Trey Gowdy Praises DOJ/FBI Efforts During Spygate: “FBI Did Exactly What President Trump Asked Them To Do”…

Never, ever, ever trust a member of the Washington DC UniParty.  Write it down; underline it; stick a reminder on your bathroom mirror -if needed- in order to see it when you brush your teeth twice daily; do what ever it takes not to forget the fundamental aspect to avoid consigning yourself to a life of ‘Battered Conservative Syndrome‘.

As much as this video might make a blood-pressure-cuff explode, it is important to see, and remind yourself, exactly how corrupt DC politicians are.  This is exhibit #1 in professional UniParty gaslighting.  Please force yourself to stay with it:


Pretty stunning huh? Move along,… move along,… nothing to see here folks….

Mr. Gowdy’s parseltongue, obfuscation and deliberate conflation of events in an effort to cover for the Deep State operation is stunning.   Notice how Gowdy intentionally conflates statements given by President Trump to FBI Director James Comey, with activity that took place a year beforehand?   He’s gaslighting to protect the swamp.  Nothing more.

There’s a reason why U.S. Chamber of Commerce purchased Trey Gowdy is retiring. It’s the same reason why Trey Gowdy endorsed and supported his ‘friend’ Marco Rubio in 2016. Think about the bigger aspect to the big picture surrounding Spygate.  Donald Trump was/is an existential threat to the professional political class.

While most people focus on the Obama administration’s corrupt intent in Spygate, and there is every reason so do so, don’t forget this was an enterprise fully supported by both wings of the professional political class, republicans and democrats. Remember, it was Paul Singer, Rubio’s billionaire backer, who originally funded the FusionGPS opposition research that Hillary Clinton eventually took over.

As previously stated, the most corrupt committee in congress is the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee, it is the place where DC puts the swamp scandals that need to be diffused, obfuscated, delayed and eventually forgotten….

….Affectionately called the “Chaff and Countermeasures” committee.

Fast and Furious investigation – – IRS Targeting investigation  – – Benghazi investigation

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