McCain is sliding deeper and deeper into the swamp

Our nation’s political process is under siege and the coup is being led by the corrupt main stream media and the big government progressives on the left. The political cowards that make up the Republican establishment also deserve credit for their part in this attack on our freedom. It has become clear that the once peaceful transition of power enjoyed by our country no longer exists.

As he promised President Trump remains focused on making America great again. Economic confidence is soaring as the president repeals job killing regulations enacted by Barack Obama. Illegal border crossings are down 60% and sanctuary cities will finally be forced to pay for their crimes. With Neil Gorsuch ready to assume his seat on the Supreme Court our Constitution is more secure and the rule of law will once again prevail.

Having said that, President Trump should use caution when calling out the conservative wing of the House of Representatives. The media, the Democrats and the Washington establishment are his enemies, not the Freedom Caucus. These are principled members of Congress who were instrumental in delivering historic Republican victories in 2010 and 2014. They were early supporters of Donald Trump when the Republican establishment was nowhere to be seen. These are legislators who want their President to succeed and had nothing to do with the poorly written and ill-conceived health care legislation. What sense does it make to replace a horrible health care law, Obamacare, that is completely owned by the Democrats with a horrible health care law completely owned by Republicans. It would be a political blunder to let Democrats off the hook that easily.

The Freedom Caucus understands that they won’t end up with everything they want. They also understand that as a party they need to present something that actually repeals Obamacare. Why was there such a rush put on this all important legislation? Why the deadline and why no input from conservatives? This could eventually still be a win. Congress needs to get back to work and come up with a better deal for the American people.

The Freedom Caucus should be commended for the political courage they have displayed. Unlike the DC establishment these are not the folks that populate the swamp President Trump promised to drain. These are the patriots that will help him drain it.

Jeff Longo
North Royalton

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