Chairman Devin Nunes Discusses Trey Gowdy, Spygate, Five-Eyes, the IG Report, and the Mirrored Rabbit Hole….

Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes appeared earlier today on Fox News with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the ongoing aspects of Spygate etc.  WATCH:


As CTH shared over a week ago, the investigative focus has shifted toward a larger backstory within the CIA and professional counterintelligence actors, ie. spies. Within this line of inquiry it is dangerous to take current presentations and overlay them against their historic footprint. Inevitably the discussion leads to contradictions and forces the conversation into the world of mirrored halls filled with purposeful disinformation.

Intelligence professionals use words like “tradecraft” to explain the process of lying, manipulation and falsehood construction as a professional skill-set. It is almost impossible to identify the truth in current claims by those who are skilled in dark arts; especially when you accept they are likely holding motives and intentions that might be 180 degrees in the opposite direction from initial appearances.

There’s a blue-zillion ‘spy infiltration theories‘ floating around the internet in various granular forms. A few are solid and possible, but most appear based on abject nonsense and twisted logic.

The Inspector General report on the FBI and DOJ action in the Clinton investigation is due out this week. In my humble opinion it is best to wait and see what discoveries are within the fact-centric report, and the confirmed underlying evidence, before wandering out into the speculative land of mirrored rabbit holes.

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