President Trump Directs AG Sessions To Target MS13 Criminal Gangs…

This is really quite incredible and I’m not sure if I can do justice to the significance of it.  Earlier today President Trump directly called out President Obama for the explosion of MS13 gang violence.

President Trump is 100% correct in doing this.

It was President Obama’s Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) Program that created the policy vehicle for Central American gang members to deliver their MS13 foot soldiers into the U.S.

Take a close look at the following three graphics.  The first is a graphic of the ICE offices with multiple arrests of MS13 gang members:

The second graphic is from our previous deep research into the distribution of President Obama’s UAC immigration program:

Notice the similarity?

Now take a look at the countries of UAC origination:

The evidence is overwhelming.  It is beyond refute, the Obama UAC program is what led to the explosion of Central American MS13 members into the United States.

Now the job falls to Attorney General Jeff Sessions to capture these violent criminals.  In a great interview with Tucker Carlson AG Sessions explains his approach:

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