New York Times Hires Jaw-Dropping Vulgar Racist as Editor…

When I first saw this late last night, the severity of the vulgar racism expressed within the details made me pause… it couldn’t possibly be real.  Alas, it is real.

Stunningly, it is real.

Sarah Jeong is a writer of some sort who was hired by the New York Times to become an editor for their publication.   However, apparently someone on Twitter had encountered Ms. Jeong’s expressed ideology, and shared the content of the new editor’s twitter feed.

To say Ms. Jeong is a severe racist would be an understatement.  The level of racial anger, racial bitterness, race-based vulgarity, and expressed racial hatred is so over-the-top it seems the New York Times must be intent on creating some form of publicity from their decision to hire.

There is no-way a business could/would ever ACCIDENTALLY hire a person who has expressed such vitriolic hatred when their role and responsibility within the organization would be to promote the editorial perspective of the New York Times.  Meaning the New York Times supports and condones this type of overt racism.

A small sample of Ms. Sarah Joeng’s racial perspective is below.

Obviously, many people took exception to this level of racial vulgarity and expressed anger and violent language.

The New York Times responded with this statement:

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