Maricopa Arizona Auditors Off Today, Resume Ballot Audit Tomorrow – Video Update

Posted originally on the conservative tree house April 25, 2021 | Sundance | 176 Comments

The people auditing the Maricopa County, Arizona, ballots are off today.  The Veterans Memorial Coliseum CCTV system remains active [SEE HERE]  as a public security and integrity issue.

Additionally, THIS is the official page of the Arizona Senate Liaison for the Maricopa County Election audit. “Under the direction of The Honorable Ken Bennett, former Arizona Secretary of State, an audit is underway to ensure transparency and integrity in the Maricopa County, AZ 2020 election audit.”

The audit itself must be triggering a concern for the media as they started today accusing any audit supporters of being conspiracy theorists.  The AP Headline: “Election conspiracies live on with audit by Arizona GOP

PHOENIX (AP) — Months after former President Donald Trump’s election defeat, legislative Republicans in Arizona are challenging the outcome as they embark on an unprecedented effort to audit the results in the state’s most populous county.

[…] The process is alarming election professionals who fear the auditors are not up to the complex task and will severely undermine faith in democracy.” (more)

Obviously, in typical Alinsky fashion, the intent of the AP narrative is to isolate, ridicule and marginalize supporters of the Maricopa audit.

Meanwhile, below is a video update on this Arizona issue which includes a passionate speech by Bobby Piton who wrote a letter to the Democrats and Republicans in the Arizona State Senate.

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