Sunday Talks: Extensive President Trump Interview With Maria Bartiromo..

Posted originally on The Conservative tree house on November 29, 2020 by Sundance

Earlier this morning President Trump called-in to Sunday Morning with Maria Bartiromo to discuss a variety of key issues related to the 2020 election and the previous effort by corrupt institutional officials to remove him from office. WATCH:

Georgia Judge Orders Voting Machines Should Not be Erased Then Reverses Himself

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Nov 29, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

In the midst of the most corrupt election in history, a Georgia judge has ordered that the voting machine should not be erased and then reversed himself because the defendants claimed they no longer possessed the machines, they are in the custody of the county. The erasing of these machines is a desperate attempt to cover up the entire fraud. This is violating everyone’s civil rights in the entire country. These officials are deliberately allowing the cover-up to take place. If there was nothing to hide, why erase anything?

UPDATE: Mission CTH Liberty Reaches Mid-Way Point…

Posted originally on The Conservative Ree House on November 28, 2020 by sundance

Ground Control: “Liberty One has reached mid-way file transfer. Apex point achieved without incident. File download 40 through 49 initiated. Begin countdown clock to blackout exit. Stay focused people.”… Godspeed.

As the CTH community is aware, WordPress/Automattic has demanded our voice leave their platform. Effective this moment, “Mission CTH Liberty” is underway, and we are separating from main host web servers. {Go Deep} During this transitional phase, we will have a controlled comment blackout until the site migration is complete to new host servers. You may or may not be able to comment.  Comments appearing may or may not transfer.  The anticipated transit time is now 15 to 20 hours to new host.

From the MAIL:

…”Wow, Sundance and crew have launched and setting course into the field of stars… And yes – there is radio silence during those moments after launch.

We remember the radio silence as Apollo went on the dark side of the moon and we waited for heart-stopping moments for radio contact to recur. Emotional moments they were.

And these are emotional moments, whether we think of them in the context of tank man or Paul Revere….when everything has been left on the field. Silence has fallen.

We wait for the lights to come back up….when there will be a ROARRRRRRRRRRR as the Patriot lion strides back on the field, in a tight group of 70 or 80 million or so.

I’m all choked up here, you guys.  I love you all.  So proud to know you and to be able to mark this moment along with you.  To put it mildly, you dun good. Yes…ya dun good.

I know it’s not over, by a long shot. But making this transition with the skill and capable effort you have … is a remarkable thing.

May the Lord bless you and keep you. May the Lord make His face to shine upon you. May the Lord lift up His countenance upon you and give you great, great peace. All my love to each of you”…

LOVE backatcha.

Believe me it ain’t easy to spend more than a decade building our Treehouse and then taking a backseat as a new crew, with an incredibly experienced pilot, take control to move our massive and dynamic system into a new host. We are in good hands, God’s hands.

Trillions of ‘ones and naughts’ traveling through digital space in electromagnetic time and then landing thousands of miles from their point of origin…. perfectly reassembling by falling into the exact and precise sequence needed to re-emerge.

Quite remarkable.

A total of 59 chronologically distributed files containing massive terabytes of CTH library data (increasing exponentially by date) are being transferred.  We are now at file 40.

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Greg Kelly Walks Through The Mysteriously Magical Biden Election Results that No-one Believes Actually Happened…

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on November 28, 2020 by sundance

NewsMax pundit Greg Kelly takes viewers on a journey through the land of suspended common-sense needed to reconcile the Joe Biden victory.  A must watch segment:

The Article Cited is HERE

…”In 2020, The Cook Political Report and The New York Times rated 27 House seats as toss-ups going into Election Day. Right now, Republicans appear to have won all 27.”…

Report: Thousand of Fake/Manipulated Ballots Found During Dane County, Wisconsin, Recount…

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree house on November 28, 2020 by sundance

As previously reported by Wisconsin election reviewers the badger state does not have a formal process for ordinary absentee ballot submissions.  Instead there is a process for a very specific type of absentee request used by persons labeled “indefinitely confined.”

In all prior years those submissions were in the hundreds; however, in the 2020 election that process was used by people appearing to be “ballot harvesting”, a process not allowed by state law in Wisconsin.  The number of those ballots skyrocketed.

According to exclusive information provided to Gateway Pundit thousands of “indefinitely confined” ballots in Wisconsin have been identified with a single signature: “MLW.”

Review the Evidence Here

It appears all of those “MLW” ballots, were unlawfully harvested/manufactured for Joe Biden in Dane County, and could quite possibly be disqualified.

Hack Vote Machines

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Nov 28, 2020 by Martin Armstrong

Rudy Giuliani Discusses Pathway to Supreme Court…

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on November 27, 2020 by sundance

Earlier today Rudy Giuliani appears on One America News to discuss the importance of getting evidence of voter fraud before key state legislatures and the pathway of litigation to the supreme court.   WATCH:

Arizona Legislature Schedules November 30th Public Hearing For Evidence in Election Fraud…

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on November 27, 2020 by sundance

Following a similar path to Pennsylvania, the Arizona legislature has scheduled a hearing for Monday November 30th to hear and weigh the evidence of election fraud.  Several issues within Phoenix area polling locations are in question.  [Press Release]

[…] The President’s legal team will be present from DC to assist in a fact finding hearing with select members of the Arizona House and Senate and a panel of experts. The goal will be to gather the evidence that justifies calling a special session to contemplate what happened and take immediate action accordingly.

“We are pleased that the State Legislatures in Pennsylvania, Arizona and Michigan will be convening hearings to examine the November 3rd presidential election,” Personal Attorney to President Donald J. Trump, Jenna Ellis.

State Legislatures are uniquely qualified and positioned to hold hearings on election irregularities and fraud before electors are chosen. As established in Article 2, Section 1.2 of the United States Constitution, State Legislatures have the sole authority to select their representatives to the Electoral College, providing a critical safeguard against voter fraud and election manipulation.  (Link To Details)

Renowned Data and Cyber-Crimes Expert Concludes 2020 Election Results Were Fraudulent…

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on November 27, 2020 by sundance

Dr. Navid Keshavarz-Nia, is an experienced cybercrimes investigator and digital security executive, who has worked with the CIA, NSA, FBI, and U.S. military counterintelligence. In addition to his work with U.S. intelligence agencies Dr. Keshavarz-Nia works on cyber security and fraud with financial giants like Deutsche Bank and Stripe.

Within the documents filed by Sidney Powell in Georgia Wednesday, Dr. Keshavarz-Nia shares this bombshell assessment in his affidavit.  Ms. Powell has some high-powered experts in support of her court filings.  [pdf link here]

Direct pdf link – Embed Link

Full affidavit below:

View this document on Scribd


Pennsylvania State Legislature Files Resolution to Dispute Statewide 2020 Election Results…

Posted originally on The Conservative Tree House on November 27, 2020 by sundance

With mounting evidence of election fraud now visible, members of the Pennsylvania legislature have drafted a joint resolution [SEE HERE] to overturn election results, reverse the previous state certification, and the sponsors promise they will take it to the Supreme Court if necessary.


Declaring the results of statewide electoral contests in the 2020 General Election to be in dispute.

WHEREAS, Article I, Section 4, Clause 1 of the United States Constitution empowers state legislatures, including the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, to prescribe the “Times, Places, and Manner” of conducting elections; and

WHEREAS, Article II, Section 1, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution empowers state legislatures, including the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, to direct the manner of appointing electors for President and Vice President of the United States; and

WHEREAS, the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has exercised its authority to establish election administration procedures for the Commonwealth, known as the Pennsylvania Election Code; and

WHEREAS, the Pennsylvania Election Code requires all mail-in ballots to be received by eight o’clock P.M. on the day of the election; and

WHEREAS, the Pennsylvania Election Code requires election officials at polling places to authenticate the signatures of in-person voters; and

WHEREAS, the Pennsylvania Election Code requires that county boards of elections shall not meet to conduct a pre-canvass of all absentee and mail-in ballots until seven o’clock A.M. on Election Day, during which time defects on mail-in ballots would be identified; and

WHEREAS, the Pennsylvania Election Code prohibits the counting of defective absentee or mail-in ballots; and

WHEREAS, the Pennsylvania Election Code authorizes “watchers,” selected by candidates and political parties, to observe the process of canvassing absentee and mail-in ballots; and

WHEREAS, the Commonwealth conducted an election on November 3, 2020 for federal offices, including selecting electors for President and Vice President of the United States; and

WHEREAS, officials in the Executive and Judicial Branches of the Commonwealth infringed upon the General Assembly’s authority under the United States Constitution by unlawfully changing the rules governing the November 3, 2020 election in the Commonwealth; and

WHEREAS, on September 17, 2020, less than seven weeks before the November 3, 2020 election, the partisan majority on the Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania unlawfully and unilaterally extended the deadline for mail-in ballots to be received, mandated that ballots mailed without a postmark would be presumed to be received timely, and could be accepted without a verified voter signature; and

WHEREAS, on October 23, 2020, less than two weeks before the November 3, 2020 election and upon a petition from the Secretary of the Commonwealth, the Supreme Court of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania ruled that mail-in ballots need not authenticate signatures for mail-in ballots, thereby treating in-person and mail-in voters dissimilarly and eliminating a critical safeguard against potential election crime; and

WHEREAS, on November 2, 2020, the night before the November 3, 2020 election and prior to the prescribed time for pre-canvassing mail-in ballots, the office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth encouraged certain counties to notify party and candidate representatives of mail-in voters whose ballots contained defects; and

WHEREAS, heavily Democrat counties permitted mail-in voters to cure ballot defects while heavily Republican counties followed the law and invalidated defective ballots; and

WHEREAS, in certain counties in the Commonwealth, watchers were not allowed to meaningfully observe the pre-canvassing and canvassing activities relating to absentee and mail-in ballots; and

WHEREAS, in other parts of the Commonwealth, watchers observed irregularities concerning the pre-canvassing and canvassing of absentee and mail-in ballots; and

WHEREAS, postal employees in Pennsylvania have reported anomalies relating to mail-in ballots, including multiple ballots delivered to a single address with unfamiliar addressees, ballots mailed to vacant homes, empty lots, and addresses that did not exist; and

WHEREAS, witnesses testifying before the Pennsylvania Senate Majority Policy Committee on November 25, 2020 have provided additional compelling information regarding the questionable nature of the administration of the 2020 General Election; and

WHEREAS, there remains ongoing litigation concerning the administration of the November 3, 2020 election in the Commonwealth; and

WHEREAS, in 2016, Pennsylvania’s general election results were certified on December 12, 2016, and on November 24, 2020, the Secretary of the Commonwealth unilaterally and prematurely certified results of the November 3, 2020 election regarding presidential electors despite ongoing litigation; and

WHEREAS, the Pennsylvania House of Representatives has the duty to ensure that no citizen of this Commonwealth is disenfranchised, to insist that all elections are conducted according to the law, and to satisfy the general public that every legal vote is counted accurately;

THEREFORE, be it RESOLVED that the Pennsylvania House of Representatives—

1. Recognizes substantial irregularities and improprieties associated with mail-in balloting, pre-canvassing, and canvassing during the November 3, 2020 election; and

2. Disapproves of the infringement on the General Assembly’s authority pursuant to the United States Constitution to regulate elections; and

3. Disapproves of and disagrees with the Secretary of the Commonwealth’s premature certification of the results of the November 3, 2020 election regarding presidential electors; and

4. Declares that the selection of presidential electors and other statewide electoral contest results in this Commonwealth is in dispute; and

5. Urges the Secretary of the Commonwealth and the Governor to withdraw or vacate the certification of presidential electors and to delay certification of results in other statewide electoral contests voted on at the 2020 General Election; and

6. Urges the United States Congress to declare the selection of presidential electors in this Commonwealth to be in dispute. (link)

It is no longer an issue of whether election fraud took place, the issue is now whether the U.S. election system can withstand truthful sunlight and correct the fraud that is well known.   Joe Biden will never be a legitimate U.S. President… everyone knows that.

The scale of victory by President Donald Trump is the problem for those who want to deny what took place.  The efforts to overturn the election results were centered in approximately 10 municipal regions, and Pennsylvania holds two of them in Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.

Butler Pennsylvania Trump rally.