Krauthammer: Susan Rice appears to be contradicting herself

Rice is a Demorat she will never be held responsible for anything that she did. If they couldn’t go have Hillary how can they go after anyone?

tomfernandez28's Blog


Krauthammer is a genius. im not. even i know rice is lying. ps: cnn is hitler
Jake Smith
Susan Rice will use the Hillary defense…INTENT.
molly bird
Democrats are the Cucks of islam.
How is the Russian collusion story legit when there is no evidence?
There will be inquiry and questions but nothing will happen. The left gets pass after pass because they have the press, college campuses, Hollywood, culture, votes from most immigrants and the financial institutions. They win and we loose. Sacrifice soon will be our only alternative.
The News Media is nothing but a Nest of LIARS! They are Communist! Master Controlled! They PIMP OUT their Propaganda to their TV Host WHORES who sell their SOULS to have their faces on TV. They take what…

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