Charlie LeDuff Video Highlights the GOP Disconnect via Vichy Republicanism at National Review…

This video is it — all that is wrong in a nut shell 6 minutes long — The elites have sold us down the river only so they could put a few dollars in their pockets. Well despite what they think; we know a lot more than they will ever know and the time has come to throw the bums out.

This post will show you what they have done to us.

In Two days on April 5th Wisconsin could help Make America Great Again!

Listen to this short 12 minutes speech by Stephen Miller which he gave  yesterday in Racine Wisconsin. Stephen was a former staff member of the Senator Jeff Sessions policy team and he joined the Trump campaign about a month ago. Speaking for Mr Trump as his senior policy advisor Stephen  gave this speech outlining the stakes in the 2016 presidential race which are so critical that they could literally be the the end of the country if we go not stop the Washington Cartel of which Senator Ted Cruz is a member in good standing.


Politically Correct Insanity

Political Correct

“The Associated Press Stylebook” lists all the “politically correct” terms you should use. The term “Islamist” is now defined as “An advocate or supporter of a political movement that favors reordering government and society in accordance with laws prescribed by Islam.” They go on to explain you should not use the term Islamic “fighters, militants, extremists, or radicals” and instead state “al-Qaida-linked, Hezbollah, Taliban, etc.”

Record Numbers of Americans Resigning Citizenship



The number of Americans resigning their citizenship has reached record highs. Americans were thrown out of everywhere after FATCA was enacted. Due to FATCA, foreign institutions must report anything an American is doing outside the country or that institution’s assets will be confiscated. I myself find it impossible to do business internationally as I used to, for no foreign bank will allow an American to open an account. FATCA just assumes anything anyone does outside the country is to hide money. Even entering a partnership overseas does not help for any American involvement triggers their reporting requirements to the USA. So while there may be a threshold of $50,000, the net impact is that no foreign institution is willing to take the risk so they simply refuse to allow Americans to open an account.

Political Change in 2020 or 2016



Dear Marty,

We are heading straight into the hurricane, and as you correctly say, there is no way of reversing the trend.

At this point, should Hillary (or Cruz for that matter) win the elections, she would have to face and preside over the coming inevitable crash and burn. This would be the only way for the silent majority to ultimately put a de facto blame on the establishment. The house of cards comes down all at once.

Wouldn’t at this point, from a timing perspective, be more logical that the 2020 elections (also ECM turning point) will be the right time and place for a third party candidate to emerge as we raise up from the ashes? Of course, since the Great Depression produced FDR, there is clearly a risk of a total opposite outcome: more establishment.



ANSWER: I think the 2020 target is too late. Keep in mind this was NOT me making a forecast. The computer projected a huge third party (anti-establishment) vote beginning in 2016. By the time we get to 2020, we may be looking at a complete revamp of the monetary system. On January 1, 2017, G20 begins sharing all info on everyone. They are collapsing the world economy and it really looks like things will go nuts in 2018.

Keep in mind that if the Republicans nominate anyone BUT Trump, it will prove that there is no right to vote. We may see a backlash begin and a sharp rise in third party candidates in Congress. By 2018, that looks revolutionary at the Congressional level. So it appears that Trump has the majority of delegates, but if they give it to Cruz or Romney holy hell will be unleashed for it will prove the system is corrupt.


Our computer models clearly favor a Republican victory this year. However, assuming the Republican Party self-destructs, they may very well hand this to Hillary. Trump would not really want to be president during this crash and burn. It is better that the establishment will not get to blame him for what they have caused.

PRESELECBy 2020, it just looks completely nuts. Here is our chart on this from 1995. We can see that the spike in the third party is rising. This is in line with the War Model that is projecting a rise in civil unrest. By 2032, the West should capitulate and the financial capitol of the world will move to Asia. China should bottom in 2020, so the other side of that target will be the rise of Asia. The damage we are looking at here is the collapse of socialism from Social Security to pensions.

Ironically, those in former communist regions are in better shape because they are far more self-sufficient than those in the West who still believe in government. From that perspective alone, those populations are not dependent upon government, which replaced the family structure in the West. What children today save to take care of their parents? That’s government’s job.

Odd Media Tremors Via DC/White House Might Indicate Benghazi Committee Wrapping Up?….

We all know that the State Department and the CIA were both involved with Turkey and other Sunni states to run weapons for Libya to the Islamic rebels in Syria. The plan was the CIA/State Department’s and the money was Arabic and the DOD had to have known about it as well. So we are lead to believe that Obama didn’t know anything about this — very hard to belief. Now why would they do this well my theory is that its to get Hillary off the hock for the Classified emails. She will claim that all of them that she saw were not classified and so if they really were then someone took them the classification off without her knowledge. So therefore Hillary and Barack were both innocence as this was a rough operation being run by maybe by the CIA without their knowledge. Clinton will be exonerated and that will be the end of the sordid mess. And if anyone actually beliefs any of this I’d like to make some deals with them.

Sometimes the Impossible Becomes Possible


hopeSome people can face adversity and others want to hide and pretend nothing is happening. What might seems to be impossible with respect to political reform to save our future, actually becomes entirely probable. What you have to grasp here is that the news may be negative. However, it is that negativity that finally lights that one remaining match creating an explosion. They say that HOPE is eternal; perhaps. But while I tried very hard to make a difference and work from the inside on Capitol Hill, it is true I gave up. What I saw led me to believe I was wasting my time and above all it was pointless.

RobberIf you are walking down the street and a guy comes up with a gun and says – Your money or your life? Do you begin to preach that it is illegal to have a gun without a license? Whatever the rules or law might be, such things are totally irrelevant. He has the gun and you do not.

I laugh at those who thing corporations are evil and ignore government. They are typically weak-minded and easily influenced by propaganda. I may not be a fan of NY Bankers who have engaged in manipulating markets and buying government to stay out of jail. But let’s make no mistake. They do not have the guns and tanks to rob us of our freedom. Only government can oppress the people by sheer force of arms. Nonetheless, politicians always blame the “rich” to get elected and never themselves.

Head in SandOur HOPE will be very simple. We have to CRASH AND BURN first. Without that pain, there is no reform and gain. Nobody will change anything before the system fails. It is unrealistic to see this message as BAD to justify hiding int the shadows. If you understand what is unfolding, the good news is you understand what the game is about and you can help in our time of need. We do not need someone hiding their head in the sand because if they do not comprehend how we have reached this point, they will be just blind fools handing more right to those who have created this nightmare. Therefore, what seems impossible (political reform) becomes possible only when the majority open their eyes.

Where does the Future Lie?



Are you more worried about a 1984 esque future or A Brave New World esque future?

Orwell_GeorgeANSWER: Unfortunately, the two go hand-in-hand. George Orwell simply too the past and laid out what government ALWAYS gravitates toward – total control. We live in a delusion with our brains filled with propaganda. Over the years, I have encountered comments from people who ask why would you want to live outside the USA? We are the greatest nation on earth! I typically reply, have you ever traveled outside the country? The response is telling: No. What’s the point? Perhaps I am the doubting Thomas. I went through Check-Point Charlie into East Germany before the Wall Fell because I really wanted to see what was true and what was false. You cannot just accept the indoctrination of society and it is systemic.
So what George Orwell wrote was not pure fiction any more than Star Wars is based on nothing. Star Wars is the epic battle between the Republic and Imperialism that dominated the Roman period going into the 1st Century AD. They just changed it to planets and updated the swords to light sabers. In the case of Orwell, he took history and postulated what would happen in a modern context. He was only off in terms of technology advancement.

PASSPORT ROMANSo to bottom line is both will unfold. However, you cannot reach the second without causing pain with the first. With the NSA and socialism, you have seen terrorism used as the excuse to further the control of society so we cannot buy or sell anything ultimately without government approval. The IRS can revoke your passport is it even THINKS you owe then $50,000 in taxes, fines, or penalties. You cannot travel on a train, plain, or ship no less stay in a hotel without providing photo ID or in many cases possess a passport. So why do we need a passport to travel which can be revoked if we owe taxes? Well, passports were invented by the Romans and appeared in the 3rd Century AD when government was in fiscal ruin. If everything was the Roman Empire, what was the purpose of a passport? It was to prove you paid your taxes and were free to travel.

Crash & BurnHistory repeats because the passions of humanity never change from one century to the next. We MUST move closer to absolute oppression in order for the silent majority to get angry and demand change. So until that tipping point is reached, be prepared for losing any concept of a human right you thought you once had. We are not living the “dream” but the nightmare of history. Only when it gets bad enough will we see the change toward the light of the second. Hence, this is why I do what I do and it is why I say we first must Crash & Burn. Open you eyes. It is happening. If you understand the pattern, you will survive. If you want to leave a better world for your children, that is ONLY possible by identifying the trend in order to change it. History is our map to the future.

The Day They Stopped Laughing…

This is a very good summary of where we are and why we are here; keep in mind that if trump is not the republican nominee or not elected to the Presidency because the RNC/GOPe supports Hillary the republican Party will suffer the same fate as did the Democrat Party back then — which broke then until the rise of Wilson and FDR which put the big government people back in power. Since we are now in a time similar to that prior to the civil war it’s only logical that there is another civil war coming during the term of the next President.

What Makes a Person a Slave?

There are multiple ways to become a slave such as from the spoils of war where the conquered people were take by the conquerors and made to work for them for short or long periods of time. One could also be born into this condition my having a mother that was also a slave. In either method of becoming a slave 100% of your toil belonged to your owner or master whom in turn allowed you to keep a very small amount to live on. So a fair definition of being a slave was how much of your toil you can keep and obviously if you keep less the half you are more slave than free.

Slavery is not practical today because of technology and the fact that salves are not all that productive as they have no incentive to work hard for obvious reasons. So today the rulers have to find other ways to get their slaves to work for them. One way is to create the illusion of freedom and that is the method currently (past 50 years) being implemented in Western Civilization which consists of the: European Union, Great Britain, the United States, Canada, Mexico and most of Central and southern America. However this is a diverse list of countries and most are not actually democracies even though they claim they are.

The reason they are not free and may actually be more slave than free is that most, if not all, have effective tax rates close to  50% or more of their hours worked. These taxes are in many forms from simple sales taxes though special taxes like that on gasoline and other forms of energy to Income taxes. But most forget that companies that make things and provide services to you must also pay taxes on property inventory and profits which are all passed on to consumers through higher prices that the companies must charge to consumers or go out of business.  When all the taxes are added up the Tax load on the consumers in the United States today is probably over $6.0 trillion dollars which is around 36% of the GDP of the country.

So one could say that what is the problem we are only 36% slave and 64% free and that would be mostly true; however the problem with this simple view is that the various governments have promised things beyond what they can pay for, especially the federal government, so they borrow money and as they borrow more and more they pull money out of the private sector which puts a drag on growth which than forces the government to borrow more and we have been in this cycle for almost 20 years now. Social Security and other entitlements both public and private will drive the effective tax load over 50% before 2020 unless the process can be stopped. There is only one way to stop this conversion of a free people into debt slaves to their governments and that is to elect Donal J. Trump President of the United States.

The truth of this statement is in the introduction given to Mr. Trump at his rally at the Cleveland I-X center at the Cleveland airport on March 12, 2016 by Pastor Darrell Scott of New Spirit Revival Center Ministries who being of African decent knows what the yoke of slavery is better than most and so when a man like this sees the truth in the direction we are going in I would say that we need to listen to him very closely. Although the Democrat’s have been the worst at enslaving us the current crop of elected republicans are not any better and so as Trump runs his campaign he is attacked very hard by his parties operators and donors in an attempt to prevent him from gaining the nomination of his party. Do not let this happen or you will be a debt slave to the various world governments by 2020.

Listen to what Pastor Scott as to say and I would do as he recommends if I were you.