Mamet’s Girl Personified: “A Brain-Dead Liberal”, A Cliche’, Cue The Audio Visual…

Almost exactly a decade ago, David Mamet wrote a rather controversial op-ed for the Village Voice titled: “Why I am No Longer a Brain-Dead Liberal“.    A few years later Mamet followed up with an excellent book titled: “The Secret Knowledge“.

After a life amid a tribe of toxic liberalism, Mamet began to choke on the inherent hypocrisy of it all.  He began to point out that hypocrisy, causing his tribe to go bananas and dispatch him as if he were spreading Ebola.  Later in his evolution he connected the hypocritical dots to the natural outcomes.  Here is the 2018 version of what he describes:

We should help the Palestine; humanitarian condition; because houses, occupation and stuff. Such as the Palestine, everywhere, like, such as…

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