Biden Confuses We the People with Politicians

Armstrong Economics Blog/Politics Re-Posted Apr 28, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

Thomas Paine said that those in power think they are the nation. We just listened to Biden and he confirmed that statement. He said that those in Washington are “We the People” when that is simply not true. Those in Washington serve the people – they are not the people. We also do not live in a Democracy, for if that were true, then the people should vote on the $6 trillion he proposes to spend which will be along party lines.

As for Russia, Biden said:

“With regard to Russia, I know it concerns some of you, but I made very clear to President Putin that while we don’t seek … escalation, but their actions will have consequences if they turn out to be true, and they turned out to be true.” 

It is time for Direct Democracy and not pretend Democracy. Hopefully, that awaits us post-2032. You do not represent the people by punishing one group for the benefit of another. That is discrimination – Marxist style. It was the government that created the economic collapse and loss of jobs – not We the People.

The theatrics are unending. Biden, not wearing a mask, bumps elbows with Pelosi not shaking hands. This is not America. They have changed society far beyond what anyone imagines. They have created in the minds of many that not simply shaking hands is a risk of death. They have succeeded in dividing and conquering which is essential to the fall of any empire.

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