The Game Plan of C-Span

March 12, 2018

By Tabitha Korol

C-Span has a dedicated propagandist program that reaches millions of viewers.  It works on the basis of having the viewing audience call in, vilifying Israel or world Jewry, for all the world to hear, while the host broadcasters remain silent and blameless.  The accusations go unopposed, the lies unchallenged, the slander uncensored, and the audience has digested a full dose of uninterrupted, unexpurgated hate speech against Israel, with defamation of the US for our friendship with the sole middle-eastern democracy that shares our values.  So Islam and the left, the enemies of Jews and Christians worldwide, have their own kind of Lord Haw-Haw, the Fascist mouthpiece of World War II, protected from all censure.  The callers should be screened out and the hosts should be ethical and better informed to disallow the vilification and falsehoods.

Here are just a few of about one hundred damaging comments by callers in 2017, to which the journalists were either silent, ineffective or in agreement.

  • 12/23, “Israel attacked the USS Liberty to get the US into a war with Egypt; I really don’t think that it is a really good ally.  Who knows whether they (Israel) coaxed us into war with Iraq and Syria.”  This is a persistent false accusation.  Numerous inquiries and reports have concluded that the Israelis could not properly identify the ship in international waters and had reason to fear an Egyptian attack.  It was human error.  Israel apologized for the harm, and paid millions in compensation to the US government, as well as to the wounded and to families of the men killed.
  • 12/06, “Truman took the European Jews and set them right on top of the Palestinians, now that is our problem today.”  The historical connection and legal rights, by international law, of the Jewish people in all of Palestine were defined in 1922 by the League of Nations Mandate for Palestine, the name used by the Romans.  The identification, “Palestinians,” was fabricated in 1967 after the Arabs lost their aggressive war against Israel; the myth of an ancient Arab link to the land was created to undermine Israel and is part of their world jihad, holy war, and al-hijrah, conquest by migration.
  • 11/09, “The best way to stop terrorism [in the world] is to get control of Israel.”  Islamic terrorism is mandated in their scriptures and terrorists have carried out more than 32,651 deadly terror attacks since 9/11 to date, March ’18.  The persecution and killing of Muslims by other Muslims is a severe problem throughout the world.  Israel is the only country in the Middle East where Muslims live in peace and thrive, and this caller has given voice to making Israel the problem.
  • 05/10, “Basically what we’re doing over there in the Middle East is taking care of Israel – we are in like a proactive war for Israel. They do absolutely nothing as far as the Coalition is concerned and we give them money and arms and they still don’t help us.”  America does not protect Israel; the annual aid helps Israel purchase weaponry for its own defense, much made in America, keeping our manufacturing humming and our workers paid, and it is far less costly than deploying US troops to protect other US allies.  Considered the “policeman of the world,” Israel provides us with invaluable intelligence to fight terrorism, combat-tests weapons and makes beneficial modifications. We benefit from their superior innovation and creativity, frontline of defense, cutting-edge technology in agriculture, cyber-security, medicine, military, and in water technology to Third-world countries and California; they deal with Islamic countries so we can concentrate on North Korea.  Israel’s First Responders helped us track the Boston Marathon bombers; helped with California and Texas floods, Mexico and Haiti after their earthquakes, Japan after their tsunami, and provided post-trauma training to Parkland community members.  Our biggest high-tech companies depend on a strong, independent Israel.
  • 04/20, “Hamas, Hezbollah, these are the people who are Palestinians just trying to get their country back. It’s not a difficult situation at all.  My opinion is – it is not Israel, it’s occupied Palestine. China has North Korea.  Russia has Syria. We have Israel.”   There is/was no “occupied” or “country” of “Palestine”; it was a pejorative name given by the Romans against the Jews. There was never a government, constitution, monetary system, language, culture, art, architecture or literature unique to Palestinian people. The Arabs identified as The Arabs identified as southern Syrians until they assumed the name Palestinians after losing their aggressive war in 1967, to create for themselves a bond to the land. A Jewish kingdom existed in the land between 1050 and 930 BCE and a Jewish presence for 3,000 years.  The Balfour Declaration (1917), San Remo Conference (1920), the League of Nations (1920), carved out the Palestine Mandate for the Jewish homeland; Israel was established as the Jewish state (1948) with Jewish majority on purchased, settled land, with full civil, political and cultural rights to all its minorities.
  • 04/07, “But the United States didn’t have any problem with Israel killing 3,000 people in Gaza. I mean, we have also to look at our own government where we’re poisoning our own people in Michigan.”  Where are the bodies to support this outrageous statement?  These are blatant lies and defamation against Israel and America, said out of sheer ignorance, with no one to refute the malicious condemnations.
  • 03/04, “I am strongly opposed to Israeli policy towards Palestinians.  Why is it I am constantly labeled as anti-Semitic?”  Palestinians who live peacefully within Israel are treated equally to other Israeli citizens under the law, but Palestinians are teaching hate of Jews; encouraging stabbing and throwing stones and bombs at Israeli targets; demanding land to which they have no DNA connection, archaeological or historical evidence of attachment as have the Jews.  Palestinians, like other Arabs, are pursuing jihad just as Muslims are overtaking many of Europe’s countries.  The caller is justly labeled anti-Semitic for demonizing and delegitimizing Jews within their own country, but not condemning the Muslims who are invading and attacking the people of other countries.
  • 03/03, “[Israel’s Prime Minister] Benjamin Netanyahu hated President Obama. I don’t think it was because of him being President. It was because of his color. That is one thing we have to deal with.”  Israel is home to Jews of every country of origin and color skin, from Africa, China, and more.  Israel rescued dark-skinned Ethiopian Jews to Israel, in Operation Solomon.

C-Span has repeatedly aired events that denigrate America and Israel, such as Noura Erakat of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee in September, known Louis Farrakhan in November, and propagandist Salam Al-Marayati of the Muslim Public Affairs Council in December. They primarily concentrate on resistance to Jews in Israel and the West Bank (Judea, Samaria), and the ethnic cleansing of Jews from their historic homeland.  The Cable-Satellite network continues to air Palestinian propaganda films as factual, and hosted Palestinian panelists who spread anti-Israel propaganda.

C-Span is wreaking harm against Israel and America by providing the venue for the fueling of hate against these keepers of the world’s moral clarity and tricking the uninformed to support the aspirations of totalitarianism to their own detriment.  How does such an organization take it upon itself to work against the very survival of democracy and their own descendants!  If C-Span and Time Warner Cable cannot stop their unprofessionalism and hate mongering and police themselves, perhaps it is time for Congress to step in.


One comment on “The Game Plan of C-Span

  1. Centinel2012, U make many valid points, so i hope that U are not being pestered and attacked by the vile fascists of the left for stating the truth. the constitution is tottering, and the hard left is salivating as it sees its chances of enslaving the free people of the u.s., and the world, increase by the day. half the voting u.s. population apparently sees no problem with shutting down discussion by shouting down speakers and making physical attacks on their supporters; if the tactics of brownshirts are now socially acceptable, it will very soon be easy for the hard left to hammer its fragmented opposition and seize power.

    i found it hard to believe that people who are successful at manipulating other people – politicians – could almost to a man be unaware of the tenets of islam. most of the ignorance can be excused; i, too, was completely in the dark until the past few years, and just assumed that others had already checked it out and found it safe. after all, were it really dangerous, somebody would have said something by now, especially after 9/11. i made a stab after that date at understanding islam, but only tried to read the quran, which i found to be mostly incomprehensible. that was because i expected some kind of a narrative from it, not realizing that it was the word of allah *only* (although i later learned that allah slipped a couple of times and somehow spoke in muhammed’s voice). i was also unaware that islamic scripture also includes collections of hadith (stories about muhammed and the first muslims, called his “companions”) and the “sirat rasul allah,” the lost biography of muhammed by ibn ishaq, as preserved in the large extracts from it made by ibn hisham and al tabari.

    but ignorance only works as an excuse for a while; once one discovers that one is unaware of something, an attempt should be made to learn about it. if only to protect innocent muslims who are being unmercifully persecuted, a real leader would make certain that one or more subordinates learned about islam and generated an authoritative report about it; if it were found to be just another religion, the report could refute those who were unjustly attacking islam. if, OTOH, islam were found to be dangerous, it would be a good thing to know. i have seen no such authoritative report, but even so, its absence means only that it has not yet been produced, not that it cannot be produced.

    what turned me was finding out that all over eurabia, government officials were not only covering for muslims, they were criminalizing the simple act of speaking out against islam. speaking against other religions is permitted (especially christianity), but the religion of pieces must not be attacked. fakebook, googevil, notube, and twister have all acquiesced in silencing attacks on islam on that benighted continent. worse yet, they are actively silencing those who dare to speak against islam here in the u.s. at one time, liberals detested the speech of nazis and kluxers, but supported their right to spew their vile hatred, because if liars and thugs could speak freely, those with good ideas could certainly do so; now they only believe in freedom of *correct* speech, and its corollary, the punishment of incorrect speech.

    how could this have happened? it’s actually pretty straightforward. the hard left seized control of university and college campuses in the u.s. in the late 1960s and the early 1970s, and spread their control in subsequent years all the way through primary education. children are no longer taught critical thinking, except when absolutely necessary, as in math and the sciences, with memorization of leftist pap replacing it. few understand that the whole reason for the 2nd amendment was to ensure that the populace, which had only 4 years earlier finished a shooting war with The Authorities, could use those arms to protect themselves from the government; shooting dinner was a very important alternate use of weapons, but secondary nonetheless. nobody has time to go back to first principles to figure out every controversy, but today, those who dare to question what they are told to believe by the thought leaders of the left are harassed and driven from public stage.

    at some point in the decades since the 1960s, the hard left, knowing that they had little chance to win an election in the u.s., attacked us with a 2-pronged approach. as mentioned, they extended their tentacles throughout the education establishment, corrupting future generations of americans before they became adults, but they also stumbled across the fact that pious muslims were more than willing to die disrupting non-muslim societies through mass murder and rape, among other horrifying crimes (although hard-core leftists have admired islam for a very long time). since the hard left has almost always only been able to take control of governments when society was in great flux and chaos, they have begun covering for pious muslims, who may then work at the destruction of the republic with impunity. once it is no longer possible to carry out the ordinary tasks of daily life without taking one’s life in one’s hands, the general public will be more than willing for the government to declare martial law. since half of the citizens of the u.s. are now divorced from freedom, adhering to a philosophy that is marxist (or fascist, given their behavior) in all but name, the government, drawn from that pool of citizens, is guaranteed to be at least half leftist; the 8 years of the obama administration gave hard-core leftists (led by mr. obama, an alinskyite leftist) plenty of time to purge the ranks of the civil service of those thinking incorrect thoughts, so that the bureaucracy is most likely far more than half leftist. if the government leaders are unwilling to accede to the creation of a people’s republic, they can be assassinated and replaced with those who are more sympathetic to the cause. the intended end is, of course, seizure of control of the u.s. government. they might not actually declare a people’s republic, but that will be the net effect. and after 20 or so years, they’ll safely be able to call it what it is.

    what they have overlooked is that pious muslims are not the average bear. they have no intention of letting leftists push them to the side after society begins to collapse; instead, they will initially agitate and attempt to get sharia accepted as law, much as they have in aceh state in indonesia, with the eventual aim of forcing society at large to submit is islamic rule. of course leftists will try to eliminate their muslim “problem” with the usual solution of hard-core leftists, which is mass murder; conveniently, muslims congregate in neighborhoods, so the military can be used to surround the neighborhoods and slaughter all who are found therein. unfortunately for the leftists, they will likely encounter some resistance from the military; although they will be nominally leftist, like the population from which they are drawn, they will *not* be hard-core and ready to murder unarmed civilians, even if ordered to do so. some neighborhoods will no doubt be murdered, however, but the word will get out, and the hordes of “moderate” muslims – those who don’t currently do jihad – will suddenly get that old-time religion. instead of being faced with a few thousand (or hundred-thousand) pious muslims, all anxious to kill kuffar to guarantee entrance into jannah, they will be up against *millions* of suddenly-pious muslims who have found the error of their ways, and who will now be willing to fight and murder kuffar. pious muslims have been committing mass murder for *centuries* longer than leftists, and in muslim-majority nations, the slaughter only stopped for 150 years or so; my money would be on the muslims, were only leftists and muslims in this fight.

    the vast majority of americans, neither hard-core leftist nor muslim, will be in the fight as well, however, so once the civil war begins, those of us who recognize the deadly danger from both the left and from islam need to be ready to show the truth to those of our fellow citizens who have been blinded by the left for decades. it is always a difficult decision to decide to rebel against the government, especially when we as a free people have governed ourselves for so long; witness the discomfort of men like robert e. lee when that time came for them. we, at least, will not likely face the same painful decision, because the rebellion will begin when the left and the ummah begin fighting one another. we need only to scrupulously obey the law (since we are supposed to be a nation governed by laws, not men) until fighting breaks out, setting aside arms and ammunition for self-defense in the meantime.

    i am a born-again christian, and my Savior wants me to love all men, not attempt to kill them. this is a God-sized problem into which we and our parents have put ourselves, and only God can fix it. i am on my knees before Him, praying that He does some mighty act that will turn our nation back to Him, and bring the 1.6 billion muslims of the world, all victims of a lie and members of a pirate cult, back into His loving arms. until that happens, i will be looking out for my family, my community, and the tatters of my nation, trying to hold everything together.


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