NBC Report on Cohen Wiretaps Confirms Prior Information – Mueller Investigation Took Over FBI Counterintelligence Operation…

A report by NBC that Michael Cohen’s phones and email accounts are being “wiretapped” and under surveillance by Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation unit has gained attention today.  However, there should be no real surprise in the reporting.

When the special counsel was initiated and authorized by Rod Rosenstein, there was a transfer of investigative authority from the FBI to Robert Mueller.  This is the underpinning of the “Insurance Policy”, as originally begun via the original FISA surveillance warrant granted in October of 2016.  The only thing that changed was who was conducting the investigation.

The appointment of the Special Counsel merely transferred the ongoing investigation from inside the FBI counterintelligence unit (Page, Strzok, Ohr, Priestap, etc.) to Robert Mueller (Aaron Zelby, Andrew Weissman, etc.).  The ongoing SC (Mueller) investigation is identical in every way, sans the name changed for the participants.  The current Mueller investigation is the same one initiated by the FBI in 2016; that is what is hidden in the redactions of instructions by Rod Rosenstein. (See pdf below):



For some reason people thought the surveillance of the Trump campaign, began under the auspices of an FBI counterintelligence investigation -that began in July 2016, and gained retroactive legal authority in October 2016- ended.  It didn’t.

The appointment of the Special Counsel was then (’17), and is now (’18), all part of the continued surveillance of President Trump and all of the officials associated with the Trump administration.  This was the “small group” plan all along in the event that Donald Trump was to win the election.

Today’s report of the wiretapping of Michael Cohen is nothing more than a discovery of the existence of the ongoing “insurance policy”; started in 2016 as an operation to conduct political surveillance of a campaign; continuing in 2018 as an operation to conduct political surveillance of an administration.

The original 2016 FBI Counterintelligence Operation against Trump never ended.  It still goes on today.  The only thing that changed was the entities conducting the investigation.

The FBI “small group” handed-off their work to Robert Mueller’s team, and the exact same operation continues today.  This is what Peter Strzok previously described as the “insurance policy”.

The “insurance policy” was gaining legal authority via the FISA Court in 2016, to conduct a counterintelligence operation against Donald Trump.  That investigation, the insurance policy, has never ended.   Hence:

(Via NBC) Federal investigators have wiretapped the phone lines of Michael Cohen, the longtime personal lawyer for President Donald Trump who is under investigation for a payment he made to an adult film star who alleged she had an affair with Trump, according to two people with knowledge of the legal proceedings involving Cohen.

It is not clear how long the wiretap has been authorized, but NBC News has learned it was in place in the weeks leading up to the raids on Cohen’s offices, hotel room, and home in early April, according to one person with direct knowledge.

At least one phone call between a phone line associated with Cohen and the White House was intercepted, the person said.

Previously, federal prosecutors in New York have said in court filings that they have conducted covert searches on multiple e-mail accounts maintained by Cohen.  (read more)

Make sense now?

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