Extensive CNBC Interview With President Trump That Destroys Media Narrative…

President Trump gave CNBC anchor Joe Kernen an extensive interview on Thursday just outside the Oval Office at the White House.  You probably have not seen this interview, because it does not support the media narrative du jour; this interview destroys the narrative(s).

When you watch the interview you’ll see why the media made the decision not to sound-bite-it throughout broadcast, headlines and column inches.  In fact, you’ll probably understand why CNBC didn’t upload the interview content until today.

The conversation with President Trump touched on the state of the U.S. economy; America’s trade reset; the timing of the trade reset juxtaposed against the current value of the U.S. stock market; the president’s news-making remarks about the Federal Reserve’s ongoing interest-rate hikes; and pragmatic insight behind the meeting with Vladimir Putin. Watch it, you’ll see:

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