Ratings are In, White House Occupant 2021 Speech to Congress Draws Less Than One-Third of Audience from Trump 2020

Posted originally on the conservative tree house on April 29, 2021 | Sundance | 264 Comments

Joe Biden’s jumbled word salad remarks to a joint session of congress, an effort at a State of the Union speech, drew an audience rating less than one-third of President Trump’s speech in 2020.

TV Ratings for Presidential Addresses:

President Trump 2017 – 48,000,000
President Trump 2018 – 46,000,000
President Trump 2019 – 46,800,000
President Trump 2020 – 37,200,000

♦ Joe Biden 2021 – 11,600,000

That’s over a 60% decrease in viewership.   No crowds ever attended his rallies.  There was no crowd at his installation.  There are no views for his on-line speeches.  The audience for his regular speeches are non-existent.  Virtually no viewers at home.  An empty chamber for his speech,… and yet we are to believe he received 81 million votes.

C’mon Man!

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