The Only Number That Matters

Published on Mar 7, 2016

For more information, go to… Ever heard of the numbers of nature? You really need to know about them because they’re in everything … plants, animals, the human body, artwork, our DNA, the stock market, the planets … you name it, nature’s numbers are there somewhere. The guy that discovered them 900 years ago is the man from Pisa. No, not your Pizza delivery guy … Pisa is a city in central Italy famous for the leaning tower and this man … Leonardo Fibonacci … nice Italian sounding name. These numbers of nature were so revolutionary, that they bear his name even today. It starts with a simple sequence of numbers … here’s how they work: You start with 0 and then 1 and then you simply add the last two number together to get the next … so 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 11 and so on. Now when you divide any number by the one following it, you get what we refer to as the Golden Mean … .618. It’s also called phi. This is the number that’s in everything … It’s all through nature … it’s all through the stock markets … it’s in our DNA … it’s in music … and it been in architecture since before it was discovered. For example, the Parthenon… one of Greece’s most prized assets … if it’s not now owned by Germany …. It was built in the 4th century BC … many centuries before Fibonacci. And yet it seems to be proportioned closely to the golden mean. The lower portion is about 62% of the total height. The reciprocal is .382 and together, these two numbers occur over and over in artwork because we humans find the ratio pleasing. Something as simple as playing cards, for example. You can then take that “golden rectangle” to humans. It frames the face and positions the eyes, nose, and mouth. The belly button seems to generally divide the body into the golden section. You have 5 fingers, each one with 3 bones perfectly proportioned to the golden mean. You’ll find the golden mean in our DNA. You can see the numbers of nature at work in sunflower leaves. They arrange themselves in Fibonacci layers. There’s the Fibonacci spiral, evident in hurricanes … and sea shells. It goes on and on. In the stock market, when stocks are trending, the waves they form are in ratios of phi. You find it over and over again and many traders use it to trade quite profitably. So, the markets are not random, as so many think. They’re quite predictable. And where could these ratios in nature that we find everywhere on Earth originate Well, let’s look to the heavens. The planets are more or less separated in distance by the golden ratio. They actually follow more of a sine wave. But if you were to take the distances and average them, you’d find they come out to 1.618 … phi! We know that we’re affected by electromagnetic waves from the planets … we just don’t know exactly how we’re affected. But that’s a thought from another video. Is God a mathematician? Well, there’s certainly order to the universe and as we delve deeper and deeper into science, we’ll no doubt find more of the answers.


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