Major Cities Losing Their Very Foundation

Armstrong Economics Blog/Economics Re-Posted Apr 30, 2021 by Martin Armstrong

A reader sent this in that one in seven stores in London are empty. You have to wonder at what point will the masses storm Imperial College for its totally irresponsible recommendation to lockdown the world. The same is true where one in seven stores are permanently closed in New York City.

Even major chains like Macy’s and Pier 1 have been shutting down stores around the country. Seatle has embraced the various protests and in the process, not only have police been leaving, but downtown looks like a ghost town that collapsed after a mine runs dry. Seatle lost over 140 small businesses never to return again.

Any politician who voted for lockdowns should be dragged out of office screaming which is likely. Imperial College should be sued around the world to get to the truth behind this insane policy that has NEVER been used before in 6,000 years of recorded history.

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