Former DOJ, FBI and Intelligence Officials Positioning For Devastating IG Report…

Many people have noted the bizarre number of former Obama Administration DOJ, FBI and Intelligence Community officials who have gone to work within the U.S. media apparatus in order to protect their interests.

Former CIA Director John Brennan now working for NBC; former DNI James Clapper now working for CNN; former FBI Chief Legal Counsel James Baker now working for Lawfare blog; former FBI Supervisory Special Agent Josh Campbell now working for CNN; former Obama adviser Ben Rhodes now working for MSNBC…. the list goes on. All motives transparently political.

Notably absent, the hiring of any actual journalists.

All of these pre-positioned forces are defensive in nature. All of their collective narrative constructs stem from a self-preservation instinct. The U.S. media has imploded onto itself and devolved into an Kafkaesque assembly political narrative engineers churning out fake news 24/7.

What we are now witnessing is something far beyond Prava and Baghdad Bob. What we now see is an even more severe distortion of media; an alternate reality created as if the Stasi and Tokyo Rose joined forces to take control of U.S. broadcasts.

If the head of the KGB was an analyst for Russia Today, people would laugh. The New York Times would continue pointing at the example as a reason never to believe the stories. Yet, identically, former CIA Director John Brennan is on TV daily and almost no-one gives it a second thought.

A surreal distortion of reality, hence Kafkaesque.

Cue today’s audio visual demonstration.

Former FBI Supervisory Special Agent Josh Campbell, now a CNN analyst, steps to the forefront along with Deep State media guards at the New York Times and Washington Post, to pre-position the FBI defense in advance of the Inspector General Report:

(Campell Tweet LinkZapotosky Tweet LinkUnderlying WaPo Story Link)

Emphasis mine:

(Via Washington Post) Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz recently summoned an FBI agent important to the probe of Russian interference in the 2016 election for an interview. His investigators wanted to know how the bureau came to surveil a former Trump campaign adviser, and in particular, the chronology of events that led them to seek a secret court order to do so.

As the Justice Department’s internal affairs cop, this is the sort of work Horowitz does: investigating the investigators. In that role, he has suddenly found himself in the political spotlight, a potentially decisive voice in the partisan controversies over the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s use of a private email server when she was secretary of state, and its subsequent probe of the Trump campaign and Russia.

In the coming weeks, Horowitz is expected to release a nearly 500-page report criticizing the Justice Department and FBI for their handling of the Clinton email investigation, people familiar with the matter said. They, like others in this report, spoke on the condition of anonymity to speak frankly about matters they are not authorized to discuss publicly. Meanwhile, he has intensified his review of the Russia investigation, interviewing the FBI agent who once led the case and inviting him back for a second conversation, one of these people said.

Those who know Horowitz say his findings will be as nonpartisan as they are thorough. But his work is almost certain to be weaponized by President Trump against federal law enforcement, and some question whether it will quell the tension gripping Washington.

“He’s going to be unflappable, he’s going to be apolitical, he’s going to call it like he sees it,” said Mary Jo White, a former U.S. attorney in the Southern District of New York who supervised Horowitz when he worked there.

She added: “I think the public should have a very high degree of confidence in whatever he finds. Now, that’s a different question than, ‘How will it be received?’ ” (read more)

Well, those outlined interviews describe IG Horowitz looking into the FISA abuse scandal at the heart of SpyGate; and we all know who the re-re-re-re-interviewed FBI Agent is, don’t we:

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