What does Ferguson mean, beyond jeering at the bad guys? What does it tell us about America?

Decent analytical work here although i would not agree with all of it, it is work reading.

The hard part in any analysis is sorting out the facts and fictions which is harder today with the web in many aspects. If you understand that there are no good governments and all governments serve themselves and that if the cross over into a large enough body occurs then they control the information flow; after that you can only sometimes get to the truth.

I come from a science engineering background where facts matter and found it difficult to understand politics, at first, since facts become a variable depending on only the motives of the politicians. This forced be to go back to the beginnings of Western civilization and read a lot of books on political philosophy and economics. It took a dozen years to get through it all so that what I was seeing made sense.

The beginnings of all that is wrong day stem from only two events one the assassination of president Kennedy and the rise of President Johnson; and two the Rio de Janeiro conference on the environment in 1972 which lead to the adoption of UN Agenda 21. Once the ramifications of those two events are fully understood and only then can what is going on today be fully appreciated. The manipulation of history is part of this such that the old saying of if you don’t understand history you are doomed to repeat it is very very true!

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Summary:  Let’s skip the good guy – bad guy blather about Ferguson. What does it reveal about America? About us? Much of use to those who rule America, and to those who would change it. The next post discusses what it means to everybody else. First of two posts today.

{Y}ou didn’t come here to make the choice, you’ve already made it. You’re here to try to understand *why* you made it. I thought you’d have figured that out by now.
— The Oracle in “The Matrix Reloaded”

Victory by the 1% Victory by the 1%


  1. The inevitable Ferguson
  2. The gods grant the 1% a gift: stupid foes
  3. Putting Ferguson in a broader context
  4. The system worked as it’s designed to work
  5. For More Information


(1)  The inevitable Ferguson

Social tensions in America grow as income growth grinds to a halt for the bottom 80% (and drops for the bottom 60%), the…

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