Usefulness Exhausted, CDC Reassigns Rod Rosenstein’s Sister “she has since taken leave”

Posted originally on the conservative tree house April 22, 2021 | Sundance | 25 Comments

Interesting notation from Politico regarding the move of Rod Rosenstein’s sister, Nancy Messonnier, out of the CDC executive management coordinating the COVID-19 response.  Messonnier made a big splash in February 2020 when she proclaimed COVID was a looming catastrophe about to overwhelm the nation.

WASHINGTON DC – CDC respiratory disease chief Nancy Messonnier has been reassigned from her position heading the agency’sCovid-19 vaccine task force, according to three people familiar with the move.

Messonnier is being absorbed into an incident management response team headed by CDC Director Rochelle Walensky. But the situation remains fluid as CDC restructures teams under Walensky’s leadership.

[…]  three people with knowledge of the situation told POLITICO she has since taken leave from the CDC, and some of them characterized it as an unplanned vacation. Messonnier has not yet responded to a request for comment.  (read more)

The alarming February 2020 message from Dr. Messonnier was quickly picked up by most major news organizations and pushed into all reporting on the issue.  The tone of the alarm was also counter to the message of the Trump administration and HHS Secretary Alex Azar, as outlined in a press conference with leadership from U.S. Health and Human Services.


As you can see, it was the early 2020 statements by Dr. Messonnier and not HHS Secretary Alex Azar that were driving the media narrative.

Considering the interests of the issue(s); and considering what lessons we learned over the past four years about the severity of opposition to the Trump administration writ large; and considering the known actions and inherent ideology already identified within the behavior of Mr. Rosenstein; weaponizing the political value of Coronavirus as an economic contagion to undermine President Trump was not easily dismissed….

….After all, there are trillions at stake.

Suspicious cat remains, well, suspicious…

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