Jack Cashill Gives His Review of the Derek Chauvin Trial – Turning Chauvin Into A Racist Killer

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 28, 2021 | Sundance | 66 Comments

Author Jack Cashill has followed the intersection of the severe left and law enforcement for decades.  In his latest article he walks through the Derek Chauvin case and outlines a familiar pattern.  [Full Article Here]

Excerpt: […] “Roughly six or seven minutes before Floyd took his last breath, Chauvin had shown no signs of racism or brutality, let alone the potential for murder. To this point in the interaction, he had been polite, professional, and, if anything, too patient. “I’ll put the air on” — are those the words of a racist killer, Joe?

As Chauvin understood, attempting to subdue a drugged suspect a half a foot taller than he and 80 pounds heavier was not going to be easy. Finally acknowledging the futility of their collective efforts, Chauvin let Floyd leave the car at 8:19. “Thank you. Thank you,” said Floyd. When ordered to hit the ground, he sighed, “I want to lay on the ground, I want to lay on the ground. I’m going down, I’m going down. I’m going down.”

Rejecting the more aggressive but legal hobble restraint — cuffed hands and legs connected behind the suspect — Chauvin used the same restraint I saw applied on the sidewalk outside my office: knee on the area where the shoulder meets the neck. In addition to the officers’ body cams, Chauvin could see bystanders recording the scene. If he were intentionally violating the law, he knew he would be found out.”  (read full article)

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