Trial Games: Prosecutor Asonye Tells Judge Ellis Key Witness May Not Testify in Manafort Case…

Corrupt Robert Mueller’s ‘Clinton alliance team‘ of corrupt federal prosecutors begin playing corrupt trial and jury games they are famous for.

Corrupt federal prosecutor Uso Asonye was using corrupt FBI agent Mathew Mikuska (a member of the federal no-knock-team who raided Manafort’s condo), as a witness to introduce financial records against Manafort when Judge Ellis interjected about the purpose of the FBI agent as a witness on the issue given the pending testimony of key government witness Rick Gates, Manafort’s business partner.

Corrupt Mr. Asonye then informed the court Rick Gates might not be testifying.

Judge Ellis was not amused.

(Via Washington Times) In a shocking admission Wednesday morning, federal prosecutors said Rick Gates may not testify in the trial of his former business partner Paul Manafort.

Mr. Gates, who oversaw some of the financial dealings of Mr. Manafort’s consulting business, was expected to be a key witness for the government.

But prosecutor Uso Asonye said jurors may not hear from Mr. Gates after all.

“He may testify, he may not,” Mr. Asonye told Judge T.S. Ellis III.

The revelation sent journalists and others out of the courtroom to report the disclosure.

“That’s news to me and about 25 others who scurried out of here like rats on a sinking ship,” Judge Ellis shot back.

Mr. Asonye attempted to backtrack, telling Judge Ellis that the evidence presented will determine if Mr. Gates‘ testifies.

That drew a sharp rebuke from Judge Ellis.

“You know who you are going to call,” He said. “If you are going to call him then this is a waste of time.” (more)

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