Peter Navarro: “Economic Security is National Security” – China Challenges and U.S. Workforce Initiatives…

Hammer it home Pete, keep hammering it home.  “U.S. Economic Security is U.S. National Security”; and by extension global security. Those words were first spoken by Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross to an international audience at Davos in 2017.

In the almost two years since first proclaimed, President Trump and the economic team have been executing economic policy to hit on this key message.  Trade deals, internal regulatory policy, tax policy, monetary policy, education policy and modern workforce initiatives are all inherently tied together to ensure U.S. National Security.

In the big picture President Trump is earnestly focused on rebuilding the American middle-class because the blue-collar and white-collar middle-class jobs are the heart of the American economic security.  All of these policies are connected to the middle class because it is the middle class that strengthens America.

This is an important conversation.  Learn it, teach it. Spread the importance of it:

Part-Two of the interview below:


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