The UN is not Americas friend.


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Trump sends SERIOUS warning to UN
March 30, 2017

President Donald Trump’s Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley just delivered a chilling message to the U.N., declaring herself the “new sheriff in town.”
And the Trump administration is not interested in taking prisoners.

Haley told an audience at the Jewish AIPAC Conference in Washington,D.C. Monday that “the days of Israel-bashing are over” at the United Nations.
“I’m not there to play,” the former South Carolina governor said, “and what I wanted to make sure of was that the United States started leading again.”

A refreshing new outlook from the Obama administration’s roll-over, apologetic approach.
“There are a lot of threats to peace and security, but you are not going to take our number one Democratic friend in the Middle East (Israel) and beat up on them,” she declared.
She also displayed her tough attitude on Iran and the…

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