Gut Wrenching Jim Jordan Interview….

Gut wrenching” when you watch the entire interview and reach the final minute where Ohio Republican Jim Jordan explains the past 24 hrs.

Jim Jordan appears on Brett Baier to push back against accusations he was aware of alleged sexual abuse by Ohio State University’s former wrestling team doctor when he was an assistant coach.


*Note*, before this story hit the major headlines, CTH received an email about this story surfacing and how it likely was constructed to target Jim Jordan for political damage. That email is below. CTH is not revealing the name of the sender.

SUBJECT: “Ohio State made NIKE the sole vendor”!!

The only named and quoted source in this garbage Jim Jordan story is Mike DiSabato of Columbus Ohio.

I am well acquainted with Mike back from when I had a sideline writing/covering college wrestling and MMA for some websites.

Mike is a known scumbag. He is in the athletic apparel business and owns Cage Fighter, a semi well known brand of fighting and wrestling gear.

He also was the driving force behind Agon, a short-lived wrestling promotion where everyone involved was cheated out of their money.

Mike has been sued REPEATEDLY for breach of contract by almost everyone he has worked with. It is well documented.

If you check his Twitter account, @thenotoriousmds, you will see he is a wacky left winger supporter of Bernie Sanders who repeatedly retweets Nancy Hogshead-maker, herself a fraud and one of the leading public voices behind advocacy for the current enforcement if Title IX in varsity sports (aka a “quota queen”).

Mike has a personal vendetta against Ohio State and Jim’s brother, Jeff.

He is mad at Ohio State because they made Nike the sole vendor for athletic gear for every sport back in January. Before this Cage Fighter provided the gear for the Wrestling program (which is now a BIG TIME program)

Jeff, Jim’s Brother is the head wrestling coach at Graham high school in St Paris Ohio, one of the 5 most prestigious high school wrestling programs in the country. Jeff and some partners started the apparel line RUDIs which they now use to supply their team gear, no longer doing business with DiSabato and Cage Fighter.

Since ending their relationship with Cage Fighter, DiSabato has been out for blood and is lashing out at Jim to get back at Jeff and Ohio State.

He’s even been attacking 22 year old OSU alum, Olympic and World champ Kyle Snyder, whom I’ve been around since middle school. Kyle, as far as I can tell, is a young man of absolutely impeccable character.

Kyle recently signed a sponsorship deal with RUDIs

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