Red Hen Restaurant Owner Followed Sanders Family To Next Restaurant to Continue Harassment…

Stephanie Wilkinson and family, owners of Red Hen restaurant.

Back Story Here –  The story of White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders being kicked out of a Virginia restaurant by the owner, Stephanie Wilkinson, takes on more context today as Mike Huckabee explained during a radio interview.

According to Mr. Huckabee the owner of the Red Hen restaurant not only kicked out Sarah Sanders and her in-laws, but she followed them to another restaurant, organized a group of people to assist her efforts, and then led the mob in continued harassment of the Sanders family.

Mike Huckabee was interviewed by Laura Ingraham for her radio show:


For the conservative, when life presents great struggles, he/she knows she has the power to surmount them. Happiness stems from internal strength and perseverance. For the liberal, when life presents great struggles, the system failed, therefore they were at the mercy of a faulty system, and they believe that only when the system is fixed can their life improve.

A progressive liberals’ happiness is built on systemic contingencies, which they will then seek to control or expect someone else to.  One holds herself accountable; the other holds anyone and everyone accountable except herself.

And there it is. There’s where the origin of hate comes from.

The liberal ideology causes that person to cast anger at the world when things go wrong or appear “unfair.” She constantly chooses only to see the “injustices” – and that makes for a very miserable, toxic and blame-casting existence.


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