#Vault7: WikiLeaks release shows CIA ‘Grasshopper’ used stolen ‘Russian mafia’ malware

The CIA really does need to be rained in!

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WikiLeaks has released the fourth part of ‘Vault 7’, named ‘Grasshopper’, the latest in a series of leaks detailing alleged CIA hacking techniques. It details malicious software WikiLeaks claims was taken from “suspected Russian organized crime.”


The latest release consists of 27 documents WikiLeaks claims come from the CIA’s ‘Grasshopper framework’, a platform for building malware for use on Microsoft Windows operating systems.

Screenshot 2017-04-07 11.29.05

In a statement from WikiLeaks, ‘Grasshopper’ was described as providing the CIA with the ability to build a customized implant which will behave differently, depending on the security capabilities of a computer.

Screenshot 2017-04-07 11.30.27

According to WikiLeaks, Grasshopper performs “a pre-installation survey of the target device, assuring that the payload will only [be] installed if the target has the right configuration.”

This allows CIA operators to detect if a target device is running a specific version of Microsoft…

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