JoeBama’s Afghanistan Plan is to Follow The Afghanistan Withdrawal Plan of President Trump, But Not Give Him Credit

Posted originally on the conservative tree house April 14, 2021 | Sundance | 105 Comments

In February of 2020, the Trump administration announced a breakthrough in negotiations between the government of Afghanistan and the Taliban.  Within the agreement the Trump administration committed to a withdrawal of American military this year {Go Deep w/ Links}.

Today Joe Biden read from a script which outlined his administration was going to follow that exact plan.  Biden didn’t know what he was reading, he was just doing what they told him to do while adding some emotional talking points to make it sound like he is not announcing and following the exact plan that President Trump and Secretary Pompeo put together.

Read the Trump Afghan agreement and you will see Biden is just plagiarizing Trump and Pompeo.  At the time of the Trump agreement the media emphasized the negative opinions of it.  Now that they have changed the name to Biden, the media swoon.  It’s silly.

WASHINGTON DC – President Joe Biden on Wednesday formally announced plans to end America’s military presence in Afghanistan by September, in a White House address heavy on symbolism and marking one of his first defining decisions as commander in chief.

“I’ve concluded it’s time to end America’s longest war,” Biden said. “It’s time for American troops to come home.”

[…] The Taliban had largely held off on attacking the roughly 3,500 American troops in Afghanistan since the Trump administration brokered an agreement with Taliban leaders in Feb. 2020. NATO troops will also withdraw from Afghanistan along the same time frame. (link)

[2020 Agreement Link] – [2020 Signed Agreement Link]

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