Sunday Talks, A Frustrated Eric Trump Discusses How JoeBama Created The Border Crisis He Now Denies

Posted originally on the conservative tree house March 28, 2021 | Sundance | 71 Comments

Eric Trump expresses the frustrations felt by many Americans who are watching the JoeBama administration deconstruct the border protections and policies put into place by his father, President Trump.

Additionally, Maria Bartiromo asks for Trump’s perspective on the vaccine rollout, the hypocrisy of the Hunter Biden coverup and the potential for a Joe Biden executive order to initiate more gun control.

A wise quote from a friend today makes a lot of sense in the big picture…. “[A White House] memo goes out saying all communications must read “biden/harris admin” ….. [Biden publicly claims Kamala Harris in charge of “Border Crisis, but] now Kammy isn’t the border gal … but she’s doing the diplomat stuff with south of the border governments. She gets cred for that while fully insulated from the crisis that Biden won’t have to answer for in any way except preapproved questions….have to give the WH team credit for creating a perfectly bubbled environment around jumbled Joe. It’s so perfect why change it? With Joe at the helm, the WH can claim credit and deny responsibility with zero media pushback…couldn’t do that with Harris in charge. She is universally unlikeable, and so blatantly phony that her campaign couldn’t raise money….. Harris couldn’t get away with bumbling through a press conference or hiding from the world the way Joe does. I now think the WH team wants to keep pushing Joe out there for as long as possible.”

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