Republican Senators Hold Press Conference At U.S. Mexico Border to Outline Scope of the Crisis

Posted originally on the conservative tree house March 26, 2021 | Sundance | 58 Comments

A contingent of Republican senators traveled to Texas on Thursday for a tour of the border region to understand the scale of the problem currently facing Border Patrol.  After a night and early day visit of the border region the GOP senators gathered to brief the press and answer questions.

Senator Ron Johnson (Wisconsin) was emphatic about the stunning statistics that are now evident.  As Johnson shared during his portion of the briefing, under President Trump the border region was secured and together with agreements with Central American and Mexico the southern border wall was working well to stop illegal alien influx.

However, Joe Biden eliminated all of the agreements and policies that stabilized the border.  Immediately after his installation as head of the executive branch the Biden policies opened a floodgate of illegal alien border crossers.  As many as 6,000 border apprehensions in a single day in the Rio Grande Valley sector.   Stunning statistics.

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