Special Report: CNN Rolls Around In Its Own Filth


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CNN and its co-conspirators have backed themselves into a corner

Jon Bowne | Infowars.com – April 8, 2017

In the court of public opinion, the entire sycophantic Obama-nized media has decided to continue lying in the filthy bed they made for themselves after cozying up to the ever-so-charming, Constitution-subverting former President Barack Obama.

A vast majority of Americans have truly had enough of the blatant disinformation.

This is a call to politicians, bureaucracies, law enforcement – basically those of you still out there fighting the good fight in your own little way – to finally pull the plug on this propaganda mutation inhabiting your television.

Open your doors to a whole new wave of media seeking the truth for truth’s sake.

Also, check out – Escalation: US Media Calls For War With Russia

And, How To Recognize War Propaganda

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