China Works With Biden Administration to Target Former America-First Trump Team With Sanctions

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One of the most significant aspects to President Trump’s administration was the trade and economic team he assembled to drive the “America-First” Main Street resurgence we saw on display throughout the four years in office.  Readers will note, there was no turnover of personnel in the trade and economic team, because they were the priority, the fulcrum of the Trump Doctrine. One of the key people driving the America-First agenda was Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross.

President Trump’s trade and economic team were laser focused on bringing back domestic Main Street economics as the foundation of our economy.  That approach put Wall Street multinationals at a policy disadvantage.   No-one without an interest in U.S. economic security was allowed a seat at the Trump table.

Policies and practices that supported made in the USA domestic manufacturing and industry were the prism through which all actions taken by the Trump administration were viewed.  The massive growth in U.S. jobs and wages was a result.  We also had an unprecedented period of deflationary pricing.  Things were, well, economically astoundingly good for American workers.

As a direct consequence China, Europe and ASEAN partners who had their foothold in the U.S. economy were weakened.  This made the U.S. (Wall Street) multinational corporations -who rely on outsourcing, offshoring and raw material export- very angry.  The exfiltration of American wealth was halted by Trump.  There were trillions at stake, and many enemies were made because of the America-First agenda.

Those Wall Street enemies of Trump are essentially allies of Joe Biden policy.  Biden has not only re-instituted policies to make the U.S. dependent again, ie. a service-driven economy, he has driven up the prices of energy, raw materials and created massive inflation directly as an outcome of policy.

Today, just as the Biden administration continues using the DOJ to target former Trump officials, China announces they will target Wilbur Ross with sanctions.

Make no mistake about this, China is taking this action against the America-First team because they can.  They are, in essence, doing Biden’s bidding…..

BEIJING/WASHINGTON, July 23 (Reuters) – China said on Friday that it has imposed counter-sanctions on U.S. individuals including former U.S. commerce secretary Wilbur Ross in response to recent U.S. sanctions on Chinese officials in Hong Kong.

The sanctions are the first imposed by China under its new anti-foreign sanction law, passed in June, and come days before U.S. Deputy Secretary of State Wendy Sherman is due to visit China amid deeply strained ties.

China also imposed unspecified “reciprocal counter-sanctions” on current and former representatives of a range of organisations, including the Congressional-Executive Commission on China and the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission. (read more)

Brutal CfG Ad Hits Cheney For Operating Similar Personal Power Structure as Clinton

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Club for Growth (CfG), not exactly part of the MAGA community, is hitting Representative Liz Cheney in Wyoming with a pretty effective ad.  Essentially, the ad walks through a comparison between Hillary Clinton and Liz Cheney, highlighting the similarities.  WATCH:

Hey, whatever works.  As long as we can get rid of this warmongering DeceptiCon, who is more ideologically aligned with leftist democrats, I’m good with all attack angles.

New Rules !!

Fauci The Cornered Rat

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Fauci Gets Grilled By Senator Rand Paul

Dr. Fauci lied to Congress again when he claimed he never lied to Congress. The gnome of narcissism was visibly uncomfortable when Rand Paul cornered him. Instead of answering the Paul’s questions clearly, he dithered and insulted the senator. Fauci could not deny that he DID fund the Chinese Communist bioweapons lab, which helped them to achieve ‘gain of function’ with COVID-19.

Fauci is a hack for Bill Gates and the chief medical advisor to the Biden regime. He is the best-paid government employee. He has lately earned his money by flip flopping and lying to the American people. He claims to be the epitome of science, which enables him to say with glee…”You don’t know what you’re talking about!”

The diminutive doctor should be arrested and imprisoned, but I predict he’ll go unpunished. Those that are part of the ruling cabal never face the consequences for their crime. Instead, they appear on and are praised by the mainstream lying media. Even Fox News joined the act. Neil Cavuto condemned the questioning of Dr. Fauci and referred to it as a ‘pile on.’ Fauci was then praised as glowing point of light in America.  At least Sean Hannity condemned Fauci, and even though Sean has pushed the gene therapy injections in the past, he doesn’t think they should be mandatory.

As for Dr. Fauci, LOCK HIM UP!

—Ben Garrison

Homeland Security Is Training People To Round Up And Quarantine Unvaxxed Rural Americans

“Are you Awake now?”

First published on BITCHUTE at 05:03 UTC on July 21st, 2021.

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Anyone Can Run for Speaker of the House in Congress

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Jul 21, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Most people do not know, but the Speaker of the House is just another political job that is subject to the vote of the members of Congress.  A Democrat has introduced a bill to limit that position to just members of Congress. Why? For months, there has been talking behind the curtain that Trump might run for Speaker against Pelosi. CNN would be ecstatic. Their ratings might rise again, for now, they keep just beating Trump because they have nobody else, and they have become such an anti-American news organization that is really just propaganda.

The Democrats seem to be so intent upon imposing a dictatorial economic view and are by no means ruling from the middle. Their extreme move to the left has only inspired the extreme right in the Republicans. As this food fight continues, the nation is being hurled toward 2032, where our computer models forecast the end of representative government as we have known it. The closer we get, the easier it is to see that the computer will be correct once again.

White House Colluding with BigTech for Censorship

Armstrong Economics Blog/BigTech Re-Posted Jul 21, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

The White House press secretary Jen Psaki’s recent admission that the administration is “flagging problematic posts for Facebook that spread disinformation” was legally a major development. She has admitted that Facebook is working with the White House to censor Americans so it is acting under color of law. This is a very critical point that legally amounts to Facebook being directed to censor what the White House is calling “misinformation” about COVID-19 that is effectively anything that contradicts of even questions the official narrative.

As I have stated before, the escape clause for BigTech is that the First Amendment only applies to government, not them. However, cooperating behind the curtain and for the White House to be telling Facebook to flag certain people or posts is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and a serious breach of what a free society is all ab out.

Biden himself is engaging in misinformation. Generally, about 50% of the people with this new Delta Variant have already been vaccinated. To claim that the only pandemic is among the unvaccinated and “they are killing people” but the lockdowns did not kill anyone. We really have to wonder if he is aware of what is really going on.

Dinesh D’Souza Highlights The Duplicitous Reason Why RNC Club President Ronna McDaniel Does Not Support Donald Trump or MAGA Movement

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In a recent podcast segment [Rumble Link Here], Dinesh D’Souza points out the duplicitous motives for the RNC club to be okay losing elections.  In essence, it comes down to politics as a business model, which we have discussed here often.

Ronna McDaniel is the typical GOPe operational head (Michael Steele and Reince Prebius preceeding).  McDaniel loves the cocktail and country club circuit that is essentially a life of indulgence amid the donor class.  As D’Souza notes the business of fundraising, which is the preferred activity of McDaniel, is better from the losing side of the political dynamic.   Not coincidentally, the same financial motives apply to Mitch McConnell in the Senate.

This is worth watching because it is certainly true from a modern historical perspective.  And keep in mind the RNC and DNC are private clubs, private organizations.  There is nothing in the constitutional framework about political parties.  These are private organizations who can make any rule they choose and operate their business in any manner they choose.

The one issue that frustrates me personally; amid the known deep weeds and moves of the RNC as a club and their vitriolic hatred for the Tea Party before and MAGA movement now; is why President Trump continues to express confidence in Ronna McDaniel.

Yes, there is always going to be intra-party factions within the Republican system as a whole. However, the (at best) 10 to 20% of the club establishment, the Wall Street Multinational faction, are toxic to the objectives of restorative Americanism. The club elites, and this includes current RNC head Ronna McDaniel, simply hate the vulgarian middle-class and the base of the movement. Yet, for some unknown reason Donald Trump allows this to continue.

McDaniel is working against the interests of the MAGA base. The head of the RNC does nothing to highlight demonstrable election fraud; she stands aside and watches as media frame an extremist narrative against the base of the party she is supposed to represent. McDaniel does nothing to support the legal alliance needed to push back against election fraud; and worse yet, she does nothing to support the recruitment of MAGA minded candidates to lead the middle-class working revolution against the corrupt political system. Yet, amid these brutally obvious realities, no one ever seems to call it out.

Eight years ago, CTH spent almost two years following, tracking and researching their RNC club moves.  We had sources and moles all around them in every meeting.

Six years ago, CTH outlined the playbook they use to control election outcomes, and we specifically mapped out the ‘splitter strategy‘ they would deploy, AGAIN, to execute their scheme.  In 2016 they triggered every single tripwire we predicted in the exact and specific sequence we outlined they would.   And I am telling you right now…

….the Club is at it again.

President Trump Promises Not to Let Republicans Succeed With Splitter Strategy in Wyoming

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A smart move and announcement today from President Trump.  In order to stop the establishment GOP from protecting Liz Cheney with a field of candidates, he will interview them and select one candidate for a MAGA endorsement.  Uniting the vote behind one candidate will stop the 2022 ¹splitter strategy from succeeding.

♦ Cheney is being challenged in Wyoming by three opponents:

Anthony Bouchard [Website Here]

Chuck Gray [Website Here], and

Darin Smith [Website Here]

¹CTH spent two years after the manipulated RNC club nomination process in 2012 (Romney) to find the exact and specific playbook the GOPe use to protect their power.  The research took place between 2013 and November 2015 eventually culminating with our explanation of the 2016 “Splitter Strategy“.

We then put together an outline of the political “Tripwires” used by the RNC in late 2015 and early 2016 to explain the processes, pattern and predictable consequences when the splitter strategy is deployed.  The RNC roadmap was for Jeb Bush in 2016.  The club was not happy with us.

Inspector General Outlines More Gross FBI Misconduct With Senior Officials and Media Collusion

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In 2018 the Department of Justice Office of Inspector General (DOJ-OIG) highlighted numerous FBI officials who accepted bribes from multiple media outlets including: “tickets to sporting events”, “golf outings”, “drinks and meals” as well as exclusive invitations and admission to “nonpublic social events” {Go Deep}.

Today the OIG expanded on the investigation that stemmed from that original outline, and published new findings.  Within the latest two page summary [pdf here], the “senior FBI official” is unnamed; however, prior research indicates it was former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe:

[Source pdf]

It is very frustrating to see that nothing is done to hold these corrupt FBI officials to account for such gross abuses of power and position.  The dual system of justice in the United States is creating a very serious collapse in credibility for multiple institutions of government.

In my opinion, the larger accountability issue is intentionally being handled this way as part of the “fundamental change” objective of the radical group behind the installation of Obama.  This is one continuum, and the lack of accountability is by design in the effort to perpetrate one ever-increasing, intentionally created crisis. The erosion of institutional credibility is a feature, not a flaw.

We are in a very precarious time, and must be careful as we are inundated by the openness of the corruption in the system.  The radicals want a reaction; they want a strong -perhaps violent- reaction; as that plays into their larger objective.   Misplaced anger toward the visibility of the corruption can be weaponized against us.

Michael Isikoff highlighted just how enmeshed media was/is with the FBI, DOJ and Fusion-GPS team in February 2018, when he admitted his reporting was being used by the DOJ and FBI to advance the political objectives of the intelligence community.

Additionally, FBI investigator Peter Strzok and FBI attorney Lisa Page were shown in their text messages to be leaking stories from the Clinton Investigation, the Trump investigation and the Mueller investigation to journalists at Politico, The Wall Street Journal and Washington Post. –SEE HERE

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe was busted by the Inspector General leaking stories to the media and then lying about it to INSD and IG investigators. FBI Director James Comey admitted to leaking stories to the New York Times, and even hired his friend Andrew Richman (off-the-books), gave him access to FBI and NSA databases, and then leaked information to Richman along with another friend Benjamin Wittes at Lawfare blog.

Lest we forget, the original IG report on how the FBI handled the Clinton investigation revealed that dozens of FBI officials were actually taking bribes from the media for information:

Jim Sciutto, Evan Perez and Carl Bernstein were coordinating the attack against President Trump through Jake Tapper’s show on CNN.  The FBI small group were well aware of what the CNN crew were planning.  This was a collaboration.

FBI Spokesperson Mike Kortan was coordinating the narrative on behalf of the FBI team.  The FBI knew the underlying premise was entirely false, and likely so too did the CNN crew as we outlined in “The Anatomy of a Political Smear.”

I’m not going to waste time going over the issues again.  {Go Deep Here – Go Deep Here}  At this point, highlighting the accuracy of the past holds no value.  Suffice to say the larger American electorate, ‘We The People’, just need to train ourselves how to spot this stuff when it happens.  As long as people continue to believe in the U.S. media apparatus, it will be more difficult to break the cycle of abuse.

Our nation deserves better.  We deserve better.

Perhaps the most alarming evidence of the FBI abuses of power and media collusion was found in a 2019 Buzzfeed story, when the Mueller team was at its apex.  Buzzfeed News outlined how FBI agents assigned to Robert Mueller’s team actually leaked documents from their investigation to the media.

This admission is stunning.  At the time of publication, I did not think Buzzfeed realized what they were admitting to.   It’s in these paragraphs (emphasis mine):

(Buzzfeed[…] I’d also like to share an accounting of how we came to our characterization, to give our audience and people who reasonably raised questions about our reporting as much information as possible about how the story came to be.

Our story was based on detailed information from senior law enforcement sources. That reporting included documents — specifically, pages of notes that were taken during an interview of [Michael] Cohen by the FBI.

In those notes, one law enforcement source wrote that “DJT personally asked Cohen to say negotiations ended in January and White House counsel office knew Cohen would give false testimony to Congress. Sanctioned by DJT. Joint lawyer team reviewed letter Cohen sent to SSCI about his testimony about Trump Tower moscow, et al, knowing it contained lies.”

The law enforcement source also wrote: “Cohen told OSC” — the Office of Special Counsel — “he was asked to lie by DJT/DJT Jr., lawyers.”  At the time, the sources asked reporters to keep the information confidential, but with the publication of Mueller’s report they have permitted its release. (read more)

Do you realize what Buzzfeed is saying right there?  The FBI agents on the Muller team gave copies of their FD-302 reports (investigative notes) to Buzzfeed news !!

Notice the use of the plural “reporters“; specifically the way “reporters” is used in the paragraph, infers that multiple media outlets were given the same FBI leaked documents.  Tell me again about the honorable “rank and file”…  I digress.

Misplaced corrective action -regardless of intent- is not wise or prudent and may make things worse.  We must start by understanding what the primary objective is for the radicals underneath the “fundamental change” agenda.   Act locally to protect your family, your community and your state; but at the same time be engaged and connected to the larger American community that are also battling on their local levels.

Diversity Democrat Style

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The Socialist Democrat’s Monopoly on Diversity

The Neo-Marxist Democrat Party has long screamed about diversity and how America is in constant need of more of it—as long as that diversity adheres to the Democrat Party.

The party symbolized by a jackass abhors the thought of political competitors and ideas not approved the Democrat ruling caste.

Our wide open southern borders are what makes possible a massive influx of illegals from Mexico and other Central American countries. It’s simply one recent example of the hypocrisy of the Democrats. They encourage and welcome the illegals crossing the southern border with open arms. They know these ‘migrants’ will likely vote for the Democrats.

At the same time, Biden’s regime won’t give Cuban refugees a warm welcome because they know Cubans, who suffered many decades of communism first-hand, tend to vote Republican.

Hollywood, professional sports, and the education system have been infiltrated and taken over by woke progressives who do not tolerate opinions other than their own.The social media giants and many big corporations now claim to be ‘woke’ and are canceling people who may think otherwise.

Opponents are said to be engaged in ‘wrong think’ and Democrats paint them as “extremists.” Those who think or vote differently and are not in lockstep with the Democrats are vilified as dangerous super spreaders of misinformation. Trump supporters are smeared as ’domestic terrorists.’

The Socialist Democrats cannot tolerate challenges to their political power from other political parties. They want to become a uni-party similar to the one in the old Soviet Union. They may claim to want diversity, but it certainly doesn’t apply to politics.

— The GrrrTeam