wokeness

Do current US riots arise by design? Of course. Consider what George Floyd mayhem, cop surrender, Antifa and Black Lives Matter (BLM) share? Yes, it’s all elemental “Woke” leftism, aka Socialism/ Marxism. Protests are organized by AntifaBlack Lives Matter and others. Portland’s violence was planned by Marxist PNW Youth Liberation Front. Antifa, the “anti fascist” group, believes violence is ethical. Thousands of rioters travel to other cities to riot, which POTUS blamed on “Antifa and other radical left-wing groups.” Trump dismissed these “professionally managed so-called protesters” who “had little to do with the memory of George Floyd”.  Leftists perpetually seek opportunity to revolt.

Role of Agitation and Propaganda

No Crisis Wasted

Remember Obama lieutenant Rahm Emmanuel cynically bragging, “Let no crisis go to waste”? Ironically, that’s the raison d’être for a Marxist worldview. Why? Marx taught socialism could not triumph on its own. Instead, first arose capitalism, creating wealth. Afterward unhappy proletariats, ie factory workers would riot & throw off their masters. After revolution of the underclass, government would be recreated, wealth redistributed in a new, fair society.

A century after Marx’s prophesied revolt, socialists grudgingly admitted capitalist workers were happy, so unlikely for uprising. Yet, fanatic Marxist intellectuals swore to overthrow America by other means.


In an essay called On the Role of Agitation and Propaganda, it states:

Communists often talk about crucial importance of revolutionary agitation and propaganda. And with good reason. Together, agitation and propaganda are a mighty and indispensable weapon in the Party’s revolutionary arsenal. How else but with vivid, compelling agitation, and propaganda, can hatred provoked by daily life under capitalism be further aroused and sharpened against bourgeoisie (rich)? Is there any way… to arm the masses themselves with the science of revolution and the Party’s line so they can take it up and wage conscious struggle for revolution?

Minneapolis riots Riots & Black Lives Matter

Did all American riots evolve by chance? The belief Blacks are routinely murdered by US police is the theme of Black Lives Matter, organizing protests across America. Their goal? As Vladimir Lenin, in State & Revolution taught, “the governments of Europe and America…existed to exploit the people… overthrown only through violence and bloodshed.” Observe as Woke ‘Molotov Sisters,’ of Catskill, NY, were arrested in Brooklyn for Attempted Murderafter Samantha Shader, 27, threw a Molotov cocktail into a police van full of officers. Sister Darian, 21, bit an officerto stop her sister’s arrest.


Past and present communists have agitated for mobs and riots:

Civil unrest today has many overtones of those past days. They are all too familiar. Little has changed. Scientific Mobocracy, a communist technique designed against our police, is still used today. The 1964 New York City riots were a well-organized effort conducted by the Communist Party. Pamphlets were scattered throughout the city to discredit and neutralize the police. See Mobocracy: The Cultural & Political War.

Objectives were leaked by the party’s hierarchy:

  • Use civil rights demonstrations to provoke violence and riots in targeted cities.
  • Blame riots on “police brutality,” confuse public, spread “hate the police” propaganda.
  • Frighten and isolate Negro voters to vote in a radical bloc for candidates who will scrap the Constitution and set up a “new order.”
  • Demand civilian police review boards in hopes of removing the police from under the discipline and control of the people’s elected officials.

Communists spent 2 years “toward agitation of the uprising” in Watts, CA before the famed riot “spontaneously” occurred.

Black Lives Founding

Black Lives Matter was founded by three activist lesbiansOpal Tometi practices Liberation Theology, or Catholic Marxism. She claims “Trump is literally the epitome of evil, all the evils…be it racism, capitalism, sexism, homophobia.” Patrisse Culors follows Nigerian Yoruba animism and advocates prison closure for social justice. Third founder Alicia Garza, is a gay social justice activist Marxist.

Black Nationalism Agitprop

Previously, Marxists agitated Black communities, promoting revolution, promising full equality, and creation of a Southern Black America. Many prominent Black leaders moved from the historic Christianity of Martin Luther King, Jr. to Marxism. The Black Panthers were Marxist.

America is now under socialist assault on our lives, liberty and property


Radical, Marxist Antifa traces to late 1980s, from Twin Cities, Minnesota fight against Skinheads, claims Mark Bray‘s “Antifa: The Anti-Fascist Handbook.” Bray says of their anti-police, violent views:

Antifa revolutionaries are almost always anti-police…But as anti-capitalist with a sort of police-abolitionist lens, they view the police as problems, as defenders of the capitalist order, and also all too often as sympathizers with the far right.

Cops ‘Standing Down’ 

In Minneapolis riots, Woke Mayor Frey withdrew police as their precinct building was then torched. Police are conspicuously absent from riot areas. Why? Previously during Baltimore’s 2015 riots, Mayor Stephanie Rawlings-Blake was recorded saying she “gave those who wished to destroy, space.” Woke!




America is now under socialist assault on our lives, liberty and property, misusing tragic deaths to excuse riots, theft, and arson. While resisting Marxist subterfuge, remember five things Karl Marx swore to eliminate: The family, individuality, eternal truths, nations and the past. Understand eliminating these would create a sea of automatons, all waiting for permanent exploitation.

Nothing occurs at this level by accident. Connect the dots between the riots, Russia ‘Investigation’, treason of US Intelligence, faux “Impeachment,” economy-slaying Dem COVID rules, dozens of Woke government employees sabotaging Trump, Obama’s anti-Trump investigation, POTUS hating media, FBI goon squad on Gen Flynn, Judge Sullivan’s bizarre implosion, etc. All these lawless, contrived events obviously point to the conclusion that suicidal, despairing leftism, sensing its own mortality, decided to make a bull rush to depose Trump. Yet, if America simply wills ourselves to accept this obvious attempted coup, and is not rattled, but keeps fighting, then democracy can still survive in America.

Time To Unmask America

Now, it is obvious the real “fool” is Biden, and, for good measure he is also a disgraceful hypocrite

Jeff Crouere image

Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesMay 31, 2020

Time To Unmask America

In the fight against the spread of Covid-19, a big dividing line in our country today is whether to wear a face mask or not. It also seems to have political connotations. For example, for Memorial Day remembrances, former Vice President Joe Biden and his wife Jill wore masks. In contrast, President Donald Trump and First Lady Melania Trump paid their respects without masks.

In many cities and states across the nation, the number of Covid-19 cases are going down, yet the masking requirements are becoming more stringent. In portions of 39 states, there are mandatory mask regulations. In New Orleans, residents are required to wear a mask, even when outdoors. For businesses, both employees and customers must wear masks. These are the most stringent requirements in Louisiana, for other areas have mask recommendations, not requirements.

Mask: a symbol of oppression and how government can dictate their actions

The same mask stipulations are in place in San Francisco, San Diego, New York, Los Angeles, and other cities around the country. In many areas, those who violate the orders are subject to arrest and fines. Thankfully, in Houston, a potential fine of $1,000 for violating the mask requirement was overridden by an executive order from Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Many Americans refuse to wear a mask for they view it as a symbol of oppression and how government can dictate their actions. In contrast, millions of Americans are following these orders because they are worried about their health and believe that mask wearing will protect them from Covid-19.

Ironically, experts are divided on whether masks provide any assistance in preventing the spread of Covid-19. According to a study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, “Neither surgical nor cotton masks effectively filtered SARS–CoV-2 (the coronavirus that causes Covid-19) during coughs by infected patients.”

The official guidance from the World Health Organization (WHO) is that masks “should only be used by health care workers, caretakers or by people who are sick with symptoms of fever and cough.” According to Dr. April Baller, a WHO public health specialist, “If you do not have any respiratory symptoms such as fever, cough or runny nose, you do not need to wear a mask.”

Americans should cherish their freedoms and decide what is best for their health and their families

This WHO recommendation was made in March and has not been altered, even though the Centers for Disease Control does recommend mask wearing. Both the U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Jerome Adams, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, Director of the National Institute of Allergy, and Infectious Diseases, originally recommended that average Americans should not wear masks but have changed their stance and now advocate their usage.

Instead of following directives from politicians and health officials who enthusiastically exercise their authority over citizens, Americans should cherish their freedoms and decide what is best for their health and their families. At best, the evidence is mixed that mask wearing is beneficial.

If people are worried about contracting Covid-19 and feel more protected by wearing a mask, they should wear one. However, many others will view these requirements as both oppressive and an infringement on their liberties.

Today, the incessant warnings from the obsessed media and political leaders has ingrained the need to wear a mask into the minds of concerned Americans. It is so troubling that it is easy to spot drivers alone in a vehicle wearing a mask. Even though it is not a requirement, people exercising alone in an outdoor park are often seen wearing masks as well. This is totally ridiculous.

Masks prevent individuals from inhaling full oxygen, instead, recycled carbon dioxide is inhaled

Such constant mask wearing is inadvisable for health reasons as well. People wearing synthetic masks can inhale small portions of aerosolized chemicals, which is not advisable especially for those with respiratory conditions.

Masks prevent individuals from inhaling full oxygen, instead, recycled carbon dioxide is inhaled. According to the holistic health coaches who operate the website,, these effects are dangerous for people because “even a slight increase of the carbon dioxide levels in their bloodstream can contribute to anxiety and feelings of nervousness as well as cause headaches, dizziness and fatigue. For these reasons especially, both the healthy and the ill should avoid wearing a mask like the plague.”

None of these words of wisdom have prevented many political and health leaders from advocating mask wearing. However, if these orders are so important, politicians need to abide by them. For example, Biden advised that “You need to wear your mask outside. I don’t care if you’re just walking your dog.” Instead of following this advice, Biden did not wear a mask when interviewed outdoors on March 26th by CNN.

Biden claimed that the President is a “fool” for not wearing a mask. Now, it is obvious the real “fool” is Biden, and, for good measure he is also a disgraceful hypocrite.

Behind Burning City Protests, Barack Obama’s New Army

If you look at what’s going on in burning American cities today, looks like America’s first Community Organizer president’s got it!

Judi McLeod image

Re-posted from the Canada Free Press By  —— Bio and ArchivesMay 30, 2020

Behind Burning City Protests, Barack Obama’s New Army

The destructive hatred Democrats enforced on the USA over the past four years has reached deadly street violence in protests and rioting all the way from Minneapolis; New York City and Washington, D.C., Chicago; Columbus, Ohio, Louisville, Ky, to Dallas to San Jose, Los Angeles, Calif., and Portland, Ore., among other cities.

“Minneapolis erupted into riots this week following a video that surfaced online in which a white police officer knelt on the throat of a black man lying on the ground as onlookers were heard begging the officer to stop. (George) Floyd, the man on the ground, lost consciousness and died. (Washington Examiner, May 29, 2020)

“The officer shown kneeling on Floyd’s throat was arrested Friday and charged with third-degree murder and manslaughter.

“The video images of the incident that ended with the death of Mr. Floyd, while in custody of Minneapolis police officers, were harrowing to watch and deeply disturbing,” “Attorney General William Barr said about the incident.

…”(Gov. Tim) Walz, who has been hammered by residents, critics and the press for his response to the crisis in his state, pushed back on the idea that the protests, which have turned increasingly violent, now have anything to do with George Floyd. (Fox News, May 30, 2020)

“Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey added that most of the violent protesters aren’t residents of the city but instead people taking advantage of a situation and hellbent on fanning the flames of hate.”

Now that Gov. Walz has authorized ‘full mobilization’ of the state’s National Guard, admitting that the protests are no longer about the death of George Floyd, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison is telling George Floyd rioters to direct their anger at police and not the National Guard.

AG Keith Ellison’s Law: Target the Police

Is that because you can’t have anarchy, if police are still there protecting the public against it?

Isn’t that what #Black Lives Matter are all about?

“Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison told people rioting in the streets over the death of George Floyd to direct their frustration toward the Minneapolis Police Department rather than the National Guard. (Washington Examiner)

“I’d like everyone to recognize the fact that the National Guard just a week ago was administering COVID-19 tests to help people,” Ellison said during a press conference Friday. “The presence you see on the street, don’t react to them the way you might react to the Minneapolis Police Department. It’s not the same group. They have different leadership, different authority, and their job is to try to bring peace and calm back again. Please remember that this is not the group that you associate with unfair conduct.”

Like all treacherous progressives, Ellison cares—really cares—about the physical safety of the National Guard dispatched to keep the peace.

Ellison was ever more honest when he went on to postulate that riots, such as the one now unfolding in Minneapolis are how “the unheard get heard”.

“Don’t just dismiss that and ignore it and relegate it to just criminality and bad behavior,” he said. “Actually ask yourself what’s going on there.” (Washington Examiner)

“What’s going on there” is much easier to fathom when looking through the clouds of smoke from burning cities at something called ‘Resist the Radical Republican Agenda’,  the organizing force behind the “kill-all-cops”-screaming protesters.

According to their own home page, “Stop Republicans, an accountability project of Progressive Turnout Project, is a grassroots-funded effort dedicated to resisting the Republican Party and Donald Trump’s radical right wing agenda.”

PAID FOR BY STOP REPUBLICANS PAC (http://WWW.STOP-REPUBLICANS.ORG) AND NOT AUTHORIZED BY ANY CANDIDATE OR CANDIDATE’S COMMITTEE has been promoting itself for months with impunity on social media giant, Faceook:

“Stop Republicans, an accountability campaign of Progressive Turnout Project, is a grassroots-funded effort dedicated to resisting the Republican Party and Donald Trump’s radical right wing agenda”.

Our Team:


Harry Pascal, Founder of Progressive Turnout Project and affiliated organizations Progressive Takeover and Stop Republicans, has served as Treasurer and Senior Advisor to some of the most high-profile congressional campaigns in the country.

After spending more than 35 years as a practicing CPA, Harry began working in progressive politics, bringing his expertise to help campaigns strategically budget and plan. Harry received his B.B.A. from the University of Michigan and his M.S.T. from DePaul University.



Alex Morgan manages all aspects of Progressive Turnout Project’s organizing efforts as Executive Director for Progressive Turnout Project and affiliated organizations Progressive Takeover and Stop Republicans. Alex started his organizing career as a volunteer for Jennifer Granholm’s 2002 campaign for Michigan Governor. Since then, he has overseen grassroots efforts for presidential, congressional, state, and local campaigns. Alex received his B.A. in Political Science from Kalamazoo College and his M.A. in Urban Education from Cardinal Stritch University.



Brian Koppe oversees field programs and grassroots organizing for Progressive Turnout Project and affiliated organizations Progressive Takeover and Stop Republicans. He has spent his career campaigning for Democrats and promoting progressive causes to ensure government represents the needs of all citizens. With a decade of political experience, he has worked within state government, held leadership roles in federal, state, and local campaigns, and established a record of success managing highly competitive campaigns for progressive and union-backed candidates in the Midwest. He received his B.A. in Political Science from DePaul University.

What does want?

This is the message they sent out yesterday under “Resistance” Leader Barack Obama’s name:

“We need 100,000 Democrats in May to stand with Barack Obama and DEMAND Congress adopt Vote By Mail.”


“Listen: Barack Obama knows how to save our elections:

“Vote-by-Mail [is] the fastest and most convenient way to make your voice heard.” – President Barack Obama

“It’s the ONLY way to ensure high Voter Turnout, even through a crisis.

“So it’s the ONLY way to boost Democratic turnout and take down Trump!

“We need 100,000 Democrats to sign our petition right away.

“Voting by mail isn’t a novel idea in American elections.

“In fact, 3 states (Oregon, Washington, and Colorado) conduct EVERY election by mail!!

“Voting by mail brings an END to long lines, crowded polling places, and chaotic election-day issues. Republican voter suppression can’t affect the mail!

“That’s why President Obama is fighting for mail-in voting—he knows it’s our silver bullet against Trump and his cheating Republicans!!

“We’re BEGGING you: Take 30 seconds to add your name to our petition to DEMAND Vote by Mail


“Thanks for doing the right thing.”

The protests taking place in American cities as this article is being written is not about the tragic and unnecessary death of George Floyd.

It’s about “the silver bullet” Vote by Mail, brought to you by the same force that has been trying to deny the peoples’ vote of Election 2016 and has now come up with a new scam to guarantee the outcome of Election 2020.

In July 2008 then Senator Barack Obama said he wanted “a civilian national security force that’s just as powerful, just as strong, just as well-funded as the military”. (Canada Free Press, October 15, 2011)

If you look at what’s going on in burning American cities today, looks like America’s first Community Organizer president’s got it!

Anger Games Night 4 – Saturday Night Riots – Open Discussion Thread…

The riots, arson, looting and related violence has spread from Minneapolis Minnesota to many urban areas around the nation. From ground reports it appears Antifa groups (aka White ISIS) have organized for chaos in Minneapolis and beyond.

Democrat strongholds in Nashville (TN), Atlanta (GA), Chicago (IL), Washington DC, Houston (TX), New York City (NY), Los Angeles (CA), and other deep blue metropolitan areas are now seeing organized riots, anti-police violence and chaos organized by Antifa and elements within the Black Lives Matter groups.

Many people are calling for federal intervention; however, that type of confrontation is the intended goal of the social anarchy crowd. The leftist chaos is purposeful bait.

Politically speaking, the merging of Antifa (revolution communists) & Black Lives Matter (sub-text political Islam), has a purposeful agenda unknown to the standard brick thrower. Suburban white liberals, essentially modern affiliates of the former Bill Ayers Weather Underground, are the organizing entities. Most of the people on the street are oblivious.

Local authorities in/around the urban danger zones have the primary responsibility to maintain domestic tranquility. Federal intervention to replace local political ineptitude, and lack of desire to confront a crisis of their own creation, is short-sighted.

If local officials and/or state governors are not going to take action; factually they do not want to take action because they are fearful of backlash from their own tribe; then federal assistance doesn’t work. It is better for President Trump to watch from a distance and keep reminding the U.S. electorate how he supports, but will not replace, local officials.

The 2020 Anger Games were predictable.



CHAOS: Police officers dragged through the street in Chicago

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Angela Stanton King 🇺🇸@theangiestanton

People are waking up! This young man says these bricks were conveniently stacked on the sidewalk for them to use! What’s going on here?!

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AG Bill Barr Identifies Antifa Activists as Organizers of National Mob Violence, Looting and Arson…

Earlier today U.S. Attorney Bill Barr made a public statement about the George Floyd killing and the opportunistic mob violence that has taken place over the last three days. Within the statement the attorney general correctly identified Antifa as the primary organizing mob behind the riots, looting and mayhem.

[Transcript] – “The greatness of our nation comes from our commitment to the rule of law.

The outrage of our national community about what happened to George Floyd in Minneapolis is real and legitimate. Accountability for his death must be addressed, and is being addressed, through the regular process of our criminal justice system, both at the state and at the federal level. That system is working and moving at exceptional speed. Already initial charges have been filed. That process continues to move forward. Justice will be served.

Unfortunately, with the rioting that is occurring in many of our cities around the country, the voices of peaceful protest are being hijacked by violent radical elements.

Groups of outside radicals and agitators are exploiting the situation to pursue their own separate and violent agenda.

In many places, it appears the violence is planned, organized, and driven by anarchistic and far left extremists, using Antifa-like tactics, many of whom travel from out of state to promote the violence.

We must have law and order on our streets and in our communities, and it is the responsibility of the local and state leadership, in the first instance, to halt this violence. The Department of Justice (including the FBI, Marshals, ATF, and DEA), and all of our 93 U.S. Attorneys across the country, will support these local efforts and take all action necessary to enforce federal law.

In that regard, it is a federal crime to cross state lines or to use interstate facilities to incite or participate in violent rioting. We will enforce these laws.” (link)

Minnesota Governor Tim Walz said Saturday the majority of the people causing destruction in the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul are “outsiders.”

According to Walz, an estimated roughly 80% of the people acting violently and destroying businesses are from outside the state. “Our best estimate right now that I heard is about 20%, is what we think are Minnesotans, and about 80% are outside,” he said.

The governor said he believes Minnesota residents were the catalyst for protests, but that the situation has since evolved and grown violent. (link)  Additionally, the mayor of St. Paul noted that every person arrested last night was from out of town.

CBS News


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President Trump Impromptu Remarks Departing The White House…

Chopper pressers are the best pressers.  President Trump delivers remarks departing the White House to travel to Florida.  The President thanked the secret service agency for their actions securing the White House as organized Antifa riots, arson, looting and mayhem break out in every metropolitan area controlled by Democrats.


President Trump tweeted his review of the Antifa riots earlier today.

This Post Contains U Tube Videos on Bill Gates and his COVID virus that have been banned and/or taken down

We are at a crossroads between two visions for our country: path one, we follow those that want to keep us quarantined and the other path is the one where retrain the Republic and freedom. Path One is never good and Path Two is always good!

Path One is being orchestrated by Bill Gates though The Bill and Melisa Gates Foundation.

These Videos are all related to the Wuhan virus and how we, the citizens, are being mislead by the “experts” at the NIH and CDC and who are all controlled by Bill Gates and his money. What is happening today is an attempt to break the will of the American People so they can change us from a Constitutional Republic into a single party (Progressive) fascist state. And by the way there is no meaningful difference between Fascism and Marxism as in both systems the people are oppressed. The Democrat party is the progressive party and that is what they want! They want total control of the citizens!

The heading in black are for videos that are loaded on my blog so they should be there. The ones in Red are YouTube and so maybe be taken down at some time in the future. I will update the post as new information comes up and re-post.

Two Doctors Part One

Two Doctors Part Two

Nurse One

Nurse Two

Nurse Three

New York Doctor

Swedish Doctor

Professor Knut Wittkowski


Flu History (from CDC)

  • The Spanish Flu pandemic (1918-19) killed 675,000 Americans. Today: equates to a bit more than two milliondead.
  • The “Asian Flu” pandemic of 1957 killed116,000 Americans. Today: equates to approximately 223,000.
  • The “Hong Kong Flu” pandemic of 1968 killedat least 100,000 Americans. Today: equates to 164,915.
  • The H1N1 or “Swine Flu pandemic of 2009 killed 12,469 Americans.
  • The Normal flu 2010-2011 killed 37,000
  • The Normal flu 2011-2012 killed 12,000
  • The Normal flu 2012-2013 killed 43,000
  • The Normal flu 2013-2014 killed 38,000
  • The Normal flu 2014-2015 killed 51,000
  • The Normal flu 2015-2016 killed 23,000
  • The Normal flu 2016-2017 killed 38,000
  • The Normal flu 2017-2018 killed 61,000
  • The Normal flu 2018-2019 killed 34,157
  • The Normal flu 2019-2020 killed