Tucker Carlson: ‘Our Laws Provide No Serious Protection From Being Spied Upon for Political Reasons’

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Tucker Carlson tackled the subject of Susan Rice and privacy this evening — drawing a red line in the sand — proclaiming that ‘our laws provided no serious protections from being spied on for political reasons.’

Can anyone make an argument proving this to be a false statement?

All too often, lazy thinkers conclude that it is the right of government to spy on its citizens. Perhaps that is the case in Saudi Arabia or Canada, but it’s not supposed to be that way here. Either the promotional propaganda that lauds America’s democracy as being the ideal for representative forms of government are true or they aren’t. Providing the latter prevails, as it is now, no one will ever believe in the dream that was democracy — thanks to a cadre of corrupt mountebanks who’ve abused the goodwill of the American people and its systems for purposes of self-aggrandizement and a prevailing bias that wantonly eschews the liberty of its citizens — superseded only by a craven and insatiable appetite for power.

Content originally published at iBankCoin.co

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